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Scent Management | Hunting Wary Deer in the Late Season
12/21/16 | By buckologist
How You Can Use Scent Management to Fill Your Tag There aren’t many situations quite like a late season deer hunt. It’s a very unique experience that can really make some lasting memories. Bitter ...
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How Active Scent Control Creates Hunting Opportunities
11/3/16 | By buckologist
Scent Control 101 | Ozonics’ Active Scent Control Creates Hunting Opportunities Up to this point, hunters—especially bow hunters—have depended on hours of scouting and preparation in order to cr...
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Active Scent Control Versus Passive Scent Control
10/17/16 | By buckologist
Active Scent Control and Passive Scent Control | Which is More Critical? The hunting and outdoor industry has had its fads and its share of “not so great ideas”—and the industry has chewed them ...
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Scent Elimination Hunting Room | Hunting Strategies
8/22/16 | By buckologist
Setting Up Your Own Scent Elimination Hunting Room As hunters, we justify a lot of things to our significant others; hunting gear is definitely in that category. We’ll happily pay for that bargain o...
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Scent Management | One of the Most Critical Factors When Planning Food Plots
8/3/16 | By buckologist
Tree Stand and Food Plot Access Are Critical to Scent Management and Hunting Success Education is by far one of the most important aspects of life. Whether it’s your schooling, your career, or your ...
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Eastern Coyote Hunting | Take Predator Management into Your Own Hands
8/2/16 | By buckologist
How to Hunt Coyotes | Predator Hunting Techniques and Scent Elimination Tactics for a Successful Coyote Hunt There are lots of reasons to hunt coyotes… Too many can negatively impact the population ...
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Dan Coffman Buck | 288-Inch Ohio Giant Buck
7/21/16 | By buckologist
My two-year quest for this monster buck finally came to fruition during the 2015 Ohio bow season. In the end, my strategy led to a 10-yard shot at what’s potentially the second-biggest archery whit...
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buck standing in a field
Scent Control Slipups Every Deer Hunter Makes
7/20/16 | By buckologist
Overlooked Areas When it comes to Scent Control The white-tailed deer’s sense of smell is by far its greatest asset. As hunters we understand that scent management is one of the most important attri...
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Avoid Scent Control Complacency While Scouting for Deer
7/18/16 | By buckologist
The Why, When, Where, and How of Scent Control When Scouting for Deer Around this time of year, many hunters start looking at the calendars to count the days until they can get back in the woods to se...
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