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Vic Marsh

Haworth, OK

I have been after a huge buck my son named Tall Tine for 5 years. On the first day of 2014's muzzle loader season a doe walked directly downwind from me with a good breeze blowing. Due to my Ozonics she never knew I was there. Tall Tine was following 30 yards behind her and since she didn't smell me and spook he walked by me and the rest is history. Tall Tine grossed 195 inches and was about the biggest buck killed in our part of the state last year. I'll never go out without my Ozonics again.

Stephane Henrichon

Rawdon, QC

I bought an Ozonics and I used it for the first time in my last hunt on November 2014. I shoot a nice buck, not the biggest but good for me in Quebec. Ozonics really works, the buck came in down wind and had no idea of my presence !! I recommend ozonics.


Gambrills, MD

This guy walk in down wind at 50 yards during late muzzleloader season. I used to take a nice buck every two or three years. Since I started using Ozonics I've seen more deer and have taken this deer and two other Pope and young class bucks this season. In Maryland if you want a good buck you have to get past a lot of doe's first. Tricking an old doe isn't easy and with Ozonics they just walk by. If your serious about hunting deer, Ozonics has to be part of your rig.

Ellen Turner

Bethel, OH

After not being able to hunt the only good stand on the property due to the wind direction. I used OZONICS and after 20 days of hunting Shot this 180 typical Deer

Johnny S. Howard

Versailles, IN

Hi I live in S-E Indiana when i first saw this buck on Oct. 22 he came in strait down wind and walked wright under me as he walked out into a crp field i was huntin over i couldnt get a shot & then on Nov. 18 he came in down wind again same tree and i did get a shot but i hit him high in the back but luckly it didnt hurt him hardly at all i thought he was gone for ever . But on Dec. 6 as i was glassi g the crp field i saw horns and mins. later he stood up i could see the spot on his back from the bad hit with my bow and he walked to the right through the crp then stop i dropped the hammer on him with my smoke pole on video . I must say without the Ozonics it would never have happend he has a 24 " inch inside spread. Thanks You. Yours Truly Johnny S Howard !

Scott Kirchgessner

Saskatoon , SK

This is the second 180 class buck I have killed in as many years using an Ozonics. This year I was hunting a stand which started out as a perfect wind. As a front started to come in, the wind switched and at the end of the day, I was faced with a decision of ending my day or not. Within minutes, this buck showed up from my downwind side. The results don't lie!

James Daloisio

Elmwood Park, NJ

I got pictures of this buck for 3 years & could never get a look at him till I used my Ozonics on Dec. 1,2014. I had 2 young deer come @ 3:30 4 does come @ 4:00pm. At 4:30 PM I saw a large deer coming from my right but I could not see if it was a buck.After he cleared the brush I could see he wide rack & if he gave me a shot I would take him with my muzzleloader.He is @ the Taxidermist now thanks to my Ozonics!!!

Brad Biddle

Paris, KY

I have been filming Mike Clerkin for North American Whitetail Television for almost 2 years now, and have seen first hand how well Ozonics works. I honestly can't remember the last time I heard a deer snort. We have been in tree stands, as well as ground blinds with the same result. What an Awesome product!!!!

Jason Gray

Ocala, FL

5 Years of driving 35 hours roundtrip from Florida to Kansas and over 250 hours in the trees for the opportunity to take the buck of a lifetime. Passed on 150" 8pt. in 2013 only to miss this one at 18 yards! This year, same stand, straight down wind, grunted him in to 16 yards and have Ozonics and practice with the Mathews Z7 to thank. and their head guide Chris know how to pick 'em and keep 'em on the farms. Scored 160 2/8" Use Ozonics, it works!

Joe Simone

Chalfont, PA

I watched this buck for 3 years avoid my foot prints and my overall general area. It just seemed to know which stand I was in day after day and year after year.... 2 nd time in my woods, it walked around my stand down wind, seemed to stare up at me and then just began looking for does. He present Ed me with a shot soon after, and I finally have in on the ground. For Pa., he is a trophy for sure...thanks for removing one more variable in the way of success.

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