HR230 Scent Elimination Device

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The HR230 offers powerful odor destroying ozone output and now includes pulse technology for use with the Ozonics DRiWASH to eliminate scent on your clothing before and after the hunt.

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The new HR230 features all the odor destroying ozone output of our original groundbreaking unit. Plus we have added our advanced “PULSE Technology” driven DRiWASH mode for enhanced passive scent control capabilities — used to safely and effectively deodorize your clothing and gear when combined with the Ozonics DRiWASH Gear bag.  Now you can use the HR230 series units anywhere and everywhere you need the scent eliminating power of Ozone, in your tree stand, in your ground blind, to treat your gear in or out of the field with the DRiWASH Gear bag,  or on the move with the Kinetic pack.  Go undetected and start maximizing your hunting opportunities with the undeniable scent-destroying power of ozone!

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