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  • How/why does ozone impact human odor?

    Ozone has well-documented capabilities to mitigate odors and has been used in industry for this purpose for over 100 years. While an oxygen molecule (O2) is relatively stable, ozone (O3) is quite unstable and seeks to return to its more stable state, O2. The third oxygen atom readily reacts with other compounds, including human odor, creating different compounds when this occurs. Animals may detect these new compounds, but they do not view them as associated with “humans” or “predators”.

    Ozonics’ patent-protected technology has shown that ozone can mitigate airborne odors at lower levels than previously understood and that ozone can dramatically impact human odor IF and when the two come into contact.

  • Is ozone safe?

    The US Government performs tests and develops safety standards for numerous materials/compounds, including ozone, and approves them as safe for human use. Ozonics designs, builds and tests its products to meet or exceed US Government federal safety standards.

    Ozonics has shared, via video, the ppm (parts per million) levels a hunter can expect inside a ground blind and in a tree stand when the product is used correctly.

  • What is the ozone output of Ozonics?

    This information is business confidential so we will not share it. Suffice it to say that Ozonics produces enough ozone to effectively mitigate human odor. It should also be noted that the ozone output is just one factor in the technology.

  • How does an Ozonics unit produce ozone?

    There are several well-documented ways to produce ozone, both naturally in the environment, as well as by man.

    Ozonics units utilize what is called the coronal discharge method.

  • Why does Ozonics make different units?

    Our latest and most popular product, the HR-200, offers two operational modes: a mode for tree stand hunting (which produces approximately 50% more ozone for use in an open-air situation) and a mode for ground blind hunting. The HR-200 is a lightweight, compact unit for easy in-the-field use, featuring an easy change-out battery system and a mounting system designed for both tree and blind.

    The HR-150 is designed specifically for ground blind use. This product replaced the “heavy” HR-100 (same ozone output) with a much lighter, more compact unit for easier field while utilizing an easy change-out battery system.

    The HR-100 was Ozonics’ first generation product and it has been discontinued. This unit was designed for ground blind use, but was taken into tree stands by customers due to its effectiveness in ground blinds. Users offered suggestions to improve the unit and this led to the introduction of the HR-150 and HR-200.

  • Why did you discontinue the original Ozonics HR-100?

    We discontinued the HR-100 when we introduced the HR-150 and HR-200, both of which have a considerably quieter fan and are more compact, as well.

  • How do I use my Ozonics in the field?

    Here’s how to use Ozonics while hunting from a tree stand:

    • Determine the wind direction and the best place on the tree to project ozone downwind.
    • Mount the unit in the tree above head level so the bottom of the unit is 4-6 inches above the top of the head.
    • Direct the ozone output DOWNWIND and at a 30-45 degree angle DOWNWARD in order to create and foster an ongoing ozone blanket BETWEEN the hunter and prey but not directly onto the hunter.
    • When the wind is in your face, mount the unit on the side of the tree where you believe all/most of your odor is being carried by the wind (we recommend that you use a wind detection aid such as WindTracker).
    • It is worth noting that while sitting you will produce a significantly smaller odor profile versus standing.
    • When the wind is at your back, mount the unit directly overhead (4-6 inches above your head). Direct the ozone output DOWNWIND and DOWNWARD at a 30 to 45 degree angle.
    • When the wind is crossing, mount the unit on the DOWNWIND side of the tree and use the same process to position Ozonics and direct the ozone.
    • Mount the unit on the side of the tree that is most convenient and that will allow the ozone to fall from above head level DOWNWIND between the hunter and the animal. You want the ozone curtain to form as close to you as possible, BUT NOT ON YOU. The unit produces ozone in parts per million (ppm) and the ozone will react with almost anything it touches, including your clothing, etc. You do NOT want to waste it this way as the ozone is best utilized to deodorize airborne odors.

    Here’s how to use Ozonics when hunting from a ground blind:

    • When the wind is in your face, open a downwind corner window with 2-3 sq. ft. of opening.
    • Select the overhead rod structure that runs from the center of the blind to the open window.
    • Mount the unit on the rod 12-24 inches from the open downwind window.
    • Direct the ozone OUT the open downwind window.
    • When the wind is at your back (presuming the shooting window is in front of the hunter), mount the unit above the head on the rod so that the ozone is directed between the hunter and prey out an open, downwind window (2-3 sq. ft of opening).
  • Can Ozonics be used in rain or snow?

    Yes, Ozonics can be used in light rain or snow, although the inside of the Ozonics should not get wet.

    The hood on Ozonics will shed rain and snow especially when the unit is angled down during operation. However, the coil inside the face of the unit that makes ozone should NOT get wet as it contains high voltage. The Ozonics fan draws air so, depending on the angle of the unit versus the rain/snow, it's possible rain/snow could be drawn into the unit.

