Ozonics played a big part in harvest of these bucks!

Read the accounts of these wildly successful hunters to see how Ozonics can fool the biggest bucks. Imagine what Ozonics can do for you this fall in the deer woods!


Jordan Shipley - 2014

Tecomate TV

Straight down wind, a true ah ha moment.


Mike Clerkin - 2015

North American Whitetail Television

Get in the Game in 2015 with a blanket of wind protection that will forever change your hunting harvest results . We welcomed in the new year of 2015 with a great muzzleloader buck for Iowa. Thanks Ozonics


Lucas Cayko - 2014

Wicked Tree Gear


Spook Spann - 2014

Spook Nation TV


Sunny Helms - 2014


Matt Moore - 2014

Closing the Distance TV

Over the past few seasons we seldom hunt this stand. Deer almost always come in from down wind, no matter which way its blowing. And late season bucks can be even harder to hunt from this setup. I ran two Ozonics units from my 20' stand. One inside and the other on top of the blind. This 7 1/2 year old buck came in from 100 yards, straight downwind and never even checked up. I was able to make a 23 yard shot. This hunt would have not happened without the Ozonics. Two units might be overkill but it's so fun hunting with a wrong wind. I never dreamed of doing that before.


Justin Moore - 2014

BackwoodsLife TV.

2014-Patrick-Cutter1 2014-Patrick-Cutter2

Patrick Cutter - 2014

Whitetail Bosses

Just a few pics and quick stories on the success we had last week during our 6 day firearm season! The first pic is Bryan Peterson with his first black bear, he said Ozonics helped him beat the best nose in the woods! The next is myself with my first black bear, he tried circled down wind of the bait and gave me a fifty yard shot and he was down in less than twenty! Thanks Ozonics!


Matt Moore - 2014

Closing the Distance TV

This 8 1/2 year old 10 point has been on my hit list for 3 years. My Ozonics kept him calm for an easy 19 yard shot.


Joe Daubner - 2014/15

Chasin' The Rut

This was my first season using your Ozonics HR200 and I can honestly tell you a greatly regret not buying one years ago! I hunted right at about 15 out of our 20 day late muzzleloader season here in Iowa, And on January 10th the last day the last 7 mins left of season I was able to empty my muzzleloader on this great Iowa whitetail and my second of the 2014 season! Over the course of the 15 days I hunted the same cut corn field. On Jan. 1st I had over 85 deer out in the picked corn field and 35+ of them walked straight down wind of me within 50 yards and not one of the weary late season Iowa whitetails ever smelled me! The buck I was after came out shortly after legal shooting light, I knew it was a matter of time before he would come out just a few mins earlier to present me a shot opportunity. I hung in there and hunted hard, I even sat on the coldest day of the year upwards of -25 to -30 below zero. I couldn't have asked for a better way to end my 2014 season! Thanks Again Ozonics for the great new tool in my hunting arsenal!


Will Primos - 2014

Primos Truth About Hunting


Jason Peterson - 2014

Into the Wild TV

We were setup in an old water tank where 3 senderos met, and with deer coming by from all directions again I thank god that I had the ozonics with me on another great hunt. took this guy at a whopping 9 yards..


Matt Moore - 2014

Closing the Distance TV

This buck walked 12 yards straight downwind of my ground blind. My first Mexico whitetail.


Johnny Risinger - 2014

Closing the Distance Pro-staff

This old 8 point wasn't the problem. It was the doe he was with. He chased her 3 times around my setup. Ozonics gave me enough time to make an easy 19 yard shot.


Buddy - 2014

My Thanksgiving Buck! A solid 5 and half year old buck named 10 plus 3 Jr. He wasn't down wind but the three mature does and two yearlings were! Thanks again Ozonics!


Bill Farley - 2014

Farley's International Adventures

Bowkill buck I took in OH at 16yds downwind of the blind with the unit going in the roof support rods...never had a clue I was there.


Tom Nelson - 2014

Cabela's American Archer

Once again Ozonics played a key role in the harvest of this buck. He walked by our blind at 10 yards and never smelled us. Incredible! I continue to be awed at how well it works.


Chad Wall - 2014

Wallhanger TV

I took this buck in Oklahoma. We were hunting a ground blind in a bowl that was a staging area for these deer. We would not have hunted this spot without the Ozonics. We had as many as 15 does around us and a couple bucks when this big 10 point made his arrival.


Jim Colwell - 2014

Shot this guy last night while using the Ozonics. In a ground blind and the deer was 25 yds straight down wind. Thanks.


Dan Schmidt - 2014

Deer and Deer Hunting

Bagged this buck in IL last week … stepped within 40 yards and never knew I was there … He was downwind with the Ozonics unit was pointed right at him!


Parker Johnson - 2014


Thanks Ozonics!!!


Kenneth Lancaster - 2014

Antler Insanity

Straight down wind. This product is unreal. I put my buddy Jay Paul from Swamp People in the same tree and he killed a 165 using it too. Sorry for the excitement. Just happy.. God is good!!!


Jody Ruszkowski - 2014

Canadian Whitetail TV

On an afternoon with the low cold swirling winds in the northern forest, I was worried, but for no reason, as usual the ozonics unit kept us undetected!


Jerry Kinnaman - 2014

2nd buck by Ozonics:)


Chris Hunter - 2014


I can tell you from day one using the HR-200, I'm absolutely a believer!!!.....Thousands of hours of hard work and patience finally enabled the right encounter to take place the other evening for me!....with 30mph gusts and him directly downwind coming after a doe that had gone thru earlier....Curiosity got him killed on film at 33yds!! He is my best yet, and better yet I had two lil helpers and their mother finally receive the call I've been waiting to make the past three seasons....


Dick Scorzafava - 2014

Radical Hunter TV

I shot this 9 year old buck in Saskatchewan that dressed just over 300 pounds and has a solid 140 rack


Sean Regan - 2014

Wolf Creek Productions

This is working out to be one of my best seasons. Thanks Ozonics!


Kevin Knighton - 2014

Backwoods TV

I shot this 5 1/2 year old buck at Buck Chasers in Pike County, Illinois. There is no doubt in my mind that just a couple of years ago, this hunt would have turned out much differently. He came from straight down wind and ended up giving me a perfect 22 yard shot. Without Ozonics, there's no doubt in my mind that he would have busted us multiple times before giving us a shot!


Todd Pringnitz - 2014

WhiteKnuckle Productions

Without Ozonic's - NO WAY I woulda killed him.


Dana Wall - 2014

Wallhanger TV

We were hunting in a stiff wind but in a bottom where the wind was blowing every direction. This buck walked right in. Thanks Ozonics!


Fred Eichler - 2014

Easton Bowhunting TV

Ozonics helped me to harvest this buck and doe in Iowa. Watch for this hunt on Easton Bowhunting TV in 2015


Levi Morgan - 2014

Name the Game

Harvested at 18 yards.


Samantha Morgan - 2014

Name The Game TV


Sean Regan - 2014

Wolf Creek Productions


Mike Clerkin - 2014

North American Whitetail Television

For me, there is no great concern than the [ wind] when i'm chasing big whitetails . The game has truly shifted in my favor with the addition of Ozonics in my back pack . The system has totally changed my hunting success with my biggest buck to date .


