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April 22, 2010

Fox News report

Fox News has reported that recent tests of the Ozonics HR-100 electronic ozone scent eliminator by the FBI and New York’s Metropolitan Transportation Authority Police Department is effective at eliminating human, explosives and drug odors from the keen noses of trained bomb-sniffing dogs. (Click here to read the full Fox News report.)

Ozonics LLC, the inventors and world-leaders of portable electronic scent elimination technologies to eliminate odor detection by various animals, first alerted authorities of this potential threat to national security almost 2 years ago. The federal government has not ignored our warnings and has been testing extensively.

While ozone technology has been known since the late 1800’s especially for water purification, Ozonics’ introduction of the technology into the hunting market to remove human odor detection by wild game is new and very effective. The federal government, via Fox News, now confirms that the technology has applicability into security applications.

Ozonics has, and continues to work under secrecy with various local and federal law enforcement agencies to educate, test and provide solutions to the threat.

Ozonics LLC background

Ozonics LLC is a Lake Jackson TX company formed in 2006 by Dr. Scott Elrod, Peter Rooney and Dennis Fink. Dr. Elrod has used ozone descenting machines in his dental surgical suites to eliminate odors and provide a clean, fresh-air smell to lessen the anxiety of his patients.

An avid hunter, Dr. Elrod recognized how important it is to eliminate odor for the outdoorsman. Animals such as deer, elk, bear and wild pig have extraordinary noses, many capable of detecting the presence of humans for up to a mile or more away. Dr. Elrod was the first to try a portable ozone generator in the field and after much testing, found that prey would approach within 3-6 feet of him when he was camouflaged or hidden in a tree.

Peter Rooney (a Ph.D. chemist) and Dennis Fink (a former chemical company supply chain leader) soon joined Dr. Elrod and continued refining the concept which resulted in the Ozonics HR-100 scent elimination device being offered for sale by several sporting goods stores throughout the United States.

The HR-100 has received the North American Hunting Club seal of approval and was voted a “Best Buy” by Inside Archery magazine in 2009. Professional sportsmen and hunting enthusiasts have been using the product since 2006 with great success.

Ozonics has recently announced that 2 new products, weighing less than 2 lbs each and manufactured in the USA will replace the HR-100. The first product, the HR-150 is intended to be used by sportsmen who use a blind to hunt. The second product, the HR-200 is a higher power version of the HR-150 and intended to be used by sportsmen who hunt in the open or from a treestand. Ozonics has multiple patents pending.

What is ozone?

Ozone is a naturally occurring substance that most people recognize by the sweet, fresh-smelling scent that is generated during a lightning storm. Lightning in the air converts a small portion of the oxygen into ozone. Ozone is also present in the earth’s upper atmosphere (the ozone layer) to protect the earth from harmful UV radiation.

A strong oxidizing agent (about 1.5 times the power of chlorine), ozone is a natural cleansing agent that reacts with harmful pollutants in the air to ultimately form oxygen, water and CO2. Some of the pollutants react with ozone to form carboxylic acids and other polar compounds that naturally fall to the ground. Some people attribute ozone with air pollution or smog, especially pollution caused from automobile tail pipe emissions and emissions from coal-fired power plants. People in urban areas often hear of “ozone alerts” and think that ozone must be the problem. It is not the ozone causing the pollution. It is the high amounts of hydrocarbon pollution that forms some amounts of ozone as a by-product of the pollution. It is far more accurate to think of these smog alerts as hydrocarbon pollution alerts.

What is ozone used for?

Ozone was discovered in the late 1800’s and can be made by passing air or oxygen past an electrically-charged wire grid (called catalytic ionization) or by passing air or oxygen past a UV light. Ozone has many useful applications, and is used today to purify municipal water, to sterilize hospital rooms, control the ripening of fruits and vegetables, purify swimming pool water, eliminate mold from buildings, eliminate smoke from fire-damaged buildings, and, as Ozonics was first to discover, eliminate human odors.

Is ozone dangerous?

When used in the right way, ozone is not dangerous. By following OSHA indoor air quality standards and EPA outdoor air quality guidelines for ozone concentration (generally less than 0.1 parts per million in air) ozone is very safe and effective. When humans and animals are exposed to higher amounts of ozone, some may experience watery eyes or dry throat. If you experience any of these symptoms, turn off the ozonator, move to fresh air and your symptoms will be relieved. We are unaware of anyone being permanently harmed by over-exposure to ozone.

Can Ozonics electronic scent eliminators really eliminate odor detection by an animals nose?

Early on in our testing, we experienced wild game such as deer, elk, pigs, bobcats and even personal hunting dogs could not detect human odor when using the Ozonics HR-100 electronic scent eliminator. Even with noses that are 1000 to 10,000 times more sensitive than human noses, these animals were calm, their tails were down, and even after taking huge snorts of air to try and detect the presence of a human, animals were unable to detect that a human was as close as 3 or 4 feet away from the animal. One deer even put his nose into a small camera hole where a hunter was on the ground and hidden with some brush filming the animal! Video on proves that various wild animals cannot detect humans at very close distances. Wild game are very smart and rely on their sense of smell for survival. They instinctively know that wind carries human and animal odors very far in the downwind position. So animals always circle around and constantly sniff the wind for any traces of odor while traveling in the upwind direction.

We don’t know exactly what the animals are smelling for that identifies odor as human, but studies have identified over 200 different compounds emitted from human breath and skin. Is it lactic acid emitted as we exhale, is it pheromones emitted from our skin? What we do know is that ozone reacts with all of these compounds at the source and in the air to form new compounds that animals do not attribute to humans.

Why is this important for outdoorsmen such as nature photographers or hunters?

It is important because, for the first time, humans can get closer to natures animals for fantastic photo shots and for hunters to have a much more humane hunting experience for both the hunter and the animal.

Can Ozonics electronic scent eliminators really defeat a trained dogs nose as reported by Fox News?

We recognized early on in our testing that it was theoretically possible to overcome the noses of trained dogs. We immediately contacted and have been working very closely under secrecy with local law enforcement, elected officials and government agencies for almost 2 years to educate them about our generators and technology.

In this time, we have provided our technical expertise and electronic scent eliminators at Ozonics expense for all testing. Various agencies have done extensive testing and are well aware of what our generators are capable of doing. Ozonics has several low cost solutions to the problem, and multiple patents are pending. We will continue to cooperate and work with any government or law enforcement agency.

Can you give any specifics about which agencies are aware of this technology?

We cannot comment on specific government agencies that we have alerted and are working with.

Does your technology impact all trained dogs?

We believe that any odor (at the source or airborne) that a trained dog can detect is impacted by our technology.

Is this capability specific to Ozonics electronic scent eliminators?

No. Ozone generators have a wide range of uses and can be purchased from over a dozen different companies. What makes our ozone scent eliminators unique is that they are designed to be small, lightweight, powerful, battery operated and portable. Everything an outdoorsman wants. But any commercially-available ozone generator can be modified or built from scratch to potentially eliminate odors.

As a law enforcement agency or officer, can I obtain an Ozonics electronic scent eliminator to test?

We have, and remain committed to do our best to cooperate with any law enforcement officer or agency to learn more about ozone technology or to do their own testing. Our electronic scent eliminators can be purchased from various retail sporting goods companies identified on our web site for MSRP starting at under $300. A limited number of test units are available to law enforcement agencies.

How soon will a solution be in place?

We have effective patent-pending solutions and have identified potential commercial partners to help implement these solutions as quickly as possible.

How do we contact you for more information?

Please contact Ozonics by email at

We will soon post additional comments to commonly asked questions on our website.
Scott, Peter and Dennis
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