    When in doubt, turn your Ozonics off. Should the coil become wet, do NOT operate your Ozonics until you know it is dry.

  • Do animals smell ozone and/or react to it?

    Ozone is found in the environment at all times in parts-per-million quantities. Ozone concentration increases naturally in nature whenever a lightning strike occurs, a volcano erupts, etc. Ambient ozone exists in the environment at concentrations between 0.001-0.03ppm, depending on the local environment. Ozonics produces ozone at concentrations sufficient only to eliminate airborne odors related to humans. Ozone has a half-life of approximately 20 minutes unless it contacts a substance and reacts. Ozonics research reveals that ozone will revert back to oxygen by the time it has traveled roughly 10 feet from the hunter so there is limited opportunity for the animal to smell ozone.

  • Some animals have keener noses than others; will ozone work on all animals that use their nose to detect the hunter?

    An animal cannot smell what is not there. Ozone destroys human scent upon contact so these scent molecules NEVER get more than 5-10 feet downwind in most hunting conditions.

  • What kind of responses can I expect when hunting using Ozonics technology?

    • No response by the animal(s) – this is the most common response, no reaction at all.
    • The animal smells “something” – this is a relatively common response. It’s not clear whether animals are smelling altered scent molecules or detecting an unusual void in odors altogether. The animals will sense something and use their nose to test the wind to determine what it is. The great majority of such animals will return to whatever they were doing though they may continue to test the wind or even look toward the hunter’s position. However, they do NOT “bust” in the classic sense. A very small number will become curious and further attempt to determine what they smell. Some animals will not be curious and will leave the area, but will NOT “bust” and warn others to leave.
    • Ozonics does not claim 100% effectiveness and there will be occasions when a classic “bust” will occur. We continue to learn and hope one day to offer a 100% solution.
  • Can you quantify Ozonics effectiveness in the field?

    IF Ozonics is used correctly our experience suggests a hunter will see a dramatic decrease in the number of “busts” by animals. We have hunters who hunt almost every day during hunting season who claim they’ve never been busted. There are MANY factors in this success. These hunters have years of product use in the field coupled with complete understanding of how the product should be used in a variety of circumstances. These hunters understand their own limitations in addition to product limitations. In some cases, these hunters go above and beyond what the average hunter will do and may even use more than one unit in strong or especially variable winds. This is a simple acknowledgement the product is effective, but does have limitations; remember ozone MUST contact the odor of the hunter to be effective. Note that multiple units are NOT necessary for most hunting conditions.

  • Will Ozonics work in swirling winds?

    Yes, Ozonics will work in swirling winds but, given that ozone is a gas and that gasses are blown around by the wind, effectiveness can be affected. That said, here are some tips for using Ozonics in the wind.

    For hunting in a ground blind, follow usual procedures.

    Hunting from a tree stand is where swirling winds become a factor because ozone is a gas and MUST contact the odor(s) emitted by the hunter to mitigate scent detection.

    First, ensure the unit is mounted 4-6 inches overhead so you can readily re-direct the output as the wind changes.

    Direct the output DOWNWIND and DOWNWARD as close to the hunter as possible.

    Ozonics believes and teaches most of the odor emitted by humans and detected by animals emits from the head area. Make every effort to have the ozone contact odor emitted from the head and mouth/nose. In other words, in windy conditions, it becomes even more important to keep the Ozone as close as possible to where most of your scent initiates.

  • Can I use Ozonics to de-scent my hunting clothes?

    Ozone is a well-known deodorizer and can be used to de-scent clothing. You’ll find instructions below. However, Ozonics asserts that the most effective form of scent control is in the field, at the scene of the hunt. Any preliminary de-scenting efforts are good, but no matter what you do or what you wear, there is scent being generated in the interim and while you are hunting that those other forms of scent control simply do not deal with.

    • A small closet where you can hang clothing is optimal as the ozone gas needs to contact every part of the garment and folded clothing prevents this.
    • Hang your garment(s) inside-out and place the unit above them on a shelf (the gas will fall because ozone is heavier than air).
    • Turn the unit on and treat the clothing for about 30 minutes depending upon the size of the closet and what may be in it (note - the clothes will smell like ozone when de-scented).
    • Reverse the garment(s) on the hanger and repeat.
    • Place in a scent-protected bag and the clothes will remain scent-free until removed.

    Note that ozone is an oxidant and can cause plastic and rubber to disintegrate over time.

  • Will ozone work to eliminate my scent trail?

    Conceptually this is possible if you direct the outlet on your footpath when walking to your hunting stand, blind, etc. However, there are many variables outside the hunter’s and Ozonics’ control.

  • Will Ozonics diminish the effectiveness of ThermaCELLs®?

