“Dad… I know you can kill a buck there.”

“No way. It’s too small… Not even five acres.”

“Yeah but, it is the right five acres. Make sure your scent control is tight. Sneak in well before light and kill him when he is scent checking the doe bedding area.”

“OK… guess I don’t know where else I’d sit today anyway…”

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, so I was surprised when my dad listened to my advice. About four hours later I got a frantic phone call from dad asking for help tracking his buck who ran out of the small woodlot onto a neighboring property. We got permission to track the deer, and found it not long after. One of my dad’s largest whitetails, the mature buck was a heavy horned bruiser of an 8 point. My dad was ecstatic, and I was happy for him.

Let's face it, it's fun to dream. We all fantasize about being like the guys on TV; hunting giant deer  on limitless tracts of untouched land, passing up respectable bucks, and having no care in the world if they bump one now and then knowing they have a dozen other hot stands to hunt. These guys make it look easy, but the reality is that most of us are limited by small properties and sparse time. Worse off, if someone doesn't have access to any private land, their choices are even more limited, by being forced to hunt public land. Either way, hunting under these constricted conditions makes the challenge of killing a mature buck that much more difficult, and raises the stakes even higher. One false move on a small property could quickly ruin a hunter’s season. Thankfully Ozonics exists to help stack the hunting odds in the our favor.

When big game hunting, the key to success is to remain invisible. If a big, mature whitetail buck knows he's being hunted, the chances of him sticking around much longer are slim. Many people think they are hunting smart, but often have their deer sightings dwindle as the season progresses. A good gauge on whether you're being invisible or not is to ask yourself this question, is my hunting getting better as the season progresses, or worse? If you're hunting is getting worse, you're doing something wrong. The biggest thing that hunters do wrong is failing to keep their scent under control. The residual impact of unchecked human odor does long term damage throughout the season.

So, with most of us hunting small properties, we need to tread lightly.  We need to make sure that we’re not bumping deer to the neighbor's property. With the help of Ozonics, here’s how. 

The first step in the Ozonics scent free system is to use an Ozonics device with the Dri-Wash Descenting System to treat all of your clothing in between each hunt. Ozonics creates ozone, which is scientifically proven to neutralize odors rendering your clothing scent-free. Pack up these treated, scent free clothes in an airtight bag or keep them in the Dri-Wash system, and do not put them on until you are at the hunting location. Once you’ve arrived at the hunting location, get dressed outside and well away from your vehicle. Of course, when you're entering and exiting your stands, use good, old fashioned woodsmanship and be smart about the process, and most importantly use your Ozonics unit.  With the Kinetic pack, you can strap your Ozonics unit to your back turn it on (fan facing out) and it will help reduce, alter, or destroy any human odor.  In addition use common sense.  If possible avoid walking near bedding areas, or upwind of anywhere that deer can be anticipated. Once on stand, crank up the Ozonics device and let it work its magic.  Ozonics is designed to affect your scent in the downwind airstream.  In fact, it is the only product on the market that actively works to continually reduce your scent footprint.  However to be truly effective, you must always remember to chase the wind with the unit.  It should always be pointed downward at about a 30 degree angle, and facing the direction the wind is blowing. Most of their literature always shows it pointed infront of you, but that is not always accurate – it should be pointed whatever direction the wind is blowing.  In addition, you should constantly be checking the wind and adjusting the unit to correspond with the wind direction.  This is especially important in areas where thermals will affect the wind direction as sunset approaches.

We can't stress enough how important it is to remain invisible throughout the entire season if you are hunting a small property. With few possible stand locations and limited access to ground, every single hunt needs to be executed like a precision military operation. If a buck on a small property starts to smell alarming odors there is not much stopping him from finding safety on another property.

Hunting is supposed to be fun. If you are limited to small properties, or simply want to see your odds improve throughout the season, invest in an Ozonics scent control system. We all know that hunting is a lot more fun when you are seeing deer, and I have noticed my deer sighting increase significantly with the use of Ozonics.