September 2017

Exploit Buck and Doe Behavior with Ozonics
9/11/17 | By Ozonics
If every deer behaved the same way, hunting would be much simpler. But they don't, so thankfully there's Ozonics when a deer catches you off guard. Many people over-complicate deer hunting. Deer are a...
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Ozonics in the Pre-Season
9/9/17 | By Ozonics
“If you're not seeing more deer as the season goes on, you're doing something wrong.” I looked puzzled and he rephrased it. “If you're hunting isn't improving, you screwed up. They know that you...
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Ozonics - A small investment for when you’re racing against the clock
9/7/17 | By Ozonics
Let's face it, the average hard-working American is twice as busy as previous generations. With kids in sports and band, scouts and church, various other activities, 50+ hour work weeks and numerous o...
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Ozonics. The Missing Link.
9/5/17 | By Ozonics
My dad is old school, so naturally when I showed him the spot where I killed my buck, he was a bit surprised. “What… that doesn't make sense, the west wind had to be at your back the entire time?...
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Ozonics - A small investment for a chance at long-term success on small properties
9/2/17 | By Ozonics
“Dad… I know you can kill a buck there.” “No way. It’s too small… Not even five acres.” “Yeah but, it is the right five acres. Make sure your scent control is tight. Sneak in well befo...
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