Deer can detect human odor from up to a half-mile away, and if the wind conditions are wrong your hunt is over before it even begins. Sometimes, you can spend hours predicting wind patterns and scouting out the perfect stand location, and still get outmatched by an animal’s primary defense, its nose. To defeat your prey’s nose, you need an in the field active scent eliminator that works continuously.

Our portable in the field ozone generator technology is scientifically proven to destroy human scent. The patented scent elimination device transforms ambient oxygen into ozone, delivering a precise oxidant concentration that bonds to your human scent molecules and destroys your odor. Ozone occurs naturally after lightning storms, so animals are accustomed to the smell. Instead of an alarming human scent, they will smell the familiar ozone, making their noses oblivious to your presence. You will still need to choose the right spot and take the right shot, but eliminating your scent can give you that elusive opportunity you have been searching for.

Only three ozone generators for hunting provide active in the field scent elimination technology. Hunters can choose from three time-tested and proven choices: the Ozonics HR230, HR300, and Orion. Deciding upon the proper device largely comes down to your routine and how much Ozone generation you require.

So, what Ozonics unit is best for you?


The HR230, is the product that started the revolution. The economical HR230 is our longest available model and has proven to be a deadly tool while in the field for the past 10 years. This device is ideal for the beginner hunter who hunts in a tree-stand or ground blind with winds that are less than 10mph.

Due to high demand we are currently sold out of the HR230, but you can visit our third party affiliate for availability.


The HR300 is our standard model designed for the everyday hunter. This unit features Boost Mode for odor critical situations, a noise reducing rubber over mold, and produces 45% more ozone than the HR230 to create even more opportunities in the field. Additionally, the HR300 is equipped with PULSE Technology to deploy the proper amount of oxidant for pre and post -treating your gear in the DRiWASH Bag or O.N.E. Gear Locker.

The HR300 comes standard with the Smart Battery, which lasts up to 5 hours in standard mode and up to 4 hours in Boost Mode.

This lethal combination of features allows the hunter to be scent free during all points of the hunt, and provides the opportunity to modify and influence the animal’s behavior on demand through patented technology.


The Orion is our most advanced scent elimination product. This unit features the Hyperboost mode. With the push of a button, you can switch to Hyperboost and emit an additional 25% more ozone than the HR300.

The Orion’s enhanced user interface makes it easy to switch between Hyperboost, Boost, and Standard Mode depending on the conditions and the landscape. Animals do unexpected things, and the wind can change quickly. You may not have time to wait for conditions to be perfect or for your prey to resume more predictable behaviors. The ability to switch between modes allows you to quickly adapt to your circumstances and get an extra layer of scent elimination just when you need it.

The Orion offers twice as much battery life in comparison to the HR300. The Orion’s included XL Battery allows up to 10 hours in standard mode, 8 hours in boost mode, and 6 hours in Hyperboost mode. That is enough battery life to keep destroying your scent throughout your hunt; just recharge the battery overnight and you will be ready to combat your prey’s best defense for the entirety of your hunt.

Lastly, the Orion is designed with a soft touch rubber over-mold. This rubber exterior serves to reduce noise when handling the unit to keep you undetectable. Therefore, the Orion is ideal for all forms of hunting whether in a ground blind, tree stand, or stalking. The additional 25% of ozone and the long lasting XL Battery will cover you no matter your hunting preference.

The Ultimate Scent Eliminator

There is very little margin for error when it comes to your scent control. You have invested time and money on your hunt, so you need a scent elimination technology that truly helps create more opportunities for you. The Ozonics Orion combines in the field boosted ozone generation, long-lasting battery life, and total accessory compatibility to enhance your hunting experience and set you up to take the perfect shot. The HR300 is equally as deadly, but produces less ozone and only comes with the standard Smart Battery. Lastly, the HR230 is lethal but is most suited for less windy days when you plan on hunting in a stationary and confined position.