August 2018

Justifying The Expense - Why an in-the-field ozone generator is a bargain
8/21/18 | By Ozonics
Stroll through the aisles of your local pro shop or the nearest big-box store and check out the scent-control products. Take a look at the prices of the various products, which range from small spray ...
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Hunting in killer winds
8/14/18 | By Ozonics
“The wind is a mature buck's best friend.” I heard that some years back, and it rings truer with each and every season. Deer depend on their nose like we humans depend on our sense of sight. Since...
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Scent Control Needs for the Limited-Acreage Hunter
8/2/18 | By Ozonics
Let’s face it. Most whitetail hunters hunt on 80 acres or less and are limited on their setups. This means they’ve got a few stands and blinds that they hunt every time - or nearly every time - th...
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