The Science Behind the Machines

Imagine sitting in your tree stand deer hunting on a beautiful fall day. You hear a branch crack behind you, directly downwind of your location. But you don’t need to panic. You rotate calmly in your stand, knowing that the buck of a lifetime won’t detect you; at least not from catching your scent. You’re able to make the shot and soon you’re sitting behind your trophy.

We’d all like to be truly invisible while deer hunting, or any other hunting for that matter. Think of how much easier that would make it! Unfortunately, it’s just not possible to be 100% and completely undetectable to such amazing animals as whitetails. Just about every one of their senses is better than ours and we are just hopelessly outmatched. With Ozonics technology, however, we can get extremely close to invisible. The secret is with the all-powerful scent-destroying molecule called ozone. Let’s look at the science behind it to see how it can keep you hidden.

Without getting too ridiculously technical, ozone consists of three oxygen molecules (i.e., O3), versus normal oxygen’s two molecules (i.e., O2). This makes it unstable in the atmosphere, which means the extra oxygen molecule bonds to whatever it can “get its hands on,” so to speak. By mounting the Ozonics unit above you in your tree stand or ground blind and pointing it downwind, the ozone molecules bind to any scent molecules leaving your body and safely contains them so that wild game cannot detect you.

The Ozonics HR-200 unit is the ultimate choice if you need versatility for different hunts. It has two modes to cover you in a tree stand or a ground blind. The standard mode should be used in the blind, as it operates at a lower level due to the contained environment that the blind provides. The boost mode should be used in a tree stand since you’re more exposed to the wind currents and the unit needs to produce more ozone to adequately cover your scent zone. It also comes with mounts for both styles.

The Ozonics units produce ozone with the help of a small electric charge. In the presence of air, the electricity fractures oxygen and creates ozone. This is then pumped via a small and silent fan out of the device and downwind of your location. An additional benefit to ozone is that it is denser than air, which means it sinks to the ground level. Why is that a benefit? The ozone captures your rogue scent molecules from spreading throughout your hunting area and spooking all the game away. Instead, it drops to the ground and keeps them bound safely from detection within 5 to 10 feet from your location.

The Ozonics machines can also be used at your house to de-scent your deer hunting clothing ahead of your scheduled hunt as another form of scent control. Simply hang them inside out within a small, enclosed space such as a closet. Mount the unit above your clothing and turn it on for about a half hour. Then turn your clothing right side out and repeat for an additional 30 minutes. Immediately place them into a scent-proof bag or tote and do not dress in them until you are in the field.

By combining these scent control methods, you will be leaps and bounds ahead of where you were before an Ozonics machine. Using the combination can get you as close to invisible as you possibly can get to a whitetail while deer hunting this season. And whatever steps you can take towards invisible will get you that many steps toward a nice buck mounted on the wall.