Overlooked Areas When it comes to Scent Control

The white-tailed deer’s sense of smell is by far its greatest asset. As hunters we understand that scent management is one of the most important attributes to control when hunting whitetails. Successful hunting for whitetails, whether its archery or rifle, involves combining scent elimination and scent control products for hunting with the know how to hunt with the wind in your favor. Still many hunters are getting winded because of improper use of scent control products and carelessness when it comes to understanding how wind can impact your hunt. Approach your hunting locations with the wind in your face to avoid spreading odors. Hunt from tree stands or blinds that are downwind from your food plots or deer travel corridors. In addition, know how changing wind patterns affect your different hunting locations. “If the wind is not optimal for that location, avoid it and choose another to prevent from spooking deer and educating them on your presence”. Now that statement would be normal advice you would find in an article on this topic…that is unless you have Ozonics to create more opportunities.   Ozonics provides opportunities that, even when the wind is not optimal, you now have a tool that can overcome that challenge when used correctly. There is no doubt that if an individual has unlimited time and property he can make the decision to avoid an area until the wind is perfect. But, everyday hunters with small properties or small chunks of land that we can hunt do not have that choice.  This is why Ozonics is so unique and game-changing, it can create the opportunity that simply did not exist before because of the inherent environmental or geographic circumstances (i.e. bad wind – swirling winds etc.).

scent control slipups every deer hunter makes | Ozonics Hunting

Besides using deer hunting scent control products, such as  scent eliminating soap and deodorant and scent control clothing, which are inferior to active scent control techniques,  there are a few simple scent management practices to employ to increase your odds of not getting winded. Avoid picking up odors that are hard to loose. Things like the food we eat have a dramatic impact on our physical odor. Foods that are heavily seasoned, spicy or smoked can stay with you, particularly on your breath for hours after a meal. Also avoid alcohol as it will exit your body through your pores and breath. Finally simple actions like filling up your truck before heading to your tree stand should definitely be avoided. Gas is by far the hardest odor to mitigate even with the best scent elimination products for hunting.

Practicing scent control prior to getting into the woods is half the battle. Once you are in the field, think about all the possible ways you could contaminate the area with scent. Be sure the path to your hunting location is one that avoids active deer trails. Minimize touching leaves, branches and trees as any odors can be left to warn approaching deer. Carry, do not wear, your extra clothes in your Ozonics Kinetic Backpack to prevent sweating and creating body odor. Lastly, do not smoke, chew or eat while walking to your hunting spot. These are surely unnatural scents that deer will quickly pick up on.

Overlooked Areas When it comes to Scent Control

Up to this point most of the scent control for deer hunting discussed is some if not all of what many hunters already practice. There are five areas, however, that many hunters often overlook when it comes to scent control. Escape these deer hunting scent control traps and you will be a more successful deer hunter season after season.

scent control slipups every deer hunter makes | Ozonics Hunting

  1. Binoculars

If you are like most deer hunters, your binoculars go with you everywhere. This means they are constantly picking up scent. Few hunters think about how much scent they pick up on their binoculars and the straps that are used to carry them. Make sure you remember to wipe them down and use a scent control spray to rid them of any odors each time you head to the woods.

  1. Backpack

How many hunters carefully store their scent control hunting clothes in air tight storage and then spray down before heading to the woods all without doing the same procedure to their hunting pack. Backpacks collect scent as much as other hunting clothing and accessories. Care for your pack just like any other piece of your hunting gear when it comes to odor management.  Also be sure to integrate your active scent control strategy with the new Kinetic backpack from Ozonics.

  1. Rifle/Bow Slings

Many hunters carry their bow or rifle into the woods using a sling. Slings collect scent from your body as you walk and from being stored. Having a stinky sling can be the different in seeing and not seeing a monster buck.

  1. Seats

Hunting seats can be either attached to your tree stand or separate as the ones that you may use to sit on the ground. Either type collects odors and can alert deer you are in the area.

  1. Decoys/Calls

Deer decoys are sometimes used for archery hunting. Whether splashed with doe-in-heat lure in the rut or just used without attractant scents, you are adding human scent each time you deploy a decoy in the field. Any human odors are a red-flag to approaching bucks that something is not right. Also, grunt calls accumulate scent from your hands and mouth that are rarely treated as a simple scent management practice.

Almost all hunters have accepted the advantage of using scent elimination products for increasing their ability to fool a whitetail’s nose. The best defense from odor is a combined approach, one that stacks active scent management and active scent control on top of more passive odor control methods like sprays, deodorants, and detergents. Even the best scent elimination products can sometimes be no match for hunting with an understanding of wind direction. Wind can undoubtedly reveal you in the woods. Technologies like the Ozonics HR-300 Scent Elimination Device have given hunters an option to hunt where and when you want to regardless of the wind direction. Ozonics uses ozone, which is a naturally occurring cleansing agent found most commonly in the earth’s atmosphere. The technology involves taking ordinary oxygen and introducing electricity to create ozone that gets propelled downwind of you hunting location, reducing you scent zone.

scent control slipups every deer hunter makes | Ozonics HuntingAs much as scent control for deer hunting is important you still have to be able to make the shot. Proper scent control can shield odors and make deer less likely to change their patterns, getting them in range for a shot. Next time you are in the woods do not forget about the overlooked areas when it comes to reducing your scent.