Paul Korn - 2014


Here is the buck I took behind my house in Wisconsin


Mike Sutherland - 2014

Canadian Whitetail TV

Here's a home grown buck off our plot that we have been chronicling for the last 5 seasons. This ended up being the year as we filmed Mike take him with his bow the other night. A great deer, as smart as they come, and a great story!


Freddy Lovell - 2014

Closing the Distance

This Kansas buck circled us twice. Ozonics made this hunt fun !


Nicole Reeve - 2014

The Driven


Pat Reeve - 2014

The Driven


Troy Johnson - 2014


Ozonics are whitetails worst nightmare! Never go to the woods without it. Took this buck in Ohio Oct, 30th 2014.


Warren Holder - 2014

Raised Hunting

I had this great buck come in with several does many of which were down wind but never spooked thanks to Ozonics!


Drew Raschein - 2014

Wicked Tine Outdoors

The ozonics allowed this buck to sneak in directly behind them downwind of there set up


Skye Risinger - 2014

East Texas

8pt - This buck stayed in the food plot for 15 minutes. Walked up to 15 yards.


Mickey Geracitano - 2014


Buddy - 2014


Early October buck in south Texas heat! Took him in a small valley with swirling winds! Another buck taken because of my HR-200!


Glen Simpson - 2014

Huntin' With Honor


John "Utah" Mulligan - 2014

White Knuckle Productions

After this buck shed his velvet, his movements got real erratic. Aware of his core area but not 100% sure which direction he would come in from, Ozonics kept us from being winded. Having two people in the tree, 15 mph winds, putting off twice the scent while filming our hunts.....None of that mattered! Ozonics once again proved deadly as he was arrowed at 16 yards downwind.


Joe Daubner - 2014

Chasin' The Rut

I had a few mature does and fawns down wind of me right before this buck came into range for a prefect 17 yard broadside shot! I would not have harvested my best buck to date without using Ozonics, what a remarkable new tool in my hunting arsenal!! Thank you Ozonics!


Chub Clemons - 2014


165" P&Y 6 year old. This buck kept circling our setup. He never knew we were there.


Chris McCann - 2014

Elite Archery

I had a great trip to Wyoming and my Ozonics made a huge difference. The deer never winded me or the camera man in the tree. We averaged 30 to 40 deer a sit and I scored on this buck at 15yds.


Matt Moore - 2014

East Texas

8pt - This buck came in, left to go work a scrape. Turned around downwind and came back in for the 25 yard shot.


Patrick Cutter - 2014

Whitetail Bosses

Here's another one we took down tonight! Hunter was Dan Triplett and we had the wind perfect but it literally did a 180 as this buck was coming in, he made his way to 30 yards and here he lays! Thanks again!


Ryan Onufreychuk - 2014

Canadian Whitetail TV

Here's photo's of Ryans big mass buck we filmed him take the other evening.


Chad Wall - 2014

Wallhanger TV

Took him out of a ground bling with Ozonics. Thanks for everything


James Place - 2014

Canadian Whitetail TV

Hunting the bad lands of Alberta from the ground has always created unique challenges with unpredictable winds and up close and personal encounters. I have been using an Ozonics unit for the past 3 season with more than positive results. Encounters such as whitetail bucks sticking their heads into the blind or feeling comfortable bedding in front of the blind has reassured me of Ozonics capabilities and enhanced my time in the field. This season was no different as I was blessed with the opportunity to take this whitetail at 14 yards from the ground... downwind of my blind. Thank you Ozonics!


Steve Csizmar - 2014

Canadian Whitetail TV

Again and again the effectiveness of Ozonics amazes me. I hunt as old school as you can get and 10 years ago if someone was to tell me we could beat a mature whitetails nose down wind I'd have called them a fool. I probably called Dean a fool the day he showed me an Ozonics and told me what it would do for us... Today, I guess on that basis you can call me a fool too because I've seen Ozonics beat the deers nose several times and will no longer sit a stand or blind without! We had a mature buck pass through our scent, at mere yards away, un-alarmed, just minutes before I was fortunate enough to take this beautiful buck


Pat & Nicole - 2014

Driven with Pat and Nicole

Just wanted to share the excitement from this past weekend in Kansas. Our soon to be 11 year old was blessed with an early birthday present Sunday night when he made a perfect shot on the Kansas Velvet Buck! The video is unbelievable, he had an encounter with the buck the evening before before a coyote came out into the field and spooked him off! The wind wasn't very good on Sunday but they grabbed their Ozonics units and headed out. After last year not getting one, he was pretty down and then out of nowhere Sunday night here he came...downwind! He made a perfect shot and went down on camera! We have one excited kid...I'm not sure who's more excited Pat or Carson :)


Jordan Shipley - 2014

Bucks of Tecomate

Eastern Montana Buck


Pat Cutter - 2014

Whitetail Bosses

Pat again here with Whitetail Bosses, we put another one down and this time I was able to put my hands on some horn! We had this 4 year old along with a smaller one come in and circle directly down wind of our set and I was able to put an arrow in him at 15 yards!


Bryan Peterson - 2014

Whitetail Bosses

We got all set up knowing the wind was right for our set up. We had 5 different bucks come from upwind past our set onto to our downwind side, we were able to fool all of their noses for nearly five minutes until this buck gave me a 12 yard shot!


John Mulligan - 2014

Whitenuckle Productions


Steve Cutter - 2014


Here's another buck Steve just took last night, Steve second buck ever! Thanks again


Jordan Shipley - 2014

Bucks of Tecomate

Central Kansas Buck


Jason Peterson - 2014

Into the Wild TV

We had deer sniffing the blind on the downwind side on this hunt, the final move and setup was in the middle of a field we saw this buck goto passing by us 100-150 yards the 3 evenings prior, so last day we pulled out all the stops, moved the blind mid day, and with a sketchy wind and deer coming to the field in every direction I knew we were VERY dependent on the Ozonics, with 30 deer all around us this one made his appearance, and the rest is history..


Kenny Hayworth - 2014

Canadian Whtetail TV

One of our secret weapons... Team member Kenny Hayworth! He's a machine when it comes to finding and lining up on mature old bucks. One of, if not the best real world deer hunter I know. Here's an old old black antlered forest buck he filmed Trevor Horn shoot here in Northern Saskatchewan.


Brandon Moore - 2014

Oxford, NJ

Got the ozonics ozone generator for graduating college and have had unbelievable results. Shot my biggest buck this year because of it. Deer walked directly downwind at 30 yards. Smelled my ladder stand and continued to walk under me. Heart shot him at 12 yards. Craziest and most intense hunt of my life. Thank you.


Ryan Stephan - 2014

Clayton, Wi

Thanks for a great product! Love this unit! I absolutely DO NOT get winded anymore. 7 P&Ys in the last 7 seasons here in Wis. Going undetected is priceless! Thanks again!


Jordan Shipley - 2014

Bucks Of Tecomate

Tagged out day 1 in Kansas using Ozonics!!


Tim Huebner - 2014

Eau Claire, Wis.


