Ozonics Field Staff Program

At Ozonics we know that people are our greatest resource. We depend on hardcore, dedicated outdoor professionals and influencers like yourselves to help us to continue to research, develop and implement what we know is the best scent control system on the market. We appreciate the extensive use our Ozonics Field Staff puts our units and accessories through, and know that real-world experience and feedback is the only way we will continue to grow as a company. With help from dedicated, hard working, elite hunters like yourselves, we can continue to expand the impact of Ozonics and enhance the hunt for men and women worldwide.

An Ozonics Field Staff team member will be skilled in the arts of hunting and communication. We depend on your skill to continue to use Ozonics as it is designed and enjoy the hunting success that our gear helps you achieve. You will also be depended on to understand the science behind Ozonics and be able to explain (without a high-pressure sales pitch) how we have created the greatest scent control system available.

As with any high functioning team, there are expectations on us all. You as a Field Staff member can expect Ozonics to support you in any reasonable way possible. As an Ozonics Field Staff team member, we expect you to conduct yourself in a professional manner with integrity at all times. You will be asked to help promote Ozonics and educate consumers as often as possible through all facets of your outdoor influence. Some of you may be TV professionals, others speakers, some may be writers or social media personalities. Whatever your range of focus, we expect you to represent and promote Ozonics with class in all that you do.

The Ozonics Field Staff program is a membership program for qualified influencers specific to our brand. Membership is by application only and all members need to reapply annually to continue to earn their spot on the team. Membership is a privilege, is not guaranteed, and can be revoked at any time.

Expectations of Field Staff:

1) Hunt with Ozonics

If you haven't let Ozonics change the way you hunt, then start now.

2) Agree to use no other ozone generating devices 

We have the best, so why would you want anything else?  

3) Provide and create photo and video content

Social media pictures and online video content are how information is spread these days. We expect you to send in pictures and video as often as possible. Are you checking trail cameras with your Kinetic Backpack? Send us pics. Filming an Iowa dream hunt? Be sure to get a few clips of your Ozonics unit for us to share. Early season ground blind velvet buck!? You better be sending us pictures while we're stuck in the office. We will share the content and also help promote you and your interests while we are at it.  To make this more efficient for all of our field staff members, we have partnered with Sportsman Track.  If you are selected to our team, you will receive additional information regarding this great tool that will truly help gain the recognition you deserve for all of your efforts.

4) Review all products purchased at ozonicshunting.com

In our culture, online ratings mean everything. Elite hunters like yourself have a huge impact on how others choose to hunt and what they invest in. Ozonics needs and appreciates positive reviews on any and all possible platforms, such as archery talk, Fieldandstream.com anywhere your fans and followers are congregating ... and if for some reason you don't have positive feedback, as part of our R&D team, it is your job to let us know at Ozonics HQ ASAP! It doesn't take long to post a positive review, but your words will have a huge impact. Your words mean more than ours.

5) Provide feedback on your Ozonics purchase

As a member of the team, you will become an integral part of our R&D team and we need experiences and feedback. By becoming part of this program, we consider you part of a family and look forward to hearing from you - let us know how you use the units, other applications you have found for the unit, tips, tricks, ideas, etc.   

6) Represent Ozonics with integrity

We ask that all of Ozonics Field Staff team members do their part to make sure hunting is portrayed in a positive light. We ask you to be involved with conservation organizations, hunt responsibly, and leave no trace so that future generations can be afforded the same hunting opportunities that we all have. We take this seriously and hope you will too. Too many brands in the outdoor industry have had their eyes blackened by people claiming to represent them. We want no part of that at Ozonics.

7) Help us teach and reach others

Ozonics works plain and simple, but there are still many hunters who are not using it. If you see an opportunity to promote Ozonics, go for it! If you need something from us in order to help you promote more effectively, just let us know. Speaking event at a church? Wild game dinner? The chance to volunteer at a youth camp? We're always looking to get more involved and give back, so please let us know.

This is a mutually beneficial relationship with great potential.

So… you in?!  

Pro Staff Application