Ozonics ozone generating units are proven to destroy bacteria and viruses similar to COVID-19 like SARS and MERS. Many have already discovered the effectiveness of the Orion and other Ozonics units in cleansing household surfaces, where the coronavirus can survive for days. But what about everyday household items? Since the coronavirus can spread from any surface, it’s important to sanitize items like cell phones and clothes as well. That’s where the Ozonics DriWASH Bag comes in.

The Perfect Pair

The Ozonics DriWASH Bag was originally designed for hunters to remove odors from clothing and gear between hunts. However, since the DriWASH bag is designed to work with the same Ozonics units that are capable of destroying viruses on surfaces, it can also be used to clean other items. It’s especially effective in attacking the coronavirus on items the unit may struggle to cleanse on its own.

The DriWASH bag pairs with any Ozonics unit. Every unit has a DriWASH mode that works hand in hand with the specially designed airflow system of the bag, covering the bag’s contents in the perfect concentration of ozone and attacking bacteria and virus molecules.

Using the DriWASH Bag to Sanitize Items

Simply place items you’d like to sanitize in the bag, place your unit in the top of the bag, switch the unit to DriWASH mode, and wait for 10 minutes. The unit will emit the perfect amount of ozone to disinfect your items. The pulse technology of the unit combined with the design of the bag essentially works like a washing machine, cleansing your items with ozone and then rinsing with ambient air.

After the cycle, remove your sanitized items. You may want to run an additional cycle on some items to ensure that the entire surface area of the item is disinfected, especially clothing items. Simply turn the clothes inside out and run another 10 minute cycle. That will allow ozone to reach every inch of the clothing.

The Effective Design of the DriWASH Bag

The DriWASH Bag measures 26” W x 34” H x 11” D and can be collapsed down to just 3 inches tall for easy storage. The buckled straps allow the bag to be easily and securely hung from just about anywhere in your house. At its full height, you’ll have plenty of space to hang clothes and place other items in the bag as well.

Since the DriWASH Bag’s airflow system was originally designed to sanitize the clothes of hunters, it offers the perfect addition to the Ozonics unit. Even if items like clothes are hung up in a room an Ozonics unit is cleansing, there may be parts of the clothing that aren’t sanitized. This is because the size of the room and the amount of surface area would require a far longer run cycle to effectively reach the concentration level needed to disinfect your clothing. In short, it can be done but it is not the most efficient way to treat clothing and small items. Paired with the bag and in DriWASH mode, the unit is able to deliver a concentration of ozone more suited to disinfecting clothing and other items in a concentrated, time saving manner.

You may already be using your Ozonics unit to sanitize rooms in your home. To expand the virus disinfecting power of your Ozonics unit, get the DriWASH Bag today.