Can You Really Fool a Whitetail’s Nose?

As hunters, many of us go to extraordinary lengths to put the odds in our favor; especially when it comes to scent management. From washing with “scent elimination” soaps and using “so-called” scent control clothing, we do what we believe it takes to effectively hide from the much keener senses of our prey.

However, is there really such a thing as being “scent free” to a whitetail? Even more so, do any of the products on the market actually do what they say? After all, a deer’s sense of smell is extraordinarily stronger than our own. Even with following a rigorous scent control routine before each hunt (which a relatively small fraction of hunters even use), how much can we truly disappear to a whitetail’s superior sniffer?

Typical Scent Control Options 

LFool a Whitetail’s Nose | Ozonics Huntinget’s examine some common scent control practices that hunters use to hide from whitetails. The majority of hunters will at least wash their clothes once and air-dry them at the beginning of each season. They probably still wear their deer hunting clothing into town and in the field, and may use a scent-eliminating spray once in the field. Even if they are careful by putting them in a rubber tote, is that truly scent management. Clothing needs to be placed into a controlled environment that will eliminate scent molecules from the garment.

Especially careful hunters will often wash in scent-free soaps and use scent-free detergents. They bag their deer hunting clothing in airtight bags or totes and only dress in the field. They may use scent elimination products and even change their diets around to produce less of a human or predator scent. Despite all of this, these hunters still get busted by bucks and does every season. So why bother with all the effort and hassle in the first place?


Ozonics Scent Control Technology 

Ozonics eliminates these issues by using a clever and effective technology. It’s very easy to use but complex and sophisticated in its design. These little scent elimination units convert oxygen from the air into ozone, which is chemically unstable in its own condition and denser than air. As such, it binds to and eliminates, alters and reduces your scent molecules instead of letting your scent float uncontrolled out along the wind currents, straight to a whitetail’s nose. Basically, it cleanses the area between you and the deer.

HR-200 | Ozonics HuntingThe Ozonics HR-200 unit can be used in a ground blind or tree stand, and comes with mounts for both options. It features a boost mode to help cover your scent in open air conditions whether exposed in tree stand or mobile. The new Ozonics HR-300 is ultra-quiet, and maximizes battery life.

HR-300 | Ozonics Hunting

Both of these products should be mounted above you (e.g., in your tree stand or the window above your blind). Simply check the wind direction using Ozonics Windtracker. Then point the unit downwind where it can catch your scent before it leaves your area, and hit the power button. That’s it! No more waiting for the right wind to hunt a particular set. The Ozonics machines allow you to hunt where you want to, when you want to.

While it’s not strictly necessary, you’ll obviously be even more effective if you continue your rigorous scent elimination options, and then employ the Ozonics machine on top of that while deer hunting. This one-two punch will fool a whitetail’s nose in almost any situation. If you could virtually guarantee that you eliminated one lost opportunity at a mature buck, why wouldn’t you try it? The proof is in the pudding.