Jon Massie - 2014

I frequently get asked does Ozonics really work, well the answer is definitely YES. While still keeping the wind in my face Ozonics has saved my hunts on numerous occasions from deer that have managed to get downwind. During the last 3 years I've harvested three bucks scoring between 166" to 212" and can honestly say Ozonics had my back. As far as I'm concerned Ozonics is great investment with big rewards.


Dana Wall - 2014

Wallhanger TV

Killed out of a ground blind with Ozonics. Hard to kill a mature buck from the ground without a Ozonics!


Mike Pelletier - 2014

I smoked this 180" Velvet Muley in Colorado at 55 yds last night. Absolutely no way I would have got him without an Ozonics! He and all the other deer in the field were directly down wind. Some saw us and checked us out but could not smell us due to the Ozonics unit. I can't wait to see what happens the test of the season.


Michael Lee - MAR 2014

Backwoods Life TV

First off, I was skeptical as most when I first saw Ozonics. After putting the unit to the test this past Fall, I am a believer! I arrowed this 140 class buck in mid-October on an 80 degree afternoon. He came in downwind with several other deer to feed and I got a great shot at 23 yards. Thank you for a great product to help us get the odds even closer!


Jay Gregory - 2014


Mike Devine - APRIL 2014

Full Draw Adventures

Big Mike here and would like for you to know that on my Browtine Buck this year I found that Ozonics helped me ease my mind in the last seconds of the hunt. You see the buck was quartering to me getting closer with every step. As like all times before I look at the way he is walking and pick a spot to where he will be broadside and in an opening. When I picked my spot I realized the buck was going to be downwind by that time. A quick jump of the heart beat started to take over when I looked up and realized my Ozonics had me covered. If not for that I would more than likely have let Buck Fever creep into full capacity too soon worrying if the Buck would bolt before getting my shot off resulting me forcing the shot instead of executing the shot. Ozonics a true game changer.

Pat-Reeve Pat-Reeve

Pat and Nicole Reeve - APRIL 2014


We just returned from New Zealand and shot some awesome Stags and Ozonics was used in both hunts. My Stag scored 475" and Nicole's scored 380" and both were shot with bows while we were set up on the ground in natural cover with no blind. Footage was incredible on both hunts and the animals were close.


Glenn Olinger - 2014

Rocheport Mo - 170s13 pt


Jason Peterson - Jan 2014

Into the Wild TV

I thought I would send a pic of our recent south Texas trip. I took a real nice deer, and he come in STRAIGHT downwind, with the wind blowing dust straight towards where he come from. there were a few tense moments, but he finally gave me a shot on day 4.


Lucas Cayko - Feb 2014

WhiteKnuckle Productions

Early 2014 North Dakota buck


Scott Hinojosa - 2014

Mossy Oak Regional Manager

I wanted to pass this on to you, after meeting you guys this summer in West point and hearing you talk about ozonics I was fairly convinced that it would work. After using the ozonics this hunting season I am totally convinced! The property I hunt in Arkansas is in the Ouachita Mountains and the wind seems to always be swirling and never consistent. There is no doubt the ozonics helped me this year (time and time again) from my hunts getting blown by deer catching my wind. The picture that is attached is a buck I harvested on November 10, 2013 in a groundblind. The buck was feeding on acorns about 30 yards from me and the wind was blowing right to him from my blind! Thanks for making an awesome product that has no doubt helped in my success.

Kevin Faver - 2014

Host of The Outdoors Show

Let me first emphasize that I bow hunt Florida and south Ga. There are no spookier deer on the planet!

I have tried everything possible to fool a southern deer’s nose. Most of the time it just comes down to wind direction. Well I changed my thinking last fall after using your product. On my 3rd hunt in September I had a marginal wind at best for the food plot I wanted to hunt. I was not after a buck. I was after an ole nanny doe that has been busting me on that food plot for 2 years. I got in my stand around 4pm, hung my Ozonics up and let the afternoon unfold. As usual she came in the plot 20 minutes before dark. The problem was she came in downwind. She did exactly what you said she would do. She could smell something, but she could not make it out. I killed her at 20 yards!! It was if I had just killed a 150 class buck.

Needless to say I never went to the woods the rest of the year without my Ozonics.

Thank you for a wonderful product!!

Jason Patterson - 2014

Regional Pro Staff Manager

I used your product quite a bit this year and was very impressed. I have always went out of my way to control my scent and this helps me completely be invisible. During our youth juvenile hunt here in TN, we were dealing with extremely warm conditions and swirling winds. We used the unit on that hunt and my son ended up harvesting 2 does within 10 yards of the stand. We were only in a 10 ft ladder stand and they came to the field within 5 yards of our stand. In all my years of hunting that low to the ground, I have been winded most every time. I was a believer from that point on. Great product and look forward to many more years of using it.

Tracy G. Groves - 2014

Heartwood Outdoors

Let me start by saying thank you for the opportunity to try out the Ozonics. I had heard a lot about the unit before I had a got a chance to use it. I will have to admit the first Time I seen it I thought that it was a little out there. I spend many hours in the woods during the whitetail season and I would have to say I was very impressed. I do a lot of guiding for special need cases. So there is always two people in a stand or in a ground blind, so very little thing I can get to help scent Control is a plus. Thank you.


Dana Wall - Jan 2014

Wall Hangers TV.

Dana Wall of Wallhanger TV with Taylor Cardanela, her 13 year old niece, Taylor took this bama buck this past weekend with the help of Ozonics.


Chad Wall - Dec 2013

Wall Hanger TV

We have had a lot of success with Ozonics this year. The technology is amazing!


Ron Hubbard - Dec 2013

My name is Ron Hubbard. I recently went on a Wyoming elk hunt and was totally amazed of the results when we used your Ozonics. The first evening we didn't have one and we were busted by a big bull coming to water. We called a friend and he had one and let us use it. The next three nights we had bulls and cows within 15 yards down wind of us and never spooked. The fourth evening I killed my bull and he circled downwind of me within 15 yards and came back around and I got a shot at my bull of a lifetime. He scored 384 4/8 official gross score and 372 6/8 net P&Y. I was sold on your product. As soon as I got back to Texas I bought one at Cabelas. The HR 200. Thank you.


John Brown - Dec 2013

I was able to harvest this buck Sunday morning on tape at our place in southern, Illinois. This buck, along with two others and 4 does came out DIRECTLY downwind of my ground blind shortly after daylight. I had my Ozonics unit running and not a single deer smelled me or even acted spooky.

I've been hunting deer for almost 30 years now and I can promise you that in that time I've learned enough to know when a product works. I had one small window open, facing downwind with another smaller window open on the upwind side of the blind. I had placed the Ozonics unit over the window facing downwind as you instructed and could see my breath traveling through the downwind window.

All of these deer came to just under 100 yards before I made my shot, however not a single one ever acted as though they could smell me. They began to feed and within a few minutes this buck gave me the shot I was looking for.


