It’s unfortunate that in today’s society the measure of a man tends to be tied to his bank account, the car he drives, or the title he holds at work.  As a father of 9 children, I hold myself to a different standard.  I measure my success, not in what I have accumulated, but in what I have passed on.  More specifically, what I have passed on to my children.  What have I taught them?  What will they pass on to their children?  How they treat others, how they act, and where they place their priorities will be a direct reflection of my time and “success” here on earth. 

My most important job and responsibility is to be the best father I can be for my children, to raise them to be upstanding citizens, children of God, and actively contributing members of the community.  And this is why hunting and the outdoors is a critical part of their upbringing.   I can think of no better place to spend quality time with my kids than in a blind or treestand or fishing in a boat or on the banks of the river.  Away from technology, distractions, and the craziness of this world.  To impart wisdom, to teach them about patience, generosity, and humility.  To listen to their dreams and to simply share the beauty of God’s creation – that’s what hunting with family means to me.  An appreciation for life, and an appreciation for our natural resources – quality time spent in the peaceful solitude of an early morning sunrise.  

When I die, I will not be remembered for what I drove, or the fancy vacations I took.  No, my legacy will carry on through my children, and this is why I take them hunting and fishing.  A pursuit that introduces them to all of the magnificent wonders nature has to offer and more importantly creates a bond that will last a lifetime. 

-Jeff Bergmann