The only scent control product that deals with your scent zone!



Ozonics' Game Changer Technology turns ordinary oxygen into ozone by introducing electricity.


Ozonics features technology that transforms ordinary, ambient oxygen into scent destroying ozone, a molecule that has two important characteristics - first, ozone is highly unstable so it readily bonds with human scent molecules and second, ozone is heavy which assures it will fall through your scent zone when projected from above.

Technically, Ozonics employs the "Corona Discharge" method to create ozone. Essentially, an electric charge is passed from the rechargeable battery in the Ozonics unit to an air cell (coil). As air passes over the cell, some of the oxygen molecules (O2) in the air are fractured by the electricity to create ozone (O3). The fan propels this ozone downwind where it cleanses the hunter's scent zone.


“This buck was not downwind but several other deer were at the time. I would rather go to the stand without my bow than to leave my Ozonics™ behind!”

– Jeff O’Brien, Madison, GA

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