The only scent control product that deals with your scent zone!
Greg Miller


“I had my best season ever and it was due in great part to my Ozonics™ unit. Ozonics™ is the ultimate in odor control, and I refuse to hunt without it!”

Todd Pringnitz

WhiteKnuckle Productions

"I'd given up on scent control because none of the other products out there could beat a whitetail’s nose. Ozonics™ works, and I wouldn’t be using them if they didn’t. They are the real deal..."

Dean Partridge

Canadian Whitetail TV

"Chasing monster whitetails to me means not making any mistakes, or taking any chances. I always hunt the wind, but sometimes the wind doesn't cooperate. With Ozonics™ in the tree with me, I have peace of mind that I will go undetected. It really will change the way you hunt."

Jason Peterson

Canadian Whitetail TV

"After watching this buck we call "Split 2" for four seasons, we decided this was the year we would try for him...As he made his way across the alfalfa plot headed directly toward us, I truthfully thought it was NEVER going to happen. We had two mature does headed directly down wind of me and the cameraman. They both were on full alert, BUT for sure didn't smell us and more importantly didn't bust us with the Ozonics HR-200 running...Five minutes later we had this 7 year old, 188" whitetail on the ground. Thanks Ozonics!"

Jay Gregory

The Wild Outdoors

“I had never found ANYTHING that actually helps with fooling a deer’s nose until I started using Ozonics.™ Nothing is more frustrating than having a perfect setup ruined by light swirling winds. With Ozonics™ that is no longer a problem. It's truly unbelievable how well it works.”

Will Primos

Primos Truth About Hunting TV

“Ozonics™ is the real deal! You will not find me without one whether I am in a blind or in a tree!”

Dick Scorzafava

The Radical Hunter

“... he never winded us as he circled through the bush at 60 yards. I watched him over 5 minutes as he slowly and cautiously moved through the timber before he presented a shot... thanks to Ozonics.™”

Bill McCall

Full Draw Adventures

I needed 2 steps on down wind side so camera man could film shot at 2O Yrds after rattling him in from 2OO Yrds away and have Ozonics to thank. The buck was really exciting 6 or seven year old, shot him down wind on a drizzle day.

Mike Carney

Bowhunter TV

“Above is a picture of my Illinois buck that grossed in the low 190's. Ozonics did not fool him. However, it did fool the seven does and fawns that were downwind of me before I killed him. If any one of those animals would have spooked -- I would never had the opportunity to shoot him.

Mark and Terry Drury

Wildlife Obsession

“By creating a barrier of ozone between you and the animal's nose Ozonics™ makes your current scent control strategy even more effective. I have had incredible luck testing Ozonics™ over the last few seasons and highly recommend the product!”

Tom Nelson

American Archer

"2012 is by far my best whitetail season in all of the American Archer's history"

Melissa Bachmann

North American Hunter

“There is no way to predict the wind on every setup at every moment, but with Ozonics™ I don't have to worry. The unit is easy to use and extremely quiet, plus the results speak for themselves!”

Pat Hogan

North American Whitetail TV

"It's tough enough to argue against the effectiveness of ozone as a scent eliminator just based on the scientific research available. But watch buck after buck cruise downwind of your stand setup without busting you, and you'll be an Ozonics believer for life. When it comes to developing a fool-proof scent elimination strategy for whitetails, Ozonics is a critical element."

Rex Summerfield

The Radical Hunter

“Since I started using an Ozonics™ unit I have had bears come within 2-3 feet of my ground blind on multiple occasions. These bears continued on to the bait and presented shot opportunities that I am convinced would never have happened without my Ozonics™ unit. These unbelievable close encounters have led to some of the most exciting and memorable hunts of my life. Ozonics™ is now part of my most trusted gear on every hunt.”

Brad Fry

Canadian Guide TV

I outfitted my 40 whitetail clients this year with Ozonics units and, after they used them, everyone swore by their effectiveness. Ozonics quickly went from "gadget" status in the eyes of most guys to "essential equipment" status pretty quickly. Here is a quick visual update of the animals that Ozonics played a role in harvesting so far this fall.

Chuck Taylor

"Ozonics saved the day on this hunt"