We designed Ozonics to be simple to use in the field. As hunters, we also understand that each hunting situation is unique and may require a different application technique. That's why we put together this collection of instructional videos. Here you'll learn exactly how to position and use your Ozonics device in a wide variety of conditions. From the best way to mount your unit to what you should do during inclement weather, these videos will help you create even more opportunities in the field.

How to Set Up Ozonics in the Treestand
Luke Hartle discusses how to set up the Ozonics unit in a tree stand. Luke goes through the step-by-step process of how to use Ozonics in the tree stand correctly. ...
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Ozonics Double Mount Tree Screw
The Ozonics Double Mount Tree Screw gives you the ability to utilize your Ozonics unit in the tree stand with the additional option of hanging another unit or object such as a secondary camera when filming your hunts. ...
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Will ozone harm gear
When utilized correctly, ozone will not harm clothing or gear. ...
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Mounting system options
Mounting systems for your Ozonics HR unit are like tools, you don't always need every single tool but when you need it, it's handy to have. ...
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Ozonics HR300 quick start guide
Here are the basics of getting your Ozonics HR300 up and running and out in the field. ...
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Weight of Ozonics system
The HR units were designed to be as light as possible and still be an effective scent elimination device. ...
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How To Set Up Ozonics In a Blind
Buddy Piland shows you how to set up Ozonics in a blind to improve your odds of success and create new hunting opportunities. This information includes how to control airflow through a hub-style or hard-sided blind just like controlling the smoke in a fireplace using the chimney flue. The video also shows you how to correctly position an Ozonics unit to come into contact with your human odor when exiting the blind. ...
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The Truth About Hunting with Ozonics
Experience what it's like to hunt with Ozonics. ...
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Do's & Don'ts with DriWash bag
Here are a few tips that can help you more effectively eliminate the odor in your gear while using the DriWash bag. ...
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Do animal smell ozone
Ozonics research reveals that ozone (03) will revert back into oxygen (02) by the time it has traveled roughly 20 feet from the hunter, leaving limited opportunity for an animal to smell ozone in a manner that would cause a reaction. ...
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Ozonics HR200 quick start guide
Here are the basics of getting your HR200 up and running and out in the field. ...
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Noise of HR units
All Ozonics HR Units are designed to produce enough ozone to destroy human odor while operating in near silence. ...
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How to Store Your Ozonics Battery for the Best Results
Find out how to take care of and store your Ozonics battery in the off-season for the best results next autumn. Protecting the battery and proper storage means longer life for you and better deer hunting. ...
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Kinetic Pack
The new Ozonics Kinetic Ozone System allows you to harness the power of Ozonics no matter where your hunt takes you. ...
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How might animals respond when hunting w/ Ozonics
Depending on correct setup and the environmental challenges present, you may see different animal responses when hunting. ...
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How to use a Thermacell & Ozonics
A Thermacell and Ozonics can work hand in hand. Here are few tricks to help keep the bugs at bay and the game your after closer. ...
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How to maintain HR unit
It’s recommended to use a can of moisture free compressed air blown into the front grille on the HR unit to periodically remove dust and debris built up on the inside. ...
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Unboxing Ozonics HR300
The newest generation of in the field ozone generating power is here. The New HR300 features enhanced odor destroying ozone output – up to 45% more than the HR 200. ...
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The "what not to do's" with Ozonics
There is a right way and wrong way to use every tool, your Ozonics HR unit is no different. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when using your Ozonics. ...
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How does an Ozonics unit produce ozone?
Everything required to generate ozone is contained in the unit itself—you don’t need to add any powder or liquid. As long as you have a charged battery and the unit is on, it is producing ozone. ...
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How to use the DriWash bag
We all have a scent-free regiment that we follow, learn how to properly use the DriWash bag and take your scent elimination to the next level. ...
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Ozonics offers 100 percent product replacement for your HR-200 or HR-300 on any workmanship or component defects limited to 1 year from date of purchase. ...
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Unboxing Ozonics HR200
The HR-200 features a silent on/off operation at the touch of a button, and a quiet built-in fan projects odor-destroying ozone over your scent zone. ...
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Important thing to remember
Your success or failure with an Ozonics boils down to these rules. ...
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How Ozonics destroys odor
Ozone’s ability to destroy, alter, and reduce human odor has been well documented, and it has been used in various industries for this purpose for more than 100 years. ...
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Dimensions of DriWash bag
The DriWash bag is designed to help eliminate odor and clean your hunting gear wherever you are. The collapsible design is great for travel and storage when not in use. ...
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Runtime of HR units
Here is what you can expect for run time out of your Ozonics batteries to get you through your hunt whether that be for a morning, afternoon, or all-day sit. ...
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Which Ozonics HR unit is best for me?
Hunting with an Ozonics is a game changer. Learn more about which HR unit is going to be best for you. ...
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Is Ozone safe?
We care about your safety and are committed to providing you this powerful scent-eliminating technology in a way that's healthy for everyone. ...
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Ozonics Hard Side Blind Mount
The Ozonics Hard Side Blind Mounting Bracket gives you the ability to utilize your Ozonics™ unit in a hard side blind. ...
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How the DriWash bag works
To effectively "DriWash" your gear it's all about time, concentration, and surface area exposure. ...
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Charge time of batteries
Recharging your Ozonics battery is a simple process, and the time to recharge your battery depends on the type of battery and type of HR unit. ...
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Main difference between HR units
Learn more about the main differences between the Ozonics HR units to make the most of your time in the field. ...
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Dimensions of HR units
Both the HR-300 and HR-200 Units have been designed to be as compact and portable as possible so as not to take up valuable space in your pack when heading out for a hunt. ...
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