Ozonics Gear List for Whitetails

The idea of using an ozone generator was completely foreign to me in 2013.  My former business partner, Todd Pringnitz gave me my first tutorial on the concept and how he’d seen it work countless times.  Now, at first I wasn’t sure I was being “sold” or if this Ozonics unit could really help in those tough to beat wind situations.  I gave it a shot and was able to harvest a great buck directly down wind on the ground in Kentucky that year when it was 98 degrees outside.  Needless to say I was a believer and always will be. 

My staple Ozonics gear list hasn’t changed much over the years.  The units themselves have gotten smaller, more effective, and quieter though!  Being systematic in my approach to the tree, I will always have a screw in mount with the quick detach EZ Mount in top pocket of my backpack.  The reason for this is such: as soon as I make it to my tree stand set and secure my harness tether to the tree, and remove my backpack facing the tree, grab the quick detach bracket and screw it into the tree approx 12” over my head.  The next step is to grab my Ozonics unit from inside the pack (which is the last item to go so it can be the first to come out) and place it on the quick EZ mount.  The unit already has an XL battery in it so it can be turned on immediately.  I will then angle the unit slightly down and towards where the wind is blowing to.  I will then go through the rest of my set up and eventually hang my pack that has 1 extra battery located in an outside pocket.   The take away from the above is how fast I want to get the ozone working in my favor.  The way I look at it, you can dig to find a release, a water bottle, or your snacks…  but I want the ozone working for me so that the hunt isn’t over before it even starts!





If I am hunting with a cameraman, his Ozonics is the last thing loaded into his pack and the first to be set up before camera equipment.  Often I don’t get much footage of my Ozonics setups because it does happen before the camera is rolling. 

On travel hunts, I will always take 1-2 DriWash bags to set up in camp or at the vehicle depending on the quality of sleeping arrangements.   I am fortunate to have an extra unit to use just for the DriWash process and this gets repeated after every hunt.   Being away from home and a laundry room to keep clothing scent free, the DriWash bag is a must!  Even at my house when I’m chasing Iowa whitetails, my clothing goes into the DriWash each night, gets a cycle run and its ready to go in the morning! 


John “Johnny Utah” Mulligan

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