Mark Strickland - 2013

Santa Fe Archery

Here are a couple of deer killed this year using your product once again it has worked great


With the winds consistently out of the southeast and the rut in, there's always one stand that I can count on...35 Acre North! The plan was set in place to hunt the next morning with a doe decoy in hopes to catch a cruising buck working from drain to drain across the picked cornfield. Getting settled into the tree with Ozonics units up and running we waited for enough light to gather in the east. It was beautiful with brilliant reds and oranges painting the morning sky as I sat and reflected on the last time I was in this stand and the encounter with the buck named Omar (named after General Omar Bradley). Would we see him again this morning?

Now with plenty of light for both hunter and camera the stage was set as we awaited the star to show. With the decoy positioned perfectly for the meeting engagement it was now a game of patience.

We didn't have to wait long as a huge 5.5 year old shooter 8 point broke the timber and made his way across the cornfield with head down trailing like a bloodhound. I gave the buck soft mouth grunts to get his attention an he immediately locked onto the decoy and began his approach to circle down wind before committing.

This is where to use of Ozonics has been crucial and has worked for me each and every time. As a big decoy user I know that mature bucks play the wind and WILL NOT commit to a decoy without down winding the set-up first. This case was no different as the buck circled putting his nose into the wind taking him straight down wind of our ambush point. Without the least of hesitation the big buck came 22 yards from us (5 yards from the decoy) and well...the rest is history. Ozonics has done it again...Mission Complete!

"Ozonics....Scent control that really works!"


Glen Simpson - Nov 2013

Huntin with Honor TV


Dana Wall - Nov 2013

Wall Hangers TV.

Killed out of a ground blind with Ozonics. Hard to kill a mature buck from the ground without a Ozonics!


Chris McCann - Nov 2013

Elite bows

My Ohio Buck, it was a tuff hunt but I was able to connect on this 130 class buck. Thank you to you and Ozonics, this buck and three smaller bucks didn’t know I was there.


Jason - 2013


Here's a pic of Jason's great buck. We've filmed him for several years and it will be a GREAT episode of CWTV. We had a double header last night with a couple great bucks as well. 3 days left so things are Craaaaazy and we're headed back out, -30 celcius.


Adam Crumrin - Nov 2013

Team 200

With two days until the Illinois gun season and the same east wind forecasted for both days, there was no choice but to trust the Ozonics to do its job. I expected every deer to be straight west of me at some point. The wind was all over the place, from northeast to southeast. I had already fooled a couple small bucks, and a good 3 1/2 year old with a doe. When I looked up I saw the split G2 10 was walking my way. He was straight down wind the whole time and not once did he stop and check the wind. He walked straight to my tree, made a scrape, and then started to walk to a doe when I shot him at 20 yards. I truly put the Ozonics to the test this year and I came to one conclusion, I will never hunt whitetail again without it.


Todd Pringnitz - Nov 2013

WhiteKnuckle Productions and Wicked Tree Gear

The buck I killed this year has a GREAT Ozonics story; a 7 year old we had to beat 2 different times as Kyle was in a different tree. Without Ozonics this buck would NOT have come into us. In-fact, it's Ozonic's that brought him - curiosity straight-up killed him... I can't wait to tell this story - it's our most exciting hunt with the best footage of the set-up we've ever done. It was straight nuts to try, but it worked!!! THANK YOU - we've been snorted at a grand total of ZERO times this season due to being busted by scent. That pretty much says it all!!!!


John Massie - Nov 2013

Full Draw Adventure

When it comes to hunting whitetails wind and scent have always been my biggest concern. While still being a concern Ozonics has definitely given me the advantage over situations beyond my control. From the buck that sneaks in downwind or swirling winds Ozonics has stood the test. Thank You!!!!


Mike Clerkin - Dec 2013

"Ozonics helped Mike Clerkin of NA Whitetail harvest this awesome buck in Missouri."


Buddy Piland - Nov 2013

Ozonics Team

Hunting at Big Oak Bowhunting Avinger Texas. I was literally surrounded by spooky Axis deer when this management Sika came in. The HR 200 unit did its job allowing me to make a clean shot at 23 yards on my first Sika deer.

Kelly Russell - Nov 2013

A Satisfied Customer

I just wanted to take a minute to let you know that I have been a deer hunter for 37 yrs and I have struggled with the scent control products on the market. I am very particular on scent control and until now have been less than satisfied with the results. That all has changed every since my wife bought me the Ozonics HR-200. This product is absolutely amazing and I find myself amazed every time I go out. I lease a small piece of property where the wind is most of the time questionable and the Ozonics has absolutely changed my hunting, I have had deer after deer from 5 yards to 50 yards and more and have absolutely gone undetected. I find myself at a loss to explain how effective this machine is... I LOVE MY OZONICS and am very pleased to have a scent control product that just does what the manufacturer claims it does. So, THANK YOU for developing a GREAT scent control product. I will not go out in the woods without it again and am telling all my hunting acquaintances about Ozonics.


Buddy Piland - Nov 2013

Ozonics Team

The HR-200 delivers again! This beautiful 8 point came from the opposite side of the creek downwind. Worked his way across the creek to our side and I took him at 23 yards with myself and a camera man (Scott) in the stand. My biggest buck to date!


Chad Johnson - Nov 2013

Respect the Game

It only took hunting one sit with an Ozonics unit overhead for me to realize this product is the real deal. I was bowhunting in Iowa with Bryant Shermoe of Shermoe Adventures. We were set up with everything in our favor until the wind changed directions on us mid morning. As nerve racking as that situation should have been, we had the confidence to stay put because the Ozonics unit was overhead. I was able to harvest this great buck as he stood straight down wind of us and never knew we were there.


Darrell Cochran - Nov 2013

Wildlife Photographer and Author

Wanted to let you know that Ozonics worked again! I use it anytime I am photographing wildlife from a blind. I had set up a ground blind, 2 days earlier, around 40 yards from a trail where the deer were going into a field in the afternoon. I had a perfect setup and great wind. I had 2 doe walk down the trail right were I wanted them, when I saw this big buck come out of a cedar thicket in the exact location I did not want him in, directly downwind. He walked up to within 20 yards of my setup and bedded down. He stayed there for over 20 minutes and never knew I was there. He would sniff the air every now and then, but never alerted. The only time he got nervous was when he heard the shutter of my camera and would look in my direction. Without my Ozonics unit I would not have gotten this photograph.


Jeff Dobbins - Nov 2013

Dobbins Outdoor Adventures

We use ozonics all the time and now won't hunt without them. Recently I went to Wisconsin and I harvested this beautiful 190" whitetail. The buck came from downwind and although I believe in ozonics I have to admit I was nervous. He was about two minutes behind two smaller bucks following a doe. None of the deer winded us. He gave me a perfect 25 yard shot.


Tom Nelson - Oct 2013

American Archer TV Show

Thank You Ozonics!


Scott Elrod - Sept 2013

Ozonics Team

One of three bucks chasing a doe 22yrds downwind. Kansas


Randy Baker - Nov 2013

Team 200 TV

We knew he was in this block of timber and waited for what was the right wind to climb into this spot. The problem was the does enter the timber from out down wind side. They never got our scent at all. They walked through the down wind side of us with this stud coming to check them out...never got wind of anything suspicious and walked into 25 yards...the rest is as they say HISTORY!

