The only scent control product that deals with your scent zone!

How Ozonics Works

Ozonics transforms oxygen molecules into ozone molecules and, with a silent fan, projects them downwind out over your scent zone where these unstable molecules bond with your scent molecules, rendering them unrecognizable to deer and other scent-savvy game.


The only scent control product that deals with your scent zone.

Ozonics is the first and only in-the-field ozone machine. It blankets your scent zone with scent-destroying ozone. Unlike any other scent control products, Ozonics continuously deals with the scent in the area between you and the deer, cleansing this scent zone so deer won’t smell you.

Use Ozonics in your treestand or ground blind.

ozonics_inoutMount Ozonics above you in your tree or in the window of your ground blind and face it downwind. Ozonics exclusive Game Changer Technology electronically changes oxygen molecules (O2) into ozone molecules (O3) and projects them downwind with a quiet fan. The heavier ozone molecules fall through your scent zone. Because ozone molecules are extremely unstable, they bond with any molecule they come near (scent molecules) rendering them indistinguishable to the nose of the deer. The bottom line: you will notice a drastic reduction in the number of deer that smell you.

Ozonics will completely change the way you hunt.

Using Ozonics will change the way you hunt. Wind direction will no longer be the deciding factor when selecting a stand to hunt. With Ozonics, you'll now be able to hunt a favorite spot on any given day, not just when the wind is blowing in the right direction. And, selecting a tree for your stand or site for your blind is no longer primarily a function of the prevailing wind. Now you can choose the tree or site that offers the best cover or the best shot angle and let Ozonics take care of your scent, regardless of wind direction. Plus, surely you've had deer bust you when they happened to end up downwind of you, even when you had the right setup. With Ozonics, that's far less likely to happen anymore either.

Ozonics will completely change the way you prepare for your hunt.

If you are like many serious hunters, you go to great lengths to control your human scent. Washing clothes, cleaning equipment, avoiding spicy/smelly foods, storing camo in scent-free containers, bathing in scent-free soaps, dressing away from your vehicle, etc. With Ozonics, you no longer have to be so vigilant. Ozonics represents freedom from the hours and hassles you’ve endured just to avoid detection by scent-savvy game.

Ozonics is easy to use, safe and performance-guaranteed!

Using Ozonics is simple. Attach it, always faced downwind, and push a button. There are two models. The HR-200 works in both a treestand and a blind. The HR-150 is a ground blind-only product. And, Ozonics is safe. Ozonics meets or exceeds U.S. federal safety standards for ozone exposure. Best of all, Ozonics is guaranteed!


“By creating a barrier of ozone between you and the animal's nose Ozonics™ makes your current scent control strategy even more effective. I have had incredible luck testing Ozonics™ over the last few seasons and highly recommend the product!”

– Mark Drury, Drury Outdoors

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“I had never found ANYTHING that actually helps with fooling a deer’s nose until I started using Ozonics.™ Nothing is more frustrating than having a perfect setup ruined by light swirling winds. With Ozonics™ that is no longer a problem. It's truly unbelievable how well it works.”

– Jay Gregory, The Wild Outdoors

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