Tree Stand and Food Plot Access Are Critical to Scent Management and Hunting Success

Education is by far one of the most important aspects of life. Whether it’s your schooling, your career, or your kids, it is to be taken seriously by all. It’s easy and beneficial to apply life lessons or common knowledge to deer hunting, but somehow this connection is lost. Deer hunters experience a very real divide from applying these everyday lessons to hunting, and failure is a direct result. Deer are just like a teenager in school, when you tell them or show them something, chances are they will listen and perform. Deer are most likely slightly better than the average teenager in listening and performing better, based off of the lesson and education. Educating deer should be your biggest concern each and every time you hunt. They listen, the watch, they smell, and they learn! An educated deer is your worst nightmare. While deer season is over, spring is a very real time to plan, practice, and perfect this skill of access and scent management as it pertains to tree stands and food plot placement.

Staging Plot or a Feeding Plot?

Determining whether or not the food plot you are planning or planting is a staging or kill plot, or a large feeding plot is your first step in the process. This determines first if you are using the plot for hunting, or just for nutrition, but it also determines if the deer will just pass through, as in the case of the staging area, or will remain feeding for some time. Planning to hunt a large feeding plot is much more difficult to do as exiting the field with deer present is problematic. The staging plot is a much easier to deal with scenario that works for great deer movement and hunting opportunity.

Entrance and Exit

The next step in your planning is gathering all your observations and known deer movements and coordinate the best entrance and exit routes to that food plot or tree stand. Often times this can be the most critical part of your hunting strategy. Finding an entrance and exit that gives you cover and concealment, silence while you’re moving, considers the scent management elements of what and where your cent will be, and as a result the lowest chance to bust deer. Access to your food plots and stands that entail all these characteristics helps develop a bust proof set, considering your scent control and scent management techniques are bullet proof in the stand as well. When planning your access consider and look for the following.

  • Line of Site – Line of sight might be the hardest to consider in some situations, but it can be easily adjusted with some work this summer. Natural screens to and from your stand include ditches, creeks, thick vegetation, corn, or downed trees. If these are not available, plot screens or hinge cuts can create screens exactly where you need them to be.
  • Staying Quiet– Noise is the second factor to consider, but again easily solved with some planning and hard work. Easily accessible quiet paths already come in the form of creeks, ditches, washouts, and field edges. In the case of the dreaded walk through a hardwood forest with crunchy leaves, you can create your own path. By taking a chainsaw, weed-eater, and blower or hard rake you can easily create a dirt path that is silent.
  • Scent Management- This is the most often forgot about, underestimated step in planning both food plots and tree stand sets, but probably the number one reason for busts. Thermals, vegetation brush catching your scent, boot scent, and hunting scent wind direction all have a big play in when, where, and how you hunt an area. Finding great access in the form of ditches and creeks, or silent paths through screening works perfect and in some cases works great as a scent control method. Ideally a creek entrance and exit, with a tree stand with wind blowing towards your access is ideal. The scent blows down the creek while walking in, and over or again down the creek while you’re hunting depending on thermals and time of day. In some situations the wind direction and flow off of the access and the tree stand are tricky, these are often the best stands. The option in this scenario is to have an extraordinarily strong scent management game. Employing the now mobile HR-300 Ozonics Unit, Kinetic Back Pack, and Driwash Bag before, during, and after the hunt gives you this option. Find out how in one of our recent blogs: Scent Control While You Are Mobile

Midwest Whitetail | Killer Access
(Video) – Bill takes us on a post-season scouting mission on one of his favorite parts of the farm. He’ll explain why the area, food plots, and tree stands are so easy to access and the benefits you gain from not educating deer while going to and from your tree stand locations.

Education is key in life, and in deer hunting. Developing and executing the perfect access, with the addition of airtight scent management system while planning your food plots and tree stands this year will ensure your maximum return on effort. Creating smart hunting opportunities and keeping your deer herd clueless on your tactics will end in payment this fall.