The HR300 is the foundation of my scent elimination regiment.  It is was I use to go undetected.  To maximize the effectiveness of this unit, I also make sure I use the following:

  • Extra XL battery – I was always taught with tools and supplies: 2 is 1 and 1 is none.  If my battery dies, I am a sitting duck – I always hit the woods with two batteries – I never want to be worried about battery life, especially on an evening hunt when deer activity picks up as the sun goes down.
  • Extension arm. I use an extension arm on every set up for 2 reasons. 1) it gives me an extra point of articulation – which makes the unit more versatile and easy to move and position.  The added length helps me direct the flow of ozone around the tree when the wind is in my face, providing better coverage on my downwind side.
  • HR300 Skin – especially in the late season. I like to use the neoprene skin to help keep things quieter when using my HR300 and when I am using it with my kinetic air.   Secondly as a hack during colder weather – I like to put a hand warmer between my neoprene skin and the battery to keep the battery warmer.  Anyone with a cell phone knows how quickly the battery dies when it gets cold – by putting an 8 hour hand warmer between the skin and the battery I can extend my battery life in cold weather.
  • Kinetic Air – For a while I used the kinetic pack, and I like it, but I really like the new Kinetic Air. It’s lightweight, easy to use, and I just keep it attached to my pack – making sure I am as scent free as possible to and from the stand. 
  • DriWash Bag – I’m not a huge fan of washing my hunting clothes everynight. Takes time, energy and money.  But I am a huge fan of the DriWash bag.  I put my gear in it after I get back from my hunt, and it is treated and ready to go the next morning.  Definitely makes a difference in my mind.
  • Wind tracker.  OK – small item, but a biggie in my mind.  I love the wind tracker– unlike powders that only tell me what the wind is doing 5-10’ from my stand, the wind tracker tells me what the wind is doing 30,40, even 50 yards from my stand.  And as a bonus they are fun to play with when things get slow in the stand.  #easilydistracted.