“If you're not seeing more deer as the season goes on, you're doing something wrong.” I looked puzzled and he rephrased it. “If you're hunting isn't improving, you screwed up. They know that you’re there. They're aware of you. You've been busted man! You gotta stay invisible!” Then my buddy’s logic finally clicked. The key to consistent successful deer hunting is to go unnoticed. The animals must not know that you're there. Even the most detailed hunter, with the best of intentions needs a little help. Thankfully there is Ozonics.

Many people rely on Ozonics to hunt, and there's nothing wrong with that. They know these little ozone miracle machines will eliminate, alter, or destroy any human odor molecule that they come interact with, and other foreign odors from their gear and weapons. What several of these same people don't realize is that Ozonics can be utilized year-round and, especially in the pre-season scouting and preparations. If your deer sightings and encounters are not increasing throughout your season, then you're doing something wrong. The deer have no idea whether you're simply hanging a tree stand, checking a trail camera or if you're trying to kill them. All human pressure is perceived as a threat to a deer. So treat your preseason adventures in the woods just like you do your rut hunts, and start using Ozonics to continue to remain invisible. Here's how…

Treestand, Blind, Food Plots and Trail Prep

Setting a tree stand, clearing shooting lanes, putting out a blind, all require work.  And with this work comes blood, sweat, and yes even from time to time tears.  All of which produce human odor and leave some lingering scent behind. But thankfully, the hunters at Ozonics have designed their new Kinetic Backpack to help limit this odor footprint. This backpack is incredibly functional with all sorts of storage and pockets for your gear and it will hold your Ozonics unit while you're working, hiking, climbing or whatever other outdoor activity you find yourself doing. Ozonics with the Kinetic Backpack has you covered. That being said, you still need to think about the gear you leave behind. Anything you leave in the woods -like a tree stand or trail camera - should be treated if at all possible.  Wave your Ozonics unit over your stand to treat with ozone, spray or wash your equipment – anything you can do to limit any residual scent as those items will be there long after you and your Ozonics unit leave. If you trim any branches or cut down any trees, an easy trick to disguise your presence is to grab handfuls of dirt and rub it over the fresh cut marks. The dirt will make the cuts look old, cover up their odor and also hide them from other hunters. Ozonics and a few other tricks aren’t going to hide the noise you create, but you will be able to cover up any residual scent or sign that you leave behind.

Trail Cameras and Bait

When running trail cameras and keeping bait piles fresh, you are going to be coming and going in the deer woods for brief periods of time up until this season opener. Once again, be sure to take advantage of your Ozonics Kinetic backpack to hide any trace of your presence. Wear rubber gloves, and always be sure that you're using rubber boots, scent will not be absorbed into a rubber boot like it can be with fabrics. Be sure to pull your pant legs over your boots not tucking them in. A pant leg over a boot will stifle any foot odor, whereas a tucked-in pant leg will allow foot odor to billow out.

Keeping the Kinetic Backpack Clean?

This advice is all well and good, but we know that some people are wondering how to keep the Kinetic Backpack scent free? The Ozonics unit will continue to take care of the majority of foreign odors that fall on the Kinetic Backpack, but in the event that some underarm odor gets on the straps or something, Ozonics has a solution, before your next hunt be sure to run your Kinetic Backpack through the Ozonics portable Dri Wash system. That way when you do enter the woods for your first hunt, everything smells like nothing, rendering you completely invisible.

Anyone that's hunted for more than an hour knows there is no magic pill or miracle pixie dust that you can use to make you kill deer. We all know that killing mature big game animals consistently takes a lot of dedication, research and hard work. Luckily for us, there is a silent partner that can clean up all your mistakes and continue to help you hunt invisible - Ozonics. Best of luck this season, and remember the deer cannot tell the difference between you hanging a tree stand and you trying to kill them. They just know that humans in their core areas are a threat. Continue to hunt safe, shoot straight and send us pictures of the giant buck that you put your tag on this fall!