Our founder and CEO, Dr. Scott Elrod, took some time to address some of your most burning questions.

Q: Why is Ozonics the solution to sanitizing the home right now? Why can't I just use a spray or another form of disinfectant?

A: You’ll still want to use disinfectants to clean surface areas. However, ozone really shines in the presence of harmful airborne molecules. When you cough, what ends up happening is that you have a certain amount of molecules that go onto your clothes or onto your body or onto the floor. But, there’s also a fair amount of it that becomes nano particulate and basically becomes an aerosol. And that's one of the reasons why they believe that this virus is so transmittable from one person to another. It’s believed the virus can remain in the air anywhere from two to three hours.

And that’s the realm where Ozonics specializes. If the virus is remaining airborne, the ozone molecules float around it, and immediately start the process of killing it. That’s the reason we work so well both in the hunting realm and in dealing with the virus. The ozone molecules surround the virus like dust surrounds something in your garage. It completely covers it, oxidizes the molecule, breaks down the membrane, and kills it.

Q: What is the science behind ozone molecularly changing the structure of pathogens?

A: The ozone molecule (O3) lands on the surface of the virus and releases the oxygen. When the O2 is released into the ambient air, that remaining oxidation molecule starts the process of breaking down the membrane and the internal structure of the virus. It disrupts and then breaks down the virus.

Q: Why is no one talking about ozone right now?

A: There's been a stigma around ozone. This stigma was developed because people had no way of understanding and measuring ozone concentration. Now, it’s used in medicine, because many in the healthcare field understands the power of oxidation and how effective it is. It’s being used all over the world. There’s really no reason why it shouldn’t be used. I think that after this viral outbreak, it will be used a lot more.

Q: Is ozone safe?

A: Yes, ozone is very safe. It is a naturally occurring element, like nitrogen or oxygen. It has everything to do with time and concentration. I was once asked by an anesthesiologist: “Is ozone safe?” I asked him the same question: “Is oxygen safe?” He said, “Of course it’s safe.” I said, “Well if you intubated someone with oxygen, can you slow down their respiratory rate to the point that it’s not safe?” He said yes. “That’s the same case with ozone.” He actually ended up buying some Ozonics units. So, it’s all about educating people on how to use them correctly. What we at Ozonics understand is the game of time and concentration. Our units use less concentration over longer periods of time to effectively attack airborne molecules in a safe way.

Q: What’s the difference between the HR300 and the Orion in treating the virus?

A: The only true difference in a residential setting is the ability to utilize Hyperboost with the Orion. The Orion produces 30% more ozone to expedite the process of cleaning. You just have to follow the schedule, so you know how long to run the unit per room. Both units need to be run in an area without people or pets present. Sanitize the room, let it air out, then go and treat the next room.