August 2017

The Single Most Effective Way to Eliminate Your Scent Trail
8/28/17 | By Ozonics
The scent you leave on the way to your stand or blind can haunt you for your entire hunt. Most hunters are aware of their scent trail, but most don’t do enough to stop it. It’s time to learn how t...
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3 Reasons Oxidation Is the Best Scent Control for Hunters
8/22/17 | By Ozonics
Scent control can be a contentious topic among hunters, but it doesn’t have to be. Although there are many variations of scent control available on the market today, the science is pretty clear: if ...
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How to Control Your Scent in Every Weather Situation
8/17/17 | By Ozonics
Get through those tough days and still get your target. When the weather gets bad, some hunters pack up and go home. Others try to battle the conditions but come up empty. If you play your cards right...
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