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Is Ozone Safe?

Ozone is a colorless gas which can have negative effects on humans if consumed in high concentrations or in smaller concentrations over time. There are federal safety standards for the human consumption of ozone.

Ozonics designs and builds to these standards (OSHA, EPA and NIOSH). Outdoors, it is virtually impossible to exceed these federal standards. Indoors, if there is ventilation (air movement), it is also virtually impossible to exceed these federal standards.

It should be noted that there is a very, very small subset of humans that are sensitive to ozone (like some humans are sensitive to sugar or salt). The symptoms of this sensitivity vary from eye and/or throat irritation to light-headedness, but they are temporary and disappear when the ozone is removed. The symptoms are NOT fatal in nature, although federal standards recommend those with heart or lung conditions should NOT utilize ozone-generating products. Ozonics does NOT produce enough ozone to be dangerous to human health unless it is seriously misused.


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