In all the years that I have been hunting with video and cameraman in tree, I have never been more impressed with any one product as I am with the Ozonics. I will from this year on not enter a tree stand or blind without my Ozonics.


Glenn Olinger - Nov 2013

Hudalla Associates Pro Staff

This giant went nose to ozone and lost, thanks so much for a great product!


Caleb Gillespie - Nov 2013

Misty Morning Outfitters L.L.C.

My name is Caleb Gillespie and I recently harvested a big deer in Kansas people are referring to as "The Gillespie Buck" however I nicknamed him "Heartbreaker". The deer should be a contender for the new State Record here in Kansas for a Muzzleloader I hope. I wanted to take a few moments and tell you how much your Ozonics helped me with my hunt. The machine was turned on from the minute I hit the stand and shortly after settling in I noticed two does down wind of me. They spooked I had faith in my Ozonics and couldn't figure out what happened until I caught movement in the corner of my eye. An old coyote trotting in to look around. he came straight down wind and well inside 50 yards where the does were and never batted an eye. A few minutes later the does came back out except this time they had Heartbreaker with them. They were 20 yards down wind of me with out a clue and as i reached for my weapon and the deer remained un alerted. I remember how calm I felt knowing I did not have to rush the shot because I had an Ozonics. The Ozonics did its job so I could do mine. Thanks again for producing an amazing product and I look forward to killing more big deer in the future with you as a partner. Thanks Ozonics!!!


Clifford Martin - Oct 2013

Pure Hunting Magazine

Just wanted to say thanks for a great product! Swirling winds and I still had 2 160" deer within 20 yards.. I shot my hitlist buck "Stickers" at 20 yards without him knowing what happened.. He gross scored 164" .. Thanks again!


Scott Esker - Oct 2013

Spook Nation

I want to thank Spook for teaching Me about Ozonics. Ozonics gave me the confidence to hunt this 200 5/8 in Ohio buck with a swirling wind. I'll never hunt without it again !!


Will Jimeno - Oct 2013

"Only having a few days left in regular season and having this good NJ buck showing up on camera, I had to go in after him. Once again, Ozonics had my back and with the wind going towards the deer, I was still was able to arrow this great nine pointer. If you have not already given Ozonics a try, do so today. I promise you, you will not be disappointed!"


Matt Gindorff - Oct 2013

The SportingTraveler

"We had a great week at our Canadian whitetail camp! 2 Ozonics units is what it took to fool this deep woods vet! This buck showed himself on the trail cam during daylight hours and we knew we only had a couple days to get the deal done. With swirling winds, we decided to throw up a ground blind and test Ozonics! On day two of this set, we were able to deliver a good arrow at 33 yards and seal the deal! Great buck and more importantly, a great adventure! If you have ever had the desire to hunt these great deer from the north, give us a call!" thesportingtraveler.com


Brad Farris - Oct 2013

Game Plan

I thought I had the perfect set-up for this buck and as it turned out I did, but it was the Ozonics units Mike Law (running camera) and I had that kept this hunt together. The buck in the picture remained up wind of us, but it was another 10pt and 2 does that had fed around behind us that I was getting concerned about as I was watching this buck get closer. The does never did pick us out but the other buck must have smelled a little something. I have seen this same scenario many times while using Ozonics over the last 3 yrs. We were hunting in a transition area between the river bottoms (bedding) and the Alfalfa pivots these deer where heading too for the evening. The buck that was behind us kept trying to figure out what was there, but just couldn't do it...and after about 45 seconds went back to feeding. Without having the aid of the Ozonics, the buck that was behind us would have blown and run back toward the river bottom. In turn, the buck I harvested would have been following him. I get asked all the time about if the Ozonics really work...I can look anyone in the eye and say, "they really do"!


Dave Parrott - Oct 2013

Mossy Oak Prostaff

I was able to harvest this buck on Opening Day in KY archery season. The wind was great for the first part of my hunt then it switched out of the north east which was bad and normally I would have gotten down and my hunt would have been over but I stuck it out and I'm glad I did. Ozonics did exactly what you claimed it would this buck walked in with the wind in his face and never had a clue I was there. The only difference between this deer busting me was Ozonics. Thanks for such an awesome product.


Russell Thornberry - 2013

The buck in the attached photo and another buck traveling with him walked directly through my scent stream as if I wasn't even there. After the shot the remaining buck walked around my tree twice testing the wind and never even looked up. He then began feeding and grazed his way into the woods with no alarm or concern. I have to say, the more I use the Ozonics ozone generator, the more amazed I am. I truly have never seen anything to compare with it. Thanks for a truly legit product that WORKS as advertised!


Jeremy Schmeidler - Oct 2013

Full Draw Adventures

Over the last 2 years, I have put my Ozonics unit to work and continue to be impressed with its performance. Ozonics is an essential piece of hunting equipment that helps put the odds in my favor!


Cam Sutherland - 2013

Canadian Whitetail TV

"This huge typical made an appearance 8 days ago. He passed right downwind through our scent and stopped at 19 yards... Unfortunately I "missed" my opportunity at him. 8 days later I was blessed with a second chance at a new set up and this time I made no mistakes on the best buck of my life. If the buck had winded us the first night I am certain we would never had had another encounter with him. Thanks Ozonics for a second chance"


John Mulligan - 2013

Wicked Tree Gear

"The buck was up wind as he approached. As he approached my set he stopped on hoof directly on my trail into the woods. After 15 minutes, he walked up and around my set to be downwind. After his 180 degree walk around, he never once looked up and walked up to the point I was able to stop him and release an arrow! I will never hunt without an Ozonics in my set! Thank you for an amazing product!!!!"


Richard Casement - 2013

Canadian Whitetail TV

"I have been running the camera for many Canadian Whitetail TV hunts and seen first hand on multiple occasions the effectivness of Ozonics. When Dean said it was MY turn to hunt a big old mature whitetail this year I was estatic. With temperatures pushing 30 degrees celcius, and after a mile walk into the stand, well let's just say we didn't smell very pretty. With not even a breath of wind, once again I witnessed the effectivness of Ozonics when my best buck ever stepped out 17 yards from our Primos blind with not a worry in the world"


Warren Lagace - 2013

"Having scouted this buck all summer, we couldn't wait to get in the tree and start hunting him. In the first 2 weeks I had 2 encounters with the old buck, but too low light for the camera forced me to pass on the shot. The evening of Sept 17th proved all the hard work worth while when I was able to take this great deer. Having hunted the buck several days in a row, and having multiple encounters, I am certain that using my Ozonics helped me stay undetected throughout those encounters until we were able to film the conclusion to this hunt"


Mike Carney - Co-host Bowhunter TV - Sr VP of InterMedia Outdoors

"I have always been a strong believer in the benefits of ozone technology and advocate of its application in treating my gear to render it scent free without having to constantly wash, bag and fret over every contaminant I encountered. Used in that fashion -- it is a truly liberating technology.

In 2011 I had the opportunity to apply this technology in field, via your HR 200, which I had my doubts over, considering how ozone molecules interact with various scent contaminants to destroy them.

Well, after a season of use in field, you can color me convinced. Our staff members at Petersen's Bowhunting and Bowhunter magazines, are also similarly amazed. We've used your units from Alabama to Washington -- and they are as close to a cloaking device as you will ever get.

