Setting Up Your Own Scent Elimination Hunting Room

As hunters, we justify a lot of things to our significant others; hunting gear is definitely in that category. We’ll happily pay for that bargain or deal when we see it, especially if it will help in our overall hunting strategies. We’ll also gladly dedicate the only spare room in the house to collect all these wonderful purchases. But have you ever thought of installing your very own scent elimination hunting room to help with your scent control measures while hunting?

Before you start mentally calculating how much that would cost and finding a justifiable reason to build it, let’s look at a few important points. Scent control for hunting is a very critical step that should not be skipped; it’s up there in the top five of deer hunting tips and tricks. You might get away with a few hunting trips without good scent elimination products on your side, but sooner or later, it’s going to burn you. White-tailed deer, especially mature bucks, will only tolerate so much human intrusion before they start to hide out during daylight hours or choose a neighboring property to reside. So if you care about actually putting some venison in the freezer, you should really consider a scent elimination hunting room.

What Exactly is a Scent Elimination Hunting Room? 

So you understand that scent management is important for deer hunting. But what the heck is a scent elimination hunting room? Basically, we’re talking about a space you can use to store hunting gear and clothes, as well as a space to help remove the human and man-made scents from your hunting gear so you can bring it to the field without contaminating your area. Now the good news is that you don’t need to invest in some crazy technologically-advanced chamber to do this. The setup is pretty simple actually. You don’t even need a lot of space either depending on how much hunting gear you have. Let’s look at the details below.

How Much Room Do I Need? 

scent elimination hunting room | Ozonics HuntingAs we said, you don’t require a huge hunting room to accomplish these deer hunting scent elimination goals. If you’re already storing your gear in a spare bedroom, like the hypothetical example above, then you’ve got the space for it. If you don’t have the luxury of an extra room for just your hunting stuff, could you spare a closet? That’s all you’d really need. We’re only talking about the space to hang a couple hunting garments, and store a few rubber/plastic totes.

Ideally, your scent elimination hunting room space should be somewhere not exposed to a lot of smells. It sounds obvious, but many people use a room off of their kitchen, which collects the scent of everything you cook. Some people use a garage, which can be inundated with the smell of gasoline or other petroleum products. Ideally, it should be an isolated room up or downstairs from your kitchen, or a closet that is buffered by a room.

What You’ll Need for a Hunting Scent Eliminator 

scent elimination hunting room Dri-wash Bag | Ozonics HuntingOnce you have your space identified, you’ll need to collect a few items. First and most importantly, you’ll need an Ozonics® HR unit and DRiWASH bag. These human scent elimination products are the core of the program, as ozone hunting scent control is very reliable and doesn’t require a hundred different items to get you great results. Next, you’ll need a few re-sealable plastic garment bags, which you will need to keep your clothing and gear scent-free. You can get vacuum-seal bags to cut down on space too if you’re running low. Finally, you’ll need a large rubber or plastic tote with a secure and tight-fitting lid. Ideally, these should be fairly heavy duty, with an airtight gasket system. But if the totes don’t already have one, you can even add some foam weather stripping to the lid for a more airtight fit. Scent control for deer hunting shouldn’t be difficult to do, so feel free to take a few small short cuts.

How to Set Up Your Scent Elimination Hunting Room 

To finish the scent elimination process, you’ll need to only follow a few steps. Hang a few hunting garments in the DRiWASH™ bag (not too tightly packed) you want to ensure maximum surface area exposure, and turn on your Ozonics™ HR300 unit using the timed DRiWASH cycle. The internal baffle system creates airflow that forces the ozone down to the bottom of the bag and then back up through your clothing to thoroughly cleanse and remove scent from them, and then what ozone remains safely exits leaves through the top front vent system and dissipates. After treating your clothing with this cycle, turn them inside out and treat them with one more DRiWASH™ cycle and then promptly transfer them (using scent-free gloves) to one of your air-tight bags. Remove as much air from these bags as possible and seal them tightly. Then simply store the bags in one of your totes until you arrive in the field again. In the meantime, the totes can rest in your closet or room.

The Ozonics Dri-wash System | Ozonics Hunting
(Video) – Luke Hartle discusses Ozonics’ Dri-wash system, how it works, and how to use it. In a perfect world you would wash your hunting clothes before and after every hunt. This is hunting and there is no perfect world. That is why we created Dri-wash. Use in conjunction with your HR300 or HR200 and harness the power of your Ozonics Unit. With a specially designed airflow system, the Dri-Wash ensures efficient and effective odor elimination for all your hunting gear. The Dri-wash bag harnesses the scent destroying power of your Ozonics™ Unit by delivering ozone through-out the specially designed airflow system ensuring efficient and effective odor elimination. Durable and quiet dual zippers for reliable, non-snag operation, with large finger pulls for easy access. Fully Deployed Dimension: 34” tall x 26” wide x 11” deep. Constructed with oxidation resistant materials for rugged durability. Built in hanger system to ensure maximum garment deodorization. Collapsible design for easy travel and storage when not in use. Heavy-duty integrated hanging system for use anywhere.

Depending on how much you hunt during the season, you may have to repeat this process several times. Ideally, you should treat your hunting clothing in this fashion at the end of each day in the field to ensure you’re starting with a fresh set each time you hunt. After a day of use, your scent free hunting products and clothing can pick up body odors and other man-made scents, which will require an “ozone bath” or DRiWASH™ cycle to remove. Luckily, the process doesn’t take long to complete. Don’t forget to de-scent your overlooked hunting gear too.

scent elimination hunting room | Ozonics Hunting

As far as how you use this process, it should go something like this. Treat your gear and clothing the night before your hunt and pack them in your vehicle or store them near the door. Shower and dress in scent-free street clothing the morning of your hunt until you’re ready to leave for your tree stand or ground blind. At that point, unpack your tote and bags and dress in the lightest base layer you need to comfortably get to your hunting spot without sweating too much. Once you’re close, dress in the final layers and start your hunt. This way, you reduce any human scent you produce to a minimum, and keep your outermost clothing layers fresh for keen noses in the woods.

You may find that this system becomes the best hunting scent eliminator that you’ve tried. The scent elimination hunting room is an easy method to implement, and doesn’t take all that much room or time to set up. That should make it pretty easy to sell to your significant other.