Orion Scent Elimination Device + Free DRiWASH Descenting System

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The Next Generation of Scent Elimination Has Arrived 

Our most advanced scent-elimination technology yet that's perfect for every stage of your hunt. The Orion-exclusive Hyperboost mode produces 25% more ozone to create even more opportunities in the field.


Ozonics takes active scent control to the next level with the new Orion. The Orion offers double the battery life when compared to the HR300 - up to 10 hours in standard mode and 8 hours in boost mode. In addition, it features the new Hyperboost mode that, when activated, produces approximately 25% more ozone for times when you want more ozone production to overcome environmental conditions or to provide an added sense of security during peak animal activity. Finally, the new orion features a soft-touch rubber overmold for greater grip, and quieter handling. The Orion is compatible with all existing Ozonics accessories and is suitable for use in blinds, treestands, and with the Driwash Bag. In addition, it can be used in cabins, lockers, bathrooms, or anywhere you want to remove unwanted odors.

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