All animals react differently to the same smells, but in-field ozone tips the odds CONSIDERABLY in our favor. Even if it were just 50% more effective at fooling game animals -- it would be more than well worth it. I'd pay dearly to have 50% of the opportunities back on trophy animals that have winded me over the years. And in our experience, it’s much more effective than that.

Moreover, when used in conjunction with my other scent defeating strategies, like scent sprays that control my scent signature left on the ground as I go to stand, it is an extremely powerful utility.

Attached is a picture of my IL buck from this year that grossed in the low 190's. Your Ozonics unit did not fool him. However, it did fool the seven does and fawns that were downwind of me before I killed him. If any one of those animals would have spooked -- I would never had the opportunity to shoot him.

Thanks wholeheartedly for introducing me to in field ozone protection.

Happy hunting -- Mike"


Sam Doss

"This is the first REAL scent control product that is true to its word! After intentionally using it last year on numerous occasions with a marginal wind, and having multiple deer directly downwind from us, we were never scented and I became a firm believer in Ozonics. With an HR-200 above my camera woman and one above myself, this old bruiser came in downwind and never had a clue! Ozonics did its job once again! Thanks for a great product and being such a large part of harvesting the deer we have been chasing for 3 years!"


Jason Peterson

"After watching this buck we call "Split 2" for four seasons, we decided this was the year we would try for him...As he made his way across the alfalfa plot headed directly toward us, I truthfully thought it was NEVER going to happen. We had two mature does headed directly down wind of me and the cameraman. They both were on full alert, BUT for sure didn't smell us and more importantly didn't bust us with the Ozonics HR-200 running...Five minutes later we had this 7 year old, 188" whitetail on the ground. Thanks Ozonics!"


Kenny Hayworth

"I was in disbelief when I realized I had just arrowed my third whitetail over 200 inches. I had hunted this velvet giant for 5 years with several close calls, but was never close enough. I left no details out, and was not taking any chances. Not taking chances on big old bucks is why I never hunt without my Ozonics HR-200 running in the tree with me, or in my ground blind..."


Gary Stanley

"I Just wanted to share my trophy picture from this morning's hunt here in Montana...5th morning of the hunt. I want Ozonics by my side in the future! Ozonics is legit!!! Thanks!!!"


Mary Chesher

Canadian WhiteTail TV

"This is the same buck I missed an opportunity at when he winded me 3 years ago while hunting Saskatchewan before I discovered Ozonics. From that day on we all called him "Mary's Buck." Three years later I feel so fortunate to have been given a second opportunity at him. With swirling winds I have no doubt that the Ozonics HR-200 gave me the once in a lifetime chance to take this amazing old buck!"


Billy Chesher

"Dean had been watching this buck all summer entering the alfalfa plot from the east... My first night hunting him, my heart sank when Dean tapped my shoulder, I looked up, and saw him approaching from the west, just about to hit our wind. This big old mature Sask buck stopped, checked the wind, and right when I expected him to bust, he walked right through our scent path out to the alfalfa to chase away several smaller bucks that were out there, giving me the opportunity to take him at 22 yards!"


Paul Beasley

"I was fortunate enough to take this Great whitetail in Saskatchewan this fall. Taking big old mature bucks means leaving no detail ignored, especially the wind. This was the first time I used an Ozonics, and was thoroughly impressed and can't wait to try it again. Anything that can help me get the advantage has a place in my pack."


Michael Devine

Full Draw Adventure Pro Staff / Editor

"I was definitely aided by Ozonics the last two years. I had waited a week for the weather to get cool before moving in, and wouldn't you know it, the wind was very questionable. Giving caution to the wind and crossing my fingers, this Big Wide Buck (AKA "BWB") was fooled along with 13 other deer before him–-–all with 0 detections. I use my Ozonics religiously."


Fulldraw Adventures


Dan Cross

A Ghost-Full Draw Adventure

"Ozonics Works!"


Troy Johnson

I took another great deer on 10-11-12 using my HR-200! This is my fifth season using Ozonics and the product is the best thing that hit the hunting industry! This deer scores right at 170 and was taken at my SE Ohio farm. That day the wind was coming in all directions and I saw eight different bucks and many does (Never got Busted). I knew this deer very well as he has a double throat patch and his legs are white. His nickname was “WHITE LEGS.” The Ozonics units have allowed me to take 4 different bucks here in Ohio, scoring 169, 238, 158 and 170. I will not hunt without my Ozonics!


Don Adams

"I just thought that I would send you a picture of my 2012 Bow Kill while using Ozonics for the first time. The wind was swirling and after hearing the buck grunt I was able to call him in without the buck even knowing I was there. I had to use a crossbow this season due to blowing my bicep in the gym and having surgery. I had to burn all of my sick time and vacation time at the Sheriff's Office. I am back to light duty and only have my regular days off to hunt. I needed every edge that I could get to harvest a buck and Ozonics seems to be the answer."


Jim Goergen

"My name is Jim Goergen and I have been bow hunting for about 25 years. I own a small farm in Buffalo County Wis. and have been hunting there for the past 5 years. Like most of you, I have been busted by deer that have winded me either because I was careless or the wind changed. I first started using an Ozonics unit about 3 years ago, starting with the HR150 which someone loaned to me to try out. I found it to be pretty effective, so I bought the HR200 and now I wouldn't go into the field without it because I feel it is so effective. Next to my bow, I think it is the most important item to have with me. I am sure I would never had a shot at this deer if it wasn't for the Ozonics unit. I've used it in the blind and in the tree and it performs very well in both places."


Todd Pringnitz

WhiteKnuckle Productions

"A several year quest of a great whitetail named “Barry Sanders.” Wait until you see the footage of the 160" 7-year old straight downwind, with floaters in the air, and almost landing on his nose. He came in to 15 yards about 20 minutes after I shot Barry. We had 8 deer come straight downwind at less than 30 yards, and NONE of them spooked. They completely ignored it."


Gary Stouffer

"First I would like to say thanks for making such an awesome tool for defeating the ever elicit deer nose. I have been bow hunting for 25+ years and have always been a "scent freak." Since my combat injuries in Afghanistan, I am on certain medications for life. I couldn't figure out why deer keep winding me when I take careful steps to reduce my odor in the field. I have used scent wash, spray, and even scent blocking camo. I would like to thank you for such a great product. Deer in eastern North Carolina don't get very big but they still have a nose. This 6 point buck came running in downwind after rattling and never knew I was there."


Will Jimeno

"Dennis, as you know, I took a buck last night. I went in on a totally bad wind but as usual had my Ozonics on and working. Had several deer come in front of the blind at 17 yards. Around 6:10pm this nice buck showed himself and worked a scrape that was out about 100 yards. After he was done there, he made his way into my setup but came in very cautiously after a while. After a long wait, the buck presented me with the shot and I put it on him. Again, thanks to Ozonics once again--even with a bad wind I was able to take this nice wide NJ buck."


Mickey Geracitano

This buck was taken with the help of Ozonics--I never hunt without it! The buck came in from the downwind side, and never knew I was there!


