Understanding And Overcoming Deer’s Sense Of Smell
7/9/19 | By Ozonics
Whether or not you realize it, your body is constantly producing its own scent. From sweat and natural odors to soap residue and lingering shampoo, there are many factors that contribute to the scent ...
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buck standing in a field
How to Use Detergents and Soaps in Your Scent Control Strategy
7/9/19 | By Ozonics
A deer’s sense of smell is 500 to 1,000 times more acute than that of a human, giving them an extreme advantage over hunters in the field. To overcome this challenge, it’s necessary to utilize an ...
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secret weapon spring bear
Ozonics: My Spring Bear Secret Weapon
4/29/19 | By Ozonics
A stick snapped. Then another. I paid it little mind. I’d always been told you don’t hear bears coming to a bait. I figured it to be another deer. Besides, my wind was for crap. I had my Ozonics i...
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Hunting in killer winds
8/14/18 | By Ozonics
“The wind is a mature buck's best friend.” I heard that some years back, and it rings truer with each and every season. Deer depend on their nose like we humans depend on our sense of sight. Since...
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Scent Control Needs for the Limited-Acreage Hunter
8/2/18 | By Ozonics
Let’s face it. Most whitetail hunters hunt on 80 acres or less and are limited on their setups. This means they’ve got a few stands and blinds that they hunt every time - or nearly every time - th...
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bloody hr 300
Don’t wait till hunting season to take stock of your gear
7/25/18 | By Ozonics
Summer is the perfect time to take stock of your hunting gear, lay everything out, and give it a good inspection. The season is just around the corner and it’s important to make sure all of your gea...
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whitetail deer field
Passive VS Active Scent Control For Whitetail Hunters
7/16/18 | By Ozonics
Whitetail hunters have long debated whether it’s possible to actually beat a buck’s nose. Despite wild marketing claims by manufacturers throughout the years, the answer has always been some level...
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The Best Time to De-Scent Your Clothing (And the Best Way to Do It)
11/22/17 | By Ozonics
Here’s a simple fact: if deer smell you, you won’t be able to keep them in your sights long enough to get your target. Here’s another simple fact: your clothes smell like you. Put those two fac...
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Why Scent Control Clothing Is Never Enough
11/14/17 | By Ozonics
Hunting gear isn’t cheap. When you spend a small fortune on clothing that boasts promises about blocking your odors, you expect to get some awesome opportunities in the field. But then you put on al...
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The 5 Biggest Myths in Scent Control
10/18/17 | By Ozonics
Scent control is one of the most hotly debated topics among hunters. Some hunters subscribe to a detailed routine that borders on superstition while others think the whole thing is smoke and mirrors. ...
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