“The wind is a mature buck's best friend.” I heard that some years back, and it rings truer with each and every season. Deer depend on their nose like we humans depend on our sense of sight.

Since hearing that logic, I've changed the way I hunt. I used to be a slave to the wind; waiting for certain directions to allow for a stand sit. If there was a “bad wind,” I wouldn't hunt. Now, with the help of Ozonics, there is no such thing as a bad wind. With Ozonics in your corner, every wind can be considered a “killer wind.”

Mature bucks prefer to travel with the wind quartering into their face. They also like to bed with the wind at their back, allowing them to smell everything they cannot see. Traditionally a bad wind would be one where everything was in favor of the buck and therefore, out of favor for me.

Looking at these bad winds from a different point of view has opened a world of new hunting opportunities. With a bit of research, and the ability to neutralize any odor that your Ozonics ozone comes in contact with, you can hunt killer winds too.

Mature bucks prefer to bed in a different location then their feeding area, and travels between the two using the wind to scent check their travel corridor. With this in mind, it is important to consider several factors; where the bucks are bedding, where the does are bedding, and where the primary food source is located. Also, keep the time of year in mind. In the early-season bucks are generally reclusive and grouped together in bachelor packs, staying as far away from does as possible.

As the season progresses, bucks start to think about breeding, and they'll change their bedding habits to be closer to the ladies. During this early pre-rut phase, mature bucks will sneak in well before sunrise in the morning and bed down somewhere between where the does are feeding and bedding. The buck's hope is that he can lie there all morning and scent check all the does as they return to their beds. If any of the girls smell like they're in heat, the buck will leave his bed to go investigate.

During the rut, it's a toss-up as to where the bucks will be bedding. One thing is certain, in the rut, bucks will be cruising in between areas frequented by does. After the majority of the breeding is done, most of the deer will be focusing on recovering from the marathon they just ran and packing on as many calories as possible. Chances are really good during the post rut that the deer will be bedding in the warmer areas with thermal cover near food sources.

Once all the research is done, it is just a matter of time to get a good killer wind where the buck will feel comfortable moving during shooting light. Knowing which direction, the buck will likely take is a huge advantage and having the confidence of a scent free hunt with Ozonics is priceless. Simply find that special setup with a wind slapping you in the ear so that when that buck quarters into the wind he will be walking right in front of you.

Of course, hike in to your stand scent free using your Ozonics and Kinetic Backpack. When on stand put the Ozonics unit up like you normally would. The ozone that is created needs to hitch a ride on the breeze and come in contact with your human odor as it goes toward the direction where the buck will be coming from.

As the ozone created from your Ozonics unit rides your Windstream, it will attack odor molecules rendering them undetectable. While that buck is confidently cruising along sent checking the doe bedding areas and food sources, he will be unknowingly walking right into your own “Killer Wind”. Good luck and be sure to send us pictures!