David Westmoreland

Thanks! It is all Ozonics! I call this buck, "Old Stickers"


Jake Leonard

purchased the HR200 last week and I can’t believe how it worked. I had over twenty deer in less than fifteen yards and they did not know I was even there. I wish I could have bought one earlier! I did harvest an eight pointer on Sunday. GREAT PRODUCT!


Wyatt Gregory

The Wild Outdoors

"I killed a nice buck in Iowa this morning and we give the Ozonics props. We had 6 does straight downwind when the buck came in and they didn't get us."


Jamie Hays (shooter) and
Josh Kelly (camera)

FullDraw Adventures


Ross Aldrich

American Hunter pro staff


Russell Davis

"I had a great extended weekend at my favorite ranch just outside of Uvalde, Texas - Sims Whitetail Ranch. Shane Sims (owner and guide) and I have been talking back and forth about a very unique buck that had been captured on Primos trailcams. A Quad Beam buck, normal rack with not one but 2 additional beams, one on each side that followed the path of the normal beam. I had never seen a Quad Beam in all my years of hunting.

We setup to ambush this awesome buck in an area he liked to roam. Beginning on Thursday evening and continuing into Saturday noon we logged some 12 on stand, no sightings. We saw bobcats, rabbits, roadrunners, javelinas, quail, but no Quad Beam. We checked the trailcams, only to find that he was visiting the area under the cover of darkness, about 1 hour before we would arrive in the morning and 1 after we leave in the evening.

Plan B - a Classic South Texas Double Droptine Buck had been seen by some other hunters on the ranch. We looked at him on video and decided that he would be a great buck to go after since Quad Beam was not being cooperative. We settled into a setup for the Mr. Droptine in the area that he had been seen only text that he was about a half a mile away from our position. We made quick work of getting to the jeep, cutting the distance by about 2/3's, hoofed it the rest of the way. We eased into the edge of the clearing that he was hanging around with several other bucks and sure enough there he was on the far side. A quick assessment, as light was fading, we set into the brush as he slowly but definitively made his way closer to us. The last few minutes of shooting hours were ticking by and my heart was racing faster than the seconds were passing. Amazingly, he covered the last 60 yards to the shooting lane at a trot, providing me with a perfect broadside shot. I placed the shot perfectly and dispatched him within 30 yards."


Kory Saylor

Buck from the mountains of Cameron Co. PA was directly 35 yards downwind, almost eye level and never knew I was there. I know that, if not for Ozonics, I would not have been able to harvest my largest PA buck, because the deer in the mountains do not tolerate ANY human odor. The buck scores 106.5"--I know that's not large by midwestern standards but on public land in PA, that is a great buck! Thank you Ozonics for giving me the chance at seeing and harvesting such a beautiful buck!


Bill McCall

FullDraw Adventures

I needed 2 steps on down wind side so camera man could film shot at 2O Yrds after rattling him in from 2OO Yrds away and have Ozonics to thank. The buck was really exciting 6 or seven year old, shot him down wind on a drizzle day.


Delaney Elrod

First Buck! Thanks Ozonics


Randy Getzlaff

"I have been bowhunting for over 30 years and have always been very careful about wind direction, but with Ozonics, I actually went to this tree stand set up knowing the wind direction was wrong. 12 deer later, lucky number 12 also came in directly down wind. Ozonics is truly a game changer."


Terry Thomas

Parker Bows

"I don’t know what I would do without my Ozonics! I’d rather just not go hunting than go without my Ozonics. It has saved me more times than I can count.

Thank you very much. I thought you might enjoy seeing my last buck. I was fortunate enough to harvest two very mature bucks this year and of course the Ozonics was important in both situations. The first buck, a 5-year old that scored 160, weighed almost 300 pounds. The second (picture attached) was also a mature buck that scored 165 and came in directly downwind. Ozonics works like a charm!"


Jon Massie

Booners Guide and Outfitting

"This is my 166" 2012 Kansas deer named Patience. When I began thinking of a name for this buck, I asked God what should I name him and the first thought in my head was Patience and I knew I was in for a roller coaster of events to follow. As always, the Ozonics did its job from the first encounter several weeks back, when he was behind me at 5 yards, and it was a major help today in the draw with swirling winds. My friends and clients are now purchasing and using Ozonics with great success this season. "


Gary Stanley

One Shot Outdoors

"I Just wanted to share this picture of my 2012 Missouri buck. Again, Ozonics amazed me!!! This buck walked in downwind of my treestand location. I was a little anxious because big bucks like this one do not miss much, but he didn’t smell me. I shot him at 18 yards thanks to Ozonics!!!"


Todd Lange

"Thank you for making a product that is very effective and easy to use. I purchased my Ozonics HR-200 from Southern Archery in Spencer, Iowa and have never been happier. I killed this 179 3/4 in southern Iowa. There were two mature bucks in the standing corn chasing does and this buck came to a grunt call straight downwind of me within 5 yards. Ozonics works! Since then, my boys have had lots of deer downwind in our hay bale blind! Great product!"


Cody Miller

Hunting with Heros


Ben Shepard


Cassie Laird

The Wild Outdoors


Bruce Hudalla

"Without Ozonics in the blind with me, taking this WY Mule Deer it never would have happened! Go Ozonics!"


Jeff Teiman

"Just one hour before I took this buck, I was busted by a doe. I looked at my Ozonics and realized I accidentally let the battery die... once I replaced the battery, this bruiser came up same the trail -- without a clue. Thanks, Ozonics, for giving me the Game Changer!"


Jeff Krekling

Taken near Oslo, Minnesota


Glen Simpson

"Another 181" Giant killed with Ozonics."


Craig Enervold


Dan Johnson

WhiteKnuckle Productions

"After getting trail camera pictures of this buck I decided to do a Run-N-Gun set up in a thick bedding area. The next morning this buck did exactly what I wanted him to do. However, the group of does did not. The Ozonics kept the does from catching our wind, no snorting, and kept this buck in the area."


Gerald Laird

bigbuck_chriscaliendo_1 bigbuck_chriscaliendo_1

Chris Caliendo


Jake Dobbins

Dobbins Outdoor Adventures

"I watched this buck cross a field about 200 yards from my stand. He showed no interest in my grunt or doe bleat. Twenty minutes later I saw 4 does enter the field I was overlooking. They began crossing the field and heading to my stand. They weren’t coming straight in though--they were going to check the wind first. They walked a big circle around my stand until they were directly down wind of me. They never hesitated because the Ozonics I had pointed in that direction was doing its job. As soon as they began to eat, I noticed another deer had entered the field. It was the 8 point. Two things were clear: one, he was following the does, and two, he was also going to check the wind before he made his way to my stand. He never raised his nose, no sign that he had gotten even the slightest hint of human scent. He walked right to the does and put his head down to eat. The arrow hit its mark and the buck never made it out of the field. There is no doubt in my mind that I would never have had a chance at this buck without my Ozonics in the tree with me."


Brad Fry - Collection

The Canadian - The Guided Life

I have finally made it back home after a three long but successful months away guiding.

