Are you looking to improve your scent elimination efforts and increase your chances in the field? Then, look no further than this comparison of Ozonics and ZeroTrace to understand which technology will increase your chances in the field while eliminating scent. Ozonics eliminates scent through scientifically proven oxidation technology, while ZeroTrace reduces scent through ionization technology. While the technology utilized by ZeroTrace reduces scent, the oxidation technology utilized by Ozonics alters molecular structure and eliminates scent. We explain how ozone generators eliminate scent through oxidation technology. In addition, we share what to look for in a scent elimination device.


Ozone was first created in the late 1700’s. A half century later it was named “ozone,” while the formula (O3) was not determined until 1865. Nearly two decades later, the first ozone generator was built based on corona discharges. Ozone has been effectively used as a disinfectant since 1893 and Nikola Tesla was issued the first patent for a corona discharge ozone generator in 1896.

Founded more than ten years ago, Ozonics has invested significant resources to develop patented technology backed by years of science. Ozonics has introduced four ozone generators. The Orion is the best ozone generator for hunting on the market today.


The existence of ions was first hypothesized around 1830 and the term “ions” was introduced soon after. However, ions were not fully explained until over a half century later. Products with ion-based technology have been used indoors for many years. Many popular air purifiers utilize ionization technology to operate. Most ionizers also produce low amounts of ozone.

Wildgame Innovations decided to employ this same technology that has been used to purify air indoors by increasing the ion production for outdoor use. They introduced their ZeroTrace field generator with PureION technology in 2019.


Ozone has been used for over 100 years across industries to destroy, alter, and reduce human odor. It is is a powerful sanitizer that is 50 times more effective than chlorine and 3,000 times faster at disinfecting bacteria than chlorine. Because ozone is composed of three oxygen atoms, it is a highly reactive gas. When odors, bacteria or viruses meet ozone, oxidation reactions occur and both parties are destroyed. Ozone essentially reverts back to oxygen.

Ozonics’ ozone generators were designed to eliminate scent through proven oxidation technology. You simply need to charge the battery and turn the device on for it to start producing ozone. To create ozone, Ozonics uses the same method lightning uses to naturally create ozone. This process is called the corona discharge method. Through scientific testing, Ozonics’ technology has proven that ozone can destroy and alter odor resulting in a decrease of human odor in your downwind airstream.


Ion generators work by charged ions attaching to particles in the air due to the electrostatic force of attraction. The negatively charged airborne particles find a positively charged earthed surface causing them to fall out of the air column.

While ion generators reduce small particles from the air, they do not eliminate odors. Particles charged by negative ions are not destroyed from the air. Instead, they are repositioned to other nearby surfaces. Ion generators are relatively ineffective in removing large particles as well. They also do not kill viruses.

The ZeroTrace field generator uses positively charged ions, negatively charged ions, and a fan to help disperse and reduce odors in the air. You simply need to charge the battery and turn the device on for it to start producing ions. The ion molecules attach to odor molecules to neutralize odors and scatter human scent particles.


The crucial difference between Ozonics and ZeroTrace is the technology. Ozonics utilizes the scientifically proven oxidation technology in which ozone alters the molecular structure and eliminates scent. ZeroTrace utilizes ionization technology which reduces smell. So as hunter, Ozonics' oxidation technology eliminates scent and is the clear winner in the field. After all, an extra 10 seconds with a deer in range or 10 yards closer to a deer can make a dramatic difference.