Active Scent Control and Passive Scent Control | Which is More Critical?

The hunting and outdoor industry has had its fads and its share of “not so great ideas”—and the industry has chewed them up and spit them out. But out of these, some first-comers have carved a niche and truly changed the game for hunters.

Pre-hunt scent control regimens, or “passive scent control” methods, have become a hunting norm and have been readily accepted by whitetail hunters for a while. Passive scent control in this sense can be described as eliminating and controlling pre-existing scents on the body, clothes and gear of a hunter. These are the sprays, carbon clothes and similar products many of us have been using for years.

The key to pay attention to is the term “pre-existing.” After the initial activation, passive scent control techniques and products fail to control scent that is produced before and during the hunt. Nothing much has really changed since this became widely accepted as another step to do before hunting, until now— a new way of thinking about scent control and the products that make these ideas possible, will be transforming the game for hunters and land managers alike.

This new approach, known as “active scent control,” blows past the inherent limitations of passive scent control methods, creating new in-field applications and increasing opportunities for hunters each and every day, whether hunting or not.

The Difference Between Active Scent Control and Passive Scent Control

Why should you be concerned with this new scent control? Well, ask yourself: Do you plant food plots? Do you run trail cameras? Do you hang tree stands in the off-season? Do you hunt mature bucks? Do you hunt a small property? Do you hunt big game? If even just one of your answers is “yes” to these questions, then active scent control could change your entire approach to off-season activities and your hunting in general.

So, what is active scent control?

Active Scent Control Versus Passive Scent Control
(Video) - Passive scent control has been a well-versed factor for whitetail hunters for a while now. The same goes for hunters chasing any species gifted with a great sense of smell. Nothing has really changed since this became another step to do while deer hunting, until now. A new way of thinking about scent control and the products that make it so will be transforming the game for whitetail hunters and managers. This new “active scent control” goes beyond where passive scent control was limited, and creates an application for deer hunters each and every day whether or hunting or not. Active scent control could change your entire approach to off-season activities and your deer hunting on your property. So what is active scent control? Active scent control is just as it sounds, it is actively controlling your odor and scent. This is far more advantageous than passive scent control, it is actively altering and destroying human odor we constantly produce. Now with the new HR300 Ozonics Unit and the new Kinetic Pack, Ozonics can actively control human odor and scent on the move and in the stand or blind. For more information visit these resources.


Active scent control is just as it sounds—actively controlling your odor and scent during every second of your hunt. How? Ozone … and the application of using ozone to alter, reduce and destroy your human odor during every step of your hunt—from the second you leave the truck until the second you return.

Ozonics is the creator of in-the-field ozone generators that employ the “corona discharge” method of ozone creation, essentially passing an electric charge from the rechargeable battery to an air cell (coil) that fractures oxygen molecules (O2) into ozone (O3). The Ozonics ozone generators, the HR200 and the HR300, then spread this ozone into the downwind scent stream where it comes into contact with your human odor. This means that, with a fully charged standard or extended life battery in your HR unit, you can essentially provide the same level of odor elimination and odor control from the start of your hunt to the end of your hunt.

But the application goes farther than this.

Before we get into the detailed application or active scent control and how it will forever change how you hunt, you need to fully understand the difference between active and passive scent control.

Passive scent control is the scent-eliminating sprays, detergents, toothpaste, wipes … and the list goes on. These deal with existing scents on your body, clothes and hunting gear, but their effectiveness stops there. The reason this type of scent control is limited is that its effectiveness begins to degrade immediately after the last application. Oftentimes, it controls and eliminates your scent up the point when you actually start hunting.

As soon as you leave the house or leave the truck, you’re continuously creating human odor and absorbing any foreign odors encountered on the way to the stand—meaning you’re no longer scent free. While walking to the stand, you’re sweating, breathing and releasing a continuous stream of human odors into the downwind scent stream. Passive scent control does nothing to eliminate the odor being produced and released real time.

However, through continual ozone distribution, Ozonics releases a constant flow of odor-destroying ozone into the same downwind scent stream, actively attacking and eliminating these game-busting odors. That’s the difference! You can now actively control all of your human odor instead of just passively spraying your gear or using products before going out in the field. Keeping the human odor controlled, and continuing to do so during the entire hunt, opens up new opportunities, even going so far as to create new off-season management applications.

