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The Truth about Hunting With Ozonics
Success Stories

Science proves Ozonics works. Hundreds of success stories from hunters just like you back it up. Get up close with these undeniable success stories and get ready to submit your own.

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Ozonics in Action
How to Set Up Ozonics in the Treestand
Luke Hartle discusses how to set up the Ozonics unit in a tree stand. Luke goes through the step-by-...
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How To Set Up Ozonics In a Blind
Buddy Piland shows you how to set up Ozonics in a blind to improve your odds of success and create n...
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How to Store Your Ozonics Battery for the Best Results
Find out how to take care of and store your Ozonics battery in the off-season for the best results n...
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Ozonics News
Understanding And Overcoming Deer’s Sense Of Smell
7/9/19 | By Ozonics
Whether or not you realize it, your body is constantly producing its own scent. From sweat and natur...
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buck standing in a field
How to Use Detergents and Soaps in Your Scent Control Strategy
7/9/19 | By Ozonics
A deer’s sense of smell is 500 to 1,000 times more acute than that of a human, giving them an extr...
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secret weapon spring bear
Ozonics: My Spring Bear Secret Weapon
4/29/19 | By Ozonics
A stick snapped. Then another. I paid it little mind. I’d always been told you don’t hear bears ...
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