The scent you leave on the way to your stand or blind can haunt you for your entire hunt. Most hunters are aware of their scent trail, but most don’t do enough to stop it. It’s time to learn how to eliminate your scent trail for good so you can get your target.

Eliminating Human Odor

Does this sound anything like your routine?

  • Shower and spray yourself
  • Wash your gear and store in a tote
  • Change into your gear and douse yourself in scent control spray before starting your trek to the stand

The actual effectiveness of sprays and detergents aside, think about what’s missing here. These are all passive forms of scent control. But your body isn’t passive. You’re always giving off odor. No matter how many times you wash yourself or how much spray you use, you still smell like a human and you constantly put off human scent. You might not be able to smell it, but the deer do. And if you smell like a human when you’re at rest, just think about your scent as you’re walking through the woods on a warm day. Even if you can’t feel the sweat beading on your forehead, your scent is rapidly increasing with every step you take. Every breath you take also releases human odor that will drive the deer away before you ever spot them.

The sprays you used at your truck can eliminate or block your odor at the time, but they diminish on your walk as you start to release more odors through sweating and breathing. The deer are going to smell that for a long time, and they are going to stay away from you. Even though you think you did everything perfect before the hunt, your scent is all over the forest—from your truck right to the doorstep of the strategic hunting spot you’ve been prepping for months. If you aren’t controlling your scent trail with active scent elimination, all your other efforts might end up being a waste.  

How to Stop It

Effective scent management doesn’t happen exclusively before the hunt. It’s continuous, just like the odor your body naturally emits. To stop your scent trail, you need an active scent control solution that operates with every move you make. If you had unlimited time and resources, you could stop and spray yourself after every single stride to create your own form of active scent control. It would also be incredibly inefficient. 

That’s where the Ozonics Kinetic Pack comes into play. It’s been scientifically proven again and again that ozone works to destroy human scent. The Kinetic Pack floods the downwind airstream and attacks the human odors from your breath and sweat before they can reach the deer. So why not take the scent-destroying power of ozone with you all the time? By placing your Ozonics HR unit inside your Kinetic Pack, you’ll actively destroy your human odor no matter how much you perspire on the way to your stand or blind. This will ultimately reduce the chance of your target detecting your scent and bring more potential targets your way. 

Control Your Scent Every Step of the Way

Rather than leaving your scent behind on everything you encounter, use the Ozonics Kinetic Pack to eliminate your scent so the deer can’t tell where you are or where you’ve been. It’s the only scent management solution that actively works from the time you get out of your vehicle all the way until you’ve taken your target. Why leave a scent trail when you don’t have to? Start using active scent control to eliminate your scent trail.