The Best States for Deer Hunting
10/6/20 | By Ozonics
At some point, most deer hunters want something different. Different terrain means more excitement, which is probably the reason you are thinking of hunting in another state. The following are some o...
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Which Ozonics Unit is Best for You?
9/28/20 | By Ozonics
Deer can detect human odor from up to a half-mile away, and if the wind conditions are wrong your hunt is over before it even begins. Sometimes, you can spend hours predicting wind patterns and scout...
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Top 5 Things to Get Your Ozonics Ready for Season
8/28/20 | By Ozonics
1. Cycle Your Batteries As hunting season inches closer it is a good idea to get your Ozonics unit out and cycle your batteries.  Cycling your batteries is a process of fully charging your battery, t...
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Does Ozonics really work?
7/30/20 | By Ozonics
The answer is YES! To understand the power of Ozonics and how it will change the way you hunt, you must first understand the science behind ozone. The Science Explained Ozone is not something that the...
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ZeroTrace vs. Ozonics: Technology Comparison
7/9/20 | By Ozonics
Are you looking to improve your scent elimination efforts and increase your chances in the field? Then, look no further than this comparison of Ozonics and ZeroTrace to understand which technology wil...
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Scent Slammer vs. Ozonics: Scent Elimination Device Comparison
7/7/20 | By Ozonics
Do you know how Ozonics and Scent Slammer compare? We compared both Ozonics scent elimination devices with Scent Slammer odor eliminator devices to help you with your purchase decision for an ozone ge...
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ScentLok vs. Ozonics: Ozone Generator Comparison
7/6/20 | By Ozonics
Have you wondered how Ozonics scent elimination devices compare to ScentLok ozone generators? This is a comparison of product offerings that were both designed to eliminate scent through scientificall...
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Ozonics Gear Recommendations: John Mulligan
5/15/20 | By Ozonics
Ozonics Gear List for Whitetails Ozonics Orion 2 XL batteries EZ Mount DriWash Bag The idea of using an ozone generator was completely foreign to me in 2013.  My former business partner, Todd Pri...
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Ozonics Gear Recommendations: Cole Tanner
5/15/20 | By Ozonics
Ozonics is the single most important piece of gear when it comes to my obsession that is hunting.  My hunting adventures take me across North America from whitetails, to elk, to predators and the lik...
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Scott Elrod Interview: Using Ozone to Combat COVID-19
3/20/20 | By Ozonics
Our founder and CEO, Dr. Scott Elrod, took some time to address some of your most burning questions. Q: Why is Ozonics the solution to sanitizing the home right now? Why can't I just use a spray or an...
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