    Yes, Ozonics will diminish the effectivness of a ThermaCELL.® However, with proper application they can work together

    • Tree Stand - position your ThermaCELL® upwind with your Ozonics distributing ozone on your downwind side, just off your body.
    • Ground Blind - Attach your Ozonics to a fiberglass rod at the top of your blind and aim it out a downwind window (the closer to the window, the less ozone will be in the blind). Position the ThermaCELL upwind of your Ozonics.
  • How long will the battery last in the field?

    The stardard Ozonics battery will last approximately 4 hours in the tree-stand (boost) mode (HR-200) and approximately 5 hours in ground blind (standard) mode (HR-200 and HR-150)

    The Ozonics XL (Extended Life) battery will last approximately 8 hours in tree stand mode and approximately 10 hours in ground blind mode.

  • How long does it take to charge a battery after full discharge?

    The Ozonics standard battery, fully discharged, will recharge in 2-3 hours in most instances.

    The Ozonics XL battery, fully discharged, will recharge in 6 hours in most instances.

  • What maintenance is required?

    No maintenance is required on your Ozonics although if you hunt in dusty conditions it is advisable to use a can of compressed air to periodically blow out any dust that has gathered inside your Ozonics. This is especially helpful prior to storage.

  • What about storage?

    When not in use, store your Ozonics in a clean, dry, dust-free environment.

    Prior to storage, discharge the battery to roughly 50% by fully charging it to 100% and then running the unit for approximately 2 hours. Store the battery in a cool, dry place between 40-70 degrees F.

    See the “How to Use” video

  • What is the expected life of an Ozonics unit?

    A well-cared-for unit should provide 3-5 years of service with the following caveats:

    • Remember the unit is designed for hunting “in the field”. We acknowledge it can be used for other purposes, but this will impact the life of the unit if used routinely for deodorizing your hunting clothes, house, auto odors, etc.
    • Should the hunter desire, the unit can be refurbished to “like new” condition for $79.99.
  • How will I know when my Ozonics unit needs to be replaced or refurbished?

    Ozone output is impacted as the air cell (internal coil) in your Ozonics ages. The air cell will eventually need to be replaced. The best way to determine when it is time for replacement is to monitor the smell. If the unit is producing ozone, you will be able to smell it. Also, you will be able to see the purple color of the properly working air cell when you look at it in the dark with the unit powered up. Finally, if you notice a more-than-usual amount of "busts" it may be time for a new air cell.

    • The HR-200 can be refurbished which includes replacing the air cell ($79.99).
    • The HR-150 has been discontinued and repair is limited to the replacement of the air-cell or fan.
    • The HR-100 was discontinued in 2010 and we no longer offer repairs.
  • What is the expected life of an Ozonics battery?

    Ozonics units use Lithium-Ion batteries made specifically for Ozonics. This allows us to control the quality. Lithium-Ion batteries have a proven track record and are used in computers, cell phones, etc. world-wide.

    No manufacturer can guarantee battery life due to the many variables. Ozonics offers a 6-month warranty which is the standard for the industry.

    Our battery returns are less than 0.05%. We have hunters using their original battery into their 3rd hunting season, some with over 1000 hours of hunting.

  • What are the dimensions of the HR 200 and 150? How much do they weigh?

    Both units measure 7 3/4" wide x 3" tall x 5 3/8" deep and weigh 1.70 lbs with the battery.

  • How does the 100% guarantee work?

    Give Ozonics a fair tryout. If you do not experience a dramatic reduction in the number of downwind deer that "bust" you, we will refund your money in the same calendar year as purchase.

    You will need to provide a copy of your receipt.

    We will explain the return process.

    When your unit is received by us, we will issue your refund.

    You MUST have an RMA (Returned Material Authorization) to return ANY Ozonics product for ANY reason.

  • Returns and Warranty


    Call for Return Authorization


    For all warranty, repair or money back guarantee returns a return authorization is required. Please call the Ozonics office at (979) 285-2400 Monday-Friday 8:30-4:30 cst.


“Since I started using an Ozonics™ unit I have had bears come within 2-3 feet of my ground blind on multiple occasions. These bears continued on to the bait and presented shot opportunities that I am convinced would never have happened without my Ozonics™ unit. These unbelievable close encounters have led to some of the most exciting and memorable hunts of my life. Ozonics™ is now part of my most trusted gear on every hunt.”

– Rex Summerfield, The Radical Hunter

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“There is no way to predict the wind on every setup at every moment, but with Ozonics™ I don't have to worry. The unit is easy to use and extremely quiet, plus the results speak for themselves!”

– Melissa Bachman, North American Hunter

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“By creating a barrier of ozone between you and the animal's nose, Ozonics™ makes your current scent control strategy even more effective. I have had incredible luck testing Ozonics™ over the last few seasons and highly recommend the product!”

– Mark Drury, Drury Outdoors

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