Ozonics Testimonials by White Knuckle Productions

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  1. Mike Davis
    Mike Davis says:

    I admit I was very skeptical especially with the price. A year later I decided to go for it and bought the HR 300. Rigged it up in 20′ tripod. Wind was blowing 8-10 mph out of North. My food plot is due South. Within the hour there were 9 deer including a nice 6 pt young buck browzing within 60 yds of my stand directly down wind. The buck wasn’t a shooter though. I watched them ’till just before dark. Then I tried the ultimate test. I turned the Ozonics OFF Within 5 minutes the biggest doe blew and ran off with most of the bunch. The others left shortly after. Needless to say I’m a believer. It has changed my hunting options considerably. A few days later I bought two more for my sons for Christmas.


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