Scent control can be a contentious topic among hunters, but it doesn’t have to be. Although there are many variations of scent control available on the market today, the science is pretty clear: if you really want to prevent animals from smelling you, then oxidation is your best bet both in and out of the field.

There’s no denying that some hunters experience some levels of success with their various collections of sprays, scent control clothing, and other forms of scent control. However, if you really want to create more opportunities in the field, you need to introduce oxidation into your scent control routine. 

Here are three reasons why oxidation should be your go-to form of scent control:

Oxidation Actively Eliminates Odor

Most scent control sprays and clothes are only temporary solutions for existing odors. They are limited in the odor molecules and bacteria they can effectively interact with or destroy. They also lose effectiveness as time progresses, especially as your body continues to produce more odor through your sweat and your breath. Eventually, these odors will overcome your sprays and your gear because those solutions don’t have the technology to continue to eliminate new odors. Oxidation, on the other hand, when continually applied, is much more permanent and effective because it actively eliminates scent, including any new odors that are introduced into the environment.

Oxidation occurs when ozone bonds and reacts with other compounds, such as human odor. During this process, ozone will either eliminate the odor completely or alter it in such a way that different compounds are created. Therefore, deer and other animals won’t be able to recognize any odors as being human.

It’s an Active Form of Scent Management

No matter how much scent control spray you use, it will eventually wear off. That’s because sprays are passive while your own scent is active. The same is true of scent control bags and lockers. These can effectively destroy odors between hunts, but as soon as you put your gear on and start sweating, your odor starts to seep into the environment. You keep sweating and producing odor, and eventually that smell simply overpowers the diminishing technology of your sprays and clothes.

Scent control isn’t about treating the hunter. It’s about treating the odor released into the downwind airstream. You could spend your entire hunt re-applying sprays, or you could use an active form of scent management like oxidation. With oxidation, a constant stream of ozone can continuously destroy or alter any scent you are producing. You don’t have to stop what you are doing to apply sprays or other methods that will soon wear off. That means you can focus on getting your target rather than trying to outwit your target with scent games.

It’s All Natural

Ozone is a naturally occurring molecule that is created in one of two ways:

  • Lightning – When lightning passes through the air, the electric current fractures oxygen and creates ozone.
  • UV light – Oxygen in the presence of 185 nm UV light creates ozone.

In both cases, the oxygen molecule is separated to form ozone. You’ve probably noticed the way it smells after a thunderstorm. That’s a result of the ozone. Animals are accustomed to this scent because they are around it frequently. When you use oxidation to eliminate your scent in the field, deer and other animals smell a naturally occurring odor instead of your threatening human odor. With scent control sprays, animals might smell unfamiliar chemicals that cause alarm, or they might just smell your odor overpowering the sprays.

How to Use Oxidation When You Hunt

Only one product is truly designed to deliver the ozone you need to effectively eliminate, alter, and reduce your scent during all stages of your hunt. The Ozonics HR Unit contains everything you need to generate ozone so you can create more opportunities in the field.  Ozonics utilizes a process called the corona discharge method to create ozone, the same method lightning uses to create ozone naturally.

In an Ozonics Unit, oxygen from the air is pulled into the unit and forced between high-voltage plates to simulate the corona discharge method. The oxygen is broken apart and recombines to form ozone. The ozone is then dispersed from the front of the Unit with a whisper-quiet internal fan. When used as directed, this ozone will then react with your human odor and either eliminate it or render it unrecognizable to your target. 

Join thousands of other hunters who’ve discovered the power of oxidation in the field. Buy your Ozonics HR Unit today and get rid of the scent trail that’s keeping your target away.