A deer’s sense of smell is 500 to 1,000 times more acute than that of a human, giving them an extreme advantage over hunters in the field. To overcome this challenge, it’s necessary to utilize an effective scent control strategy that will minimize your odor and maximize your opportunity. A key component of this is the elimination of odors from your body and clothes long before you take to the field.

This process is only part of a complete scent control strategy and requires a lot of planning and forethought, but is highly beneficial when executed correctly. Here are some key points to consider in implementing odorless detergents and soaps into your scent control practices.

Removing Scent From Your Clothes

Washing your hunting clothes with scent-free detergents is the first step in reducing your odor in the field. These products remove odors from your clothes and are odorless themselves, reducing smells caused by food, pets, air fresheners, and every other object you come into contact with.

Once your clothes are washed, you’ll then need to either hang them or machine dry them with an odorless dryer sheet to keep any scent from accumulating on them throughout that process.

Once your clothes are washed and dried, put them in an air-sealed bag or bin and do not remove them until you have arrived at your hunting site and are ready to gear up. Doing so earlier will expose your clothes to unusual smells you don’t want on you while hunting and will undo all your work up to this point.

Keeping your clothes as odor-free as possible from the moment they enter the washer until the moment you arrive at your hunting site will provide the best opportunity for you in your hunt.

Removing Scent From Your Body

As important as minimizing the scent on your clothes is doing the same to your body. It’s no secret that soaps, shampoos, deodorants, colognes, and even our natural odors can reach pretty strong levels, especially when we’re in the field working up a sweat.

The morning of your hunt, you should wash your body and hair with scent-free soaps and shampoos to remove any smells from your body and keep them off for the impending trip.

Once you’re out of the shower, make sure you dry off with a scent-free towel. A towel covered in flowery detergent or fabric softener will entirely undo your odorless shower.

You’ll also want to brush your teeth with baking soda instead of tooth paste, as this is a proven scent-killer for any of the million smells that could be emanating from your mouth.

Remember, deer’s noses are filled with hundreds of millions of olfactory organs that can pick up even a light exhale in the right conditions. Practicing odorless hygiene before the hunt will make you less detectable by deer’s outstanding sniffers.

Rounding Out Your Scent Control Strategy

To maximize your scent control and potential for success in the field, it’s important to couple these scent-free hygiene techniques with a complete strategy involving effective products and practices.

Proper scent control starts with eliminating during bathing and laundering and then continues with prevention leading up to and during the hunt. Remember to use the wind to your advantage and keep your odor out of your targets’ noses, as well.

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