Stroll through the aisles of your local pro shop or the nearest big-box store and check out the scent-control products. Take a look at the prices of the various products, which range from small spray bottles to high-end carbon suits. Do a quick math equation on how much you think you’ll spend this season.

Then multiply that number times five.

If you’re not at, or well over, the cost of an in-field ozone generator then re-check your figures. Money-wise, the scent-control game has been a death-by-a-thousand-paper-cuts proposition a long time, that has always felt cheap enough to justify the recurring expenses. This attitude has often been couched in the belief that most of the products don’t work all that well, but that they might offer some slight advantage and are worth a minimal expense.

The problem is, a minimal expense over time adds up to something more and if you’re not getting any real value, what’s the point?

Buy What Works

Ozone has a century-and-a-half track record of working in a variety of applications. It’s the only scent-control product on the market that can beat a dog’s nose. It’s the only active scent-control option out there. And if you run the numbers, it’s also one of the most cost-effective ways to see real results when going up against a whitetail’s best defense.

Consider the HR230 Pro Pack. This value option gives you an HR230 unit, two batteries, a DRiWASH bag, a padded carry bag, and a few other essentials. It’ll cost you $500. That, like when buying a well-bred hunting puppy that sports a killer pedigree, can seem costly at first but will soon prove its worth over and over.

If the price of the Pro Pack still seems steep, consider that it pretty much alleviates the need to buy any other scent control gear. Ever.

Value Breakdown

The HR230 itself is your source for the destruction of all game-spooking scent. This is most well known in the field, of course, but with the DRiWASH bag included, you’ve now alleviated the need to use a conventional washer and dryer. Take those scent-eliminating detergents and dryer sheets and forget them. You don’t need them any longer, and better yet, with the DRiWASH bag you can de-scent your clothes when you’re not at home or sitting at the laundromat in some random town in Kansas.

If you use your HR230 for five years, your financial obligation is $100 per year. That, when you factor in the reality of never buying another bottle of spray, carbon suit, or bottle of detergent, has now gone from what seems expensive to what seems too good to be true. It’s not.

Ozone is the best method for eliminating game-spooking scent, and it’s the most cost effective - especially if you spend your hard-earned money on something like the HR230 Pro Pack.