Ozone’s Proven Effectiveness

Ozone is the tri-atomic form of oxygen and is a naturally occurring gas. Ozone is harnessed in scent control applications because it bonds to the molecules it contacts, like scent molecules, and destroys them. The process is the same with airborne bacteria and viruses: when the right amount of ozone is deployed for the right amount of time, it destroys the bacteria and viruses it contacts. This includes viruses like COVID-19. Since the coronavirus can survive on surfaces for days, it’s crucial to have an effective way to disinfect your household.

Ozone was used in China during the SARS epidemic, and proved 99.22% effective at killing the virus. The COVID-19 virus that we are facing today has a genome sequence that is 80% similar to SARS, so experts, including those at the University of Tennessee, believe that ozone will effectively kill COVID-19 as well.

In experts’ minds, the only obstacle standing in the way of ozone as a powerful virus-eliminating tool is a perceived lack of effective and patented ozone generators currently available to the general public. That’s where Ozonics comes in. Ozonics units harness patented technology to deliver precisely the right oxidant concentration needed to kill airborne pathogens without overwhelming the environment with ozone. And they’re available now.

Why Ozonics is the Right Solution for You

Over the past 13 years, Ozonics has worked diligently to master the art of eliminating airborne human odor in the outdoor arena. We have become experts in using ozone to both actively eliminate airborne pathogens and passively treat and eliminate surface area pathogens. Countless Ozonics users already take advantage of the scent control and airborne virus extermination that ozone generators offer. Here’s why Ozonics ozone generators are the right solution for you during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Safe for Household Use

Ozone has high detergency and emits no poisonous residue, meaning that it is highly effective in killing airborne bacteria and viruses, and does so without creating further dangerous chemicals. As long as you practice proper safety measures, you can safely eliminate harmful organisms without damaging anything else.

Full Coverage

Ozone distributed from an Ozonics unit is designed to completely blanket the surrounding environment in the right concentration needed to hunt down, attack, and destroy airborne bacteria and viruses in a given space, whether downwind of a tree stand or inside a room in your house. Unlike other sterilization and sanitation options, ozone covers every corner of its environment, cleansing whatever space it’s positioned in and giving you total peace of mind.


Ozonics ozone generators are portable and simple to use. High-powered batteries allow the units to run for extended periods of time wherever you need them. The intuitive interface allows anyone to run a unit and kill harmful organisms in their home. Best of all, they’ve been designed for and sold to the everyday user since 2007.

Sanitizing Rooms with Your Ozonics Unit

An Ozonics device can be used to effectively disinfect an enclosed room. The Ozonics unit is designed for in-the-field use, not for use in enclosed spaces. However, since ozone is proven to kill airborne pathogens like COVID-19, you can use the following process to effectively and safely repurpose an Ozonics unit in your home.

  1. Make sure to run your unit upside down. You don’t want to impede the ability of the fan to pull in ambient air.
  2. Remove all people and pets from the enclosed space.
  3. Seal the room. Close all vents and air ducts and place a towel along the bottom of the door.
  4. Set up a fan within the room to help circulate the ozone. Circulation creates increased surface area exposure, much like the airflow system of the DriWASH bag.
  5. Run your HR200, HR230, or HR300 unit on Boost mode and your Orion unit on Hyperboost mode.
  6. Let the unit run for 30 minutes. Then turn the unit off. Keep all people and pets out of the room for an additional 30 minutes.
  7. You may still smell some residual ozone. If this bothers your nasal passage or causes a headache, remove yourself, pets, and others from the room for an additional 30 minutes to an hour.
  8. Move unit to additional rooms and repeat as necessary.

Experts have lauded ozone as an effective method for disinfecting household spaces. Ozonics ozone generators are readily available to the public and can be safely employed to release optimal amounts of ozone and eliminate viruses like COVID-19. To start sanitizing your home, purchase an Ozonics device today.