At some point, most deer hunters want something different. Different terrain means more excitement, which is probably the reason you are thinking of hunting in another state. The following are some of the best states to hunt for deer.


Hunters from all over the nation will fall in love with Texas. It is said that over five million deer populate the state, and that means that the likelihood of getting lucky is pretty high.

Everyone knows Texas is a hunter's dream, and this is one reason why. There are a number of regions in this state that are known to have a lot of deer, like Edward's Platou or the South Texas Plains. You will want to hit those areas or talk to a local hunter to help guide you.


Another state worth considering is Iowa. There are a lot of reasons to consider this state, like the fact that it has a little more than 107,000 acres of land for you to hunt. That's a large chunk of the state that is ready for you. Keep in mind you do have to get a license and tags.

All of this is going to cost you a few hundred dollars. You might think they are asking for too much, but you have a pretty decent chance of finding a beautiful monster buck in this state. The state has a lot of food available throughout the state for the deer, which helps them grow larger racks and bigger bodies. The terrain is challenging, but that makes the hunt even more exciting.


Wisconsin may be known for its cheese, but it will become legendary when you come home with a monster buck. The state offers about seven million acres of public land for hunters just like you to roam and find your prize.

The state wants you to hunt their deer because of the constant risk of over. It should be pointed out that this is one of the cheapest places for non-resident hunters. If you want a bargain and still take home the deer of your dreams, then this is the state for you.


A state that is often overlooked is Indiana, but it shouldn't be. The deer population here is high compared to other states. The terrain is not challenging, so that may increase your chances of getting a deer. It should be pointed out that you'll probably find more deer in the southern part of the state rather than the north.

You should also know that most bucks hunted are about 2.5 years or a little older. You are going to have to register if you are coming to this state to hunt. The state does have some privately owned deer hunting property worth knowing about. You can talk to someone to find out more information.


Who would have thought that Dorothy's home state in the "Wizard of Oz" is also the perfect place for a hunt? There are more than 600,000 deer in the state, which highlights your odds of success.

The problem here is that most of the land is privately owned. This does not mean you won't find some acres open to the public, but if you want to be successful, you will want to apply for a permit. The state does a drawing for hunting, so going isn't guaranteed, but you might get there with a little patience.


Ohio is another state that is sometimes overlooked, yet it is a great place to hunt for deer. Those who love to use a traditional style bow should know that this state has a longbow season. Of course, there is a firearm season, but it is considerably shorter. You will need to find out more information on the state's site to see the best time to go.

The area you want to go to is the Woodbury Wildlife Area, which is about 20,000 acres, and that is more than enough space for a great hunt. Another good area to go to is Conesville Coal Lands. You can pick up a permit in bait stores, or you can get it online if you want.


This is one of the best states to hunt yearlings and bucks. This means it is a great place for seasoned hunters and those who are just getting started with this activity. There are thousands of acres in this state where you are allowed to hunt freely.

You should also know that the environment here is incredible. You will see beautiful natural settings and weather conditions that will make everything seem dreamy. There are some privately owned regions if you prefer to hunt there, but in this state, it is your choice.

These are just some states out there for deer hunting, but there are many more after you have exhausted these like Kentucky or Missouri, just to name a few states to consider.

Author, Chris Rice is Content Editor at Hunting Locator - One of USA's most reputable source for finding deer and other game hunting opportunities.