Why Active Scent Control Is Critical For Your Off-season

What will you be doing this weekend, next weekend—and three weeks from now? Most diehard hunters and managers know the hunting seasons go well beyond a state’s 3-4 month hunting season. Our obsession, our to-do list … it’s a 365-day-a-year job. Food plots, minerals, supplemental feeding, running trail cameras, hanging stands, scouting for big game—and the list goes on and on. We are out amongst the game we seek to hunt quite a bit, and we know it all adds pressure and scent to the area and to our property.

There is a fine line between doing the bare minimum to succeed and being on your property too much. You have to approach the off-season like you would when hunting a mature buck. Conventional wisdom says you never go in or disturb a section of public ground or property, or a particular stand site, unless you have the perfect wind and conditions. You will go in silently, go in scent free, and leave if the wind shifts. This is pricelessly the care and caution you need to take each and every time you step foot on your deer hunting property year-round.

Now, before that statement would have meant countless dollars in passive scent control products to cover up your odor and your gear’s scent, not to mention many opportunities simply wasted due to a wrong wind direction. But the Ozonics units, with the addition of three new products, can keep you scent free for the entire 365-day deer season … in the field or out of the field.

Ozonics Active Scent Control Versus Passive Scent Control: Can They Work in Tandem?

All of the previous passive scent control methods discussed are using familiar scent control products to eliminate existing residual odor on the hunter and his or her clothing and gear. The hunting clothes, sprays, detergents and other products are considered passive scent control and they have one flaw: At the moment you are finished with your pre-hunt scent control regiment (the shower, spray down, brush teeth, apply deodorant), after you leave the house your scent control is at the highest level of effectiveness it could possibly be at that exact moment.

At this point, your passive scent control methods begin to degrade, and the main two hunt-spoiling odors you encounter will be car odor or the sweating you experience when walking to the stand. These new odors become harder and harder to control as the hunt continues. The one thing passive scent control products help do is reduce the amount of residual odor on the hunter. In turn, this reduces the amount of odor released into the downwind scent stream that needs to “cleaned” with ozone. This reduction in released odor increases the amount of ozone available to attack, destroy, alter and reduce the remaining odor, increasing your hunting opportunities and chances of success.

Using Active Scent Control

In 2007, Ozonics introduced oxidation technology to the hunting industry, and in doing so, created the framework for the active scent control model. Now, with three new products, Ozonics has again redefined and expanded the meaning of that model. The new KiNETiC Backpack and DRiWASH Bag are a perfect duo for the Ozonics HR 300 Unit. The new unit produces up to 45 percent more ozone output, and incorporates new “Pulse Technology,” ensuring scent management and control is now available to be placed where it can help the hunter the most—in the field or out of the field!

The DRiWASH Bag is the solution for scent free gear and clothing. The bag features a heavy-duty integrated hanging system, designed to facilitate maximum surface area exposure and an airflow system to deliver the scent-destroying power of the Ozonics unit to your gear and clothes quickly and efficiently.

active versus passive scent control | Ozonics Huntingactive versus passive scent control | Ozonics Hunting


Once your gear—whether its trail cameras, boots or clothes—are ready, you can take the Ozonics unit out of the DRiWASH Bag and put it into the Kinetic Backpack. This is where active scent control really shines: Wearing the KiNETiC Backpack and running the HR unit—while going to or coming from your stand site, broadcasting seed on your food plot, placing trail cameras, placing minerals or bait out, or any other activity on your property—provides you with continuous scent control that does not degrade with time, but instead is as powerful in the first minute of the task as it is in the last minute. As long as you have battery life you have the same level of scent control start to finish!

This has huge implications for hunters—by reducing the odor “footprint,” you can keep your presence, scent, and pressure off their property or area you wish to hunt. Attracting and holding mature bucks on a property or scouting for big game without alerting them requires precise activities that carefully manage and minimize human pressure. With active scent control, each and every in-field activity that you do can be effectively and powerfully managed from an odor-elimination and control perspective.

“Scent management is not an “either-or” game (either passive scent control or active scent control),   but rather a stacking or combining of both methodologies to create a scent control regimen that is greater than the sum of its parts.”