December 2015

Deer Hunting Technology | The Scent Elimination Obsession
12/30/15 | By buckologist
Can You Really Fool a Whitetail’s Nose? As hunters, many of us go to extraordinary lengths to put the odds in our favor; especially when it comes to scent management. From washing with “scent elim...
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Deer Hunting Scent Control | How Does Ozone Make You Invisible to a Whitetail?
12/17/15 | By buckologist
The Science Behind the Machines Imagine sitting in your tree stand deer hunting on a beautiful fall day. You hear a branch crack behind you, directly downwind of your location. But you don’t need to...
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Deer Hunting | How to Manage Your Scent When You’re Mobile
12/1/15 | By buckologist
The Importance of Quality Access Trails for Scent Management One of the least appreciated and most ignored aspects of deer hunting plans is having a reliable and foolproof access trail to your hunting...
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