I outfitted my 40 whitetail clients this year with Ozonics units and, after they used them, everyone swore by their effectiveness. Ozonics quickly went from "gadget" status in the eyes of most guys to "essential equipment" status pretty quickly. Here is a quick visual update of the animals that Ozonics played a role in harvesting so far this fall.


Sarah Massie

I had great success using Ozonics in my ground blind, it allowed me to hunt undetected. My husband said you cant wear all that smelly girl stuff to the blind you'll get winded. Guess we proved him wrong. Thanks Ozonic's


John Young

Antler Insanity TV

"I just wanted to let you know that we love your products. Larry Fox was in camp with Antler Insanity during the Kansas muzzleloader season this year. Larry had never used the Ozonics, but we at Antler Insanity TV always use it. Our time is valuable and we want to take every legal advantage to defeat a deers nose. No easy task. Larry was hunting a water hole at the base of a large cliff and the wind constantly swirls. Thankfully the Ozonics offers a solution to this age old problem The buck came in cautiously as all six year old animals do, but made it within 100 yards 30 minutes before the end of shooting light. Larry is now the owner of an Ozonics unit. This magnificent animal scores 197 B&C gross. Thank you Ozonics!"


Cole Johnson

"2012 Ohio youth gun harvest a 145" ten point. Used his HR200 to help on his great hunt!"


Pat Hogan

North American Whitetail TV

"Took this buck in Iowa with my muzzleloader and Ozonics.."


Mark Drury

"I had several does downwind when I harvested this buck"


Todd Pringnitz

WhiteKnuckle Productions

"This is a 7 year old buck I call Sippycup standing 15 yards, straight down-wind, sniffing the Ozonic's. Watch this video, with wind streamers floating to him, and one nearly lands on his nose. He then calmly walks away, only circling back through our wind at 20 yards. Ozonic's WORKS!!!"


Dean Partridge

Canadian Whitetail TV.

"I had a 5 year history on this great old buck I call Droppy; I could not be happier or more honored to have had the opportunity to take this 230+ inch giant, and on video no less. After a few unsuccessful attempts we knew needed to set up within under 200 yards of where he was bedding in the same small patch of timber. Getting in and out quietly was important, but not as important as keeping the area scent free, as if we were never there. When all the conditions were just right, we would sneak in to hunt the blind. With the Ozonics running in the top corner on October 6th it all came together when I motioned to my Cameraman that he was headed our way. A hunt that lasted 5 years; from trail cam pictures, sheds, and passing him up year after year, it was all over with an 18 yard shot, and the buck of my dreams was down just 30 yards away. We cannot wait to share the story and the hunt this fall on Wild TV and the Pursuit Channel."


Buddy Piland

Team Ozonics

"Once again I am blown away by the science of Ozone and the results it delivers in the world of the hunter! I have seen it work time after time but it still "wows" me again and again. Friday night in Kopperl, Texas was another such occasion. We were hunting at Cross J ranch in North Central Texas trying to close out the season with a management buck and a doe or two. Pigs were the furthest thing from my mind as I climbed into my stand called "Johns" around 4 pm. The wind was out of the north at about 8-10 mph, blowing from my right shoulder directly to the shooting lane to my left front, a perfect Ozonics set-up! At about 6:15 pm I heard a noise behind me and I slowly turned to see this beast of a hog clearing the cedars headed my way for a late meal. Because of the large live oak I was sitting in, I knew my only shot was going to put him directly downwind and I quickly inspected my HR-200 to ensure it was set perfectly, knowing if it wasn't the proverbial gig would be up. Like all big boars he moved in short, deliberate bursts that would cautiously move him forward 7-8 yards at a time, he would then stop, survey the area and scent check. As he drew parallel to my stand I took the opportunity to draw my bow when he went behind a small cedar tree hoping the cover and my HECS clothing would conceal any and all movement. I needed another 10 -12 yards before he would be in my shooting lane, he suddenly stopped, stretched out on his front legs and began to root up the soil under the protective shadow of the large oak's low-hanging branches. I was beginning to feel the weight of the drawn bow and wondering if I was going to have to let down when he decided to cover the last bit of real estate. He stepped into my shooting lane, directly downwind of my stand and literally didn't know what hit him. The Carbon Express Maxima Pro Hunter and G-5 striker (super impressed with this broad head and arrow setup) buried up just behind the shield plate on his left shoulder. He never made a sound and walked into the cedars to my right. Great blood trail and a short trip into the creek bottom, followed by a difficult recovery (thanks for all the help from Russell, Eric and Larry) and there he was my biggest hog ever at 260 plus pounds! "


Paul Korn

Stew and I are in camp with 4 other guys, we are the only ones using Ozonics, and the only two that have fired shots! So far 2 hogs for me & an Audad for Stewart! Thanks Paul Korn


Stewart Korn

The First day we were sitting in a 12 foot ladder stand and it was really windy that day blowing right at the main trail so we set up two Ozinocs and right at sunset a group of three big hogs came in and they were right down wind and at 20 yards I put the smack down on this 198 pound hog.


Matt Tucker

I absolutely WILL NOT hunt without my Ozonics! My son and I had 15 deer downwind and not one even looked at us! This buck came off a hill from 300 yards before I put a rage where it counts! Thank you for such a great product!


Walt Eastling

I shot this buck on Michigan state land and could not have done it without Ozonics. He came in chasing a doe straight down wind and neither one caught my scent. Thank you for a awesome product that I will never go in the woods without.


Jeremy Smeidler

"Mike Devine and I decided we could not be in the same blind setup as we were for the first encounter we had with WildThing. The wind was even worse and the blind was on a downslope that pushed or thermals right into the draw the deer funneled out of. We decided on setting up shop in an old stone house. We put a ground blind in an old stone house, buttoned up the blind except for 2 openings that allowed me to shoot out the front door of the house and through the only window in it. We fired up 2 Ozonics units and began our sit. By 5:30, even with a wind that the text book says NOT to hunt with, we had deer walking within 10 yards of us. At about 7:30, a 150” buck walks 10 yards outside the house/blind . Mike is sitting caddy-corner from me in the blind so he can see a bit further in each direction behind us. While he is looking behind the 150” buck for more deer, I peek over and out the front door is WildTHing! I whispered there he is and went right into full-draw, Mike looks over and sees the giant at under 15 yards , wheels the camera around and hits record. I always say that 5 seconds can change your season, but this hunt went down in about 3. Hunting inside the house limited our field of view and our time we had to react if the deer came in from our blind side. Mike no more than got on him and I drilled him! Mike Devine has been filming hunts for 15 years and is a profession in his own right. I don't think many guys could have captured that shot. His split second reaction and knowing his equipment captured a shot that was probably going to happen whether he was on him or not. Later I stepped off the shot at 11 yards!"


Mike Clerkin

North American Whitetail Tv

Looking forward to our up coming whitetail season with your support . I just wanted to pass along how impressed I am with the amazing scent control quality of the Ozonics . Thanks everyone for an amazing whitetail hunting tool.

bigbuck2013-Russell-Thornberry2 bigbuck2013-Russell-Thornberry1

Russell Thornberry

The two bucks I took last bow season using your Ozone generator. Took one in Alberta and one in Saskatchewan.,The Sask. buck scoured 187 5/8. I am singing your praises from the roof tops