Let's face it, the average hard-working American is twice as busy as previous generations. With kids in sports and band, scouts and church, various other activities, 50+ hour work weeks and numerous other obligations, we all crave the solitude that hunting season promises. Unfortunately, when hunting season rolls around, finding time to relax in the woods is hard to do. In addition to needing the time outdoors, those of us with extra mouths to feed depend on the game we harvest to help save on grocery bills. Therein lies the problem, the busiest people have no time to waste!

So, with limited time to hunt, and the pressure to bring home the bacon, it is vital for today's hunter, living in the real word, to maximize our time afield. We don’t have the luxury of waiting for the perfect weather, or wind direction.  I constantly hear tv “pros” talk about how they aren’t hunting this day, or this stand because the wind isn’t right.  Well a working man such as myself doesn’t have that luxury.  Time is precious, and if I’ve taken time off from work, I’m hunting – regardless of the wind direction.  That is why I hunt with Ozonics.  Because it is constantly treating the air between me and the deer, I don’t worry about wind direction.  I hunt my best stand every chance I get – because I don’t get that many chances. 

At first my buddies thought I was crazy for spending so much on something that I only get to use a dozen times a year, but after seeing my results, and the number of deer that I have been encountering at bow range, they quickly changed their tune.

How it works

Ozonics uses electricity to convert Oxygen (O2) into Ozone (O3).  Ozone is very unstable, and as such seeks out and attaches itself to any other molecule around (in this case your scent molecules).  In the process of doing so, and converting back to O2, it creates a chemical reaction with the molecule it comes in contact with and destroys or alters it, such that the deer I am hunting can no longer smell me, or no longer perceive me as an immediate threat.  And the great thing about Ozonics – the longer I use it in the stand, the better it actually becomes – unlike the sprays my buddy’s use, that start losing effectiveness almost immediately, Ozonics actually gets better and more effective with time. 

So, if you’re like me, and most real Americans, and can’t babysit the weather, waiting for the perfect wind, or you must travel a considerable distance to hunt, or only have one week to hunt, make the investment – you won’t regret it.

For hunters working against the ferocious tag-team of Mother Nature and Father Time, Ozonics is the only way to improve the odds and punch some tags before time runs out.