Hunting gear isn’t cheap. When you spend a small fortune on clothing that boasts promises about blocking your odors, you expect to get some awesome opportunities in the field. But then you put on all your brand new gear, head out to your stand, and sit there all day without seeing a single buck within range.

So what gives? Did you get a defective set of gear? Are you smelling a little more human than usual? Or were there just no deer around?

The answer is, scent control clothing is never enough. Here’s why.

Scent Control Clothing Works...Sort Of

There’s no denying that most scent control gear contains technology that can effectively block odor. Here’s a little test you can do to prove it. Smell your armpits without a shirt on. You smell like a human, don’t you? Now layer up with your scent control base layer and your scent control jacket. Sniff your armpit again. You probably won’t smell much at all other than the fabrics. That’s because your clothing is effectively blocking your scent. At least for now.

Scent control clothing is only a passive form of scent control, leaving a handful of problems that will likely plague your hunts:

Your Sweat

If you’re like every other human in the world, you sweat when you hunt. Whether it’s hot and you’re only wearing a thin baselayer or it’s freezing cold and you’re decked out in the warmest suit money can buy, you’re going to sweat as you walk to your stand. And you’re going to sweat more as you wait for your target. It’s what humans do. We sweat, and the more we sweat, the more we stink. All the scent control pills, vitamins, deodorants, soaps, and laundry detergents in the world can’t stop this simple bodily function. Neither will your clothing.

As you walk to your stand, your sweat starts to overpower your scent control technology. As you sit and wait for your target, that odor seeps out of your clothing and finds its way to your target’s nose. Your sweat is active, and you can’t stop it with passive scent control. If you want to block your odor, you need an active technology that constantly works to eliminate the new odor you create.

Your Breath

How long can you hold your breath? Probably less than a minute. Unless you’re the fastest hunter in the world, your breath is going to get into the air and alert any nearby animals that a human is close. Brush your teeth as many times as you want. Chew scent control gum. These things won’t matter because your breath eventually overpowers these temporary solutions, especially when you’re lugging your gear to your stand and you start breathing heavy. Your scent control clothing sure can’t stop your breath--unless of course you wear a non-breathable scent control face shield that doesn’t let out any air. Now you’re back to the problem of not being able to hold your breath for very long. Once again, you’re going to need an active scent management solution that can destroy odors as you breathe them.

Your Other Gear

Unless you’re hunting with your bare hands (well, not your bare hands--you’ll need scent control gloves too), you’re going to have a lot of gear with you. From your binoculars to your bow, your gear is loaded with your human scent, and your clothing can’t do anything to stop that because your clothing doesn’t cover your gear. Even if you cleaned your gear thoroughly and removed all traces of human odors before you left your truck, you’re going to get human odor from your breath and sweat on that gear. Once again, you need to have an active form of scent control to make sure the odor from your gear doesn’t make its way to the deer’s nose.

Using Active Scent Control

If clothing isn’t enough, what exactly can you do? Using an active scent control solution like an Ozonics unit is proven to deliver more opportunities in the field. With the active scent-destroying power of ozone, your Ozonics unit will overcome the odor from your sweat, breath, and gear that your clothing can’t beat. Get your Ozonics HR unit today and start making your scent invisible to deer.