Get through those tough days and still get your target.

When the weather gets bad, some hunters pack up and go home. Others try to battle the conditions but come up empty. If you play your cards right, you can get your target no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

It’s not too difficult to control your scent and go undetected when it’s 55 degrees with no wind, but you can’t control the weather. A perfect weather day in the field is rarer than a perfect shot at your dream target. So how do you control your scent and maximize your hunting opportunities when the weather conditions aren’t favorable? With these tips, you’ll be ready to go undetected in every weather situation.

Strong or Swirling Winds

Nothing knocks you off your scent control game like the wind. Even if it’s not windy enough to literally knock you out of your stand, strong or swirling winds can render your scent control techniques useless and send your smell straight into your deer’s nostrils.

You’ve been told a million times that you have to hunt the wind, but wind will almost always help your target more than it will help you. With an Ozonics HR unit, windy conditions can become your friend. Since gases like ozone are readily blown around, you need to make sure you have the right output and the right proximity to take advantage of the wind. Here’s how to get the most out of your Ozonics unit in windy conditions:

  • Place the HR unit 4-6 inches overhead (instead of the standard 8-12 inches in non-windy conditions). Make sure the placement of the unit does not interfere with the drawing of your bow.
  • Set your unit to Boost mode (you should always use Boost mode in open air environments such as tree stands)
  • Direct the HR unit down-wind and downward as close to yourself as possible
  • Redirect the output as the wind changes directions, making sure you always keep it in the downwind direction

By following these four simple tips, you’ll overcome strong and swirling winds and create more opportunities than other scent control solutions can offer during windy conditions.

Rain, Snow, or Fog

Hunting in the rain or snow can be a sloppy mess. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to be out there when it’s cold and wet. While wet conditions can provide some natural scent control, your odor might still make it to your target before you can draw your bow.

During a dense fog or light snow, your Ozonics HR unit can provide the scent elimination you need to go undetected. In these conditions, you can typically use your unit as directed to create more opportunities with no issues.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that the HR unit is an electronic device with sensitive internal components. Because of the design requirements to produce ozone, the unit is not waterproof and should not get wet. Even though the proper set up for an HR unit minimizes the amount of moisture that can enter the device, moisture can be pulled into the unit through the air intake opening.

It’s always best to operate your Ozonics unit in a dry location. In some weather conditions, you may be able to cover your device and still take advantage of its scent-destroying power. In really wet conditions, it’s advisable not to use your HR unit at all. If you do get water inside the device, you should power it off immediately and wait until it has thoroughly air dried before operating it again.

If the conditions call for wetter than a dense fog or light snow, here are some tips to help maximize your scent control:

Taking these steps in wet conditions will help you salvage at least part of your hunt so you can still create opportunities and not have a wasted day in the field.

Intense Heat or Humidity

When it’s hot and humid, you sweat more. That means you stink more, and you better believe the deer will smell all that human stench. No matter how much scent control gear you’re wearing or how many bottles of scent control spray you have in your bag, you won’t be able to cover up all that scent. You have to destroy it.

The Ozonics HR unit is perfect for those hot and humid days where you smell like a sweat factory from a mile away. All you have to do is place your HR unit 8-12 inches overhead, direct it down-wind and downward, and set it to Boost mode. If you’re an extra sweaty person, you may consider adding a second HR unit to your gear bag for those super-hot days. For the average sweater, one unit should produce plenty of ozone to destroy your stench even on the hottest day.

Beat the Weather

The weather isn’t always going to be perfect on your hunt. With Ozonics in your bag, you can almost always overcome the conditions and find a way to get your target.