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Dick Scorzafava

Dick Scorzafava - June 2014

Radical Hunter

Picture of the 410 lb bear I shot a few weeks ago in Saskatchewan. My cameraman and I were hunting on the ground in a blind and we saw several bears during the week. This bear was 10 yards out the front window eating a beaver and never gave us any indication he was picking any of our scent up. If we can fool a bears nose with Ozonics no other animal in the world will be able to pick up our scent because bears can smell SEVEN TIMES better than a bloodhound.


Stefanie Hurt - June 2014

Into the Wild

We returned from the Northern Sask Bush of Canada with a very successful hunt under my belt, we were able to get some awesome footage for Jason Peterson's "Into the Wild" tv show!!! I am convinced that both Jason Peterson & Dean Partridge with "Canadian Whitetail TV" are some of the best in the industry! My Excalibur worked like a heat missile knocking down a big gorgeous black bear which wouldn't have happened without the coverage of my Ozonics unit!


Nicole Reeve - June 2014


Bear hunt in Saskatchewan



Matt Moore - Nov 2013

Closing the Distance TV

These two javelinas came in down wind and thanks to my Ozonics unit never knew I was there.



Guided by: Brad Fry of Canadian Guide Life TV

"We took another good Chocolate color phased bear last night...wind got real nasty for, ya...we had 4 units in the tree with us, might have been a little over kill!...anyway, this guy came in straight down wind and Blake made no mistake...wasn't the big guy we were after but with only 4 days of the season left it was a good "meat bear"." - June 2013


Charlie Galloway

FullDraw Adventures

"fooling the nose of an adult male bear is not easy to do. but with the wind blowing in his face, the ozonics played a key factor in this 425lb ozark giving me a 18 yard shot . . . thanks OZONICS!" - Oct 2013


Tom Nelson

American Archer TV Show

"Thought I would share a short story with you regarding Ozonics and my recent antelope hunt in Wyoming. Our first day hunting was productive as far as seeing antelope and we had numerous "speed goats" come and go from to our waterhole. Just not the good buck we were waiting for.

The second day we arrived at our blind at day break to find the wind had switched and was now blowing right to the waterhole from our blind. Our guide said "well..we better move to another spot, the wind will kill ya here". I replied that we were okay and to leave us here. He did not like the idea, but left us anyhow.

We turned on the Ozonic and sat back. Over the next 5 hours we had over 40 antelope water down wind in front of us. One was 5 yards away. Finally with the mercury hoovering around 100 we spotted a good buck. He came in and drank 25 yards down wind and when he turned to leave, I put an arrow through his boiler room.

Needless to say our guide was amazed. I explained the Ozonic and how it worked. In his western way he shrugged his shoulders and said, "well I never heard of such a thing".

Once again I credit my success to the Ozonic's. I am beginning to see a pattern." - Aug 2013


Sean Regan

Wolf Creek Productions

"If my scent is not reaching the animal they can’t smell me. Ozonics does just that, treats my scent zone so it is like I am not there. This bear never had a chance. As they say “proof is in the pudding” and well here is the pudding, big bear down! Ozonics works, it is that simple!"


Kelly Rowlett

Guided by: Brad Fry of Canadian Guide Life TV

"I recently took my brother-in-law Bear hunting and we experienced the same kind of swirling wind I experienced when I took my monster Bear last year; lots of fluffy poplar tree fuzz (captured on video) showing the wind direction coming from every angle possible. We had two units overhead since there were two of us and the big guy we were after came strolling in right underneath our stand without a care in the world. My brother-in-law, Kelly Rowlett, who isn't a TV guy said right away after the kill, "Those Ozonics things actually work"! Should make for a good episode in 2014! " - May 2013


Dick Scorzafava

The Radical Hunter

"Ozonics saved the day for me on this last hunt. I shot a monster bear and the wind direction changed right before he appeared from the back of the bait. It was taking OUR scent right to the bait. He came out VERY cautious 3 times checking the wind with his nose every few seconds and we didn't get busted my cameraman couldn't believe it. This is a 14 or 15 year old bear that really gets it and made a big mistake because we had the Ozonics unit running."


Better than a bloodhound!

"All hunters know the importance of defeating a big game animal's sense of smell. When it comes to bears, you’re dealing with a nasal mucous membrane that’s a hundred times larger than a human's. Not only that, bears have a special organ at the roof of their mouth that further enhances their sense of smell. Bottom line: if a bear can’t detect your odors with an Ozonics unit scrubbing the air, then no other game animal in North America is going to detect your presence!"

- Dick Scorzafava

Read the accounts of these three wildly successful hunters to see how Ozonics can fool even the craftiest old bear. Imagine what Ozonics can do for you this fall in the deer woods!


"The true test of a scent control product? Fool a bear's nose.

-- Dick Scorzafava,
author of "Radical Bear Hunter"


David Westmoreland

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

"This bear was over twenty years old and very wise. He came in two nights in a row but, without the Ozonics unit on, winded me each time. On the third night, I had the Ozonics running and you can bet that bear walked straight in with the wind in his face – the entire way! It's a simple fact and there is NO DOUBT, Ozonics worked like a charm!”


Brad Fry

The Canadian Guide Life

“I’d been hunting this brown bear for two years, only ever seen it on camera. I had the Ozonics with me, didn’t use it at first, and the bear refused to come in. But 45 minutes after turning the Ozonics unit on, at about ten yards, that bear started in. I knew he could sense something was in the tree, but clearly did not view it as human. Not long after, I took it.” For the rest of the story:


Peter Crawford

Elite Archery

“I really believe the Ozonics unit saved the hunt for me. On the last night, the wind completely switched and I thought, that’s it, we’re done. But instead, not only did I take my biggest bear ever, we got great footage for our TV show. I am really looking forward to getting home tomorrow!”