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Ozonics O.N.E. Gear Locker

New for 2020!

The Ozonics O.N.E. (Ozone Neutral Environment) is the ultimate gear locker for pre-treating your hunting gear and is designed to be used in conjunction with Ozonics ozone generating devices such as the HR230, HR300, or Orion.  The O.N.E locker is designed to safely and effectively deodorize and sanitize your hunting clothes, gear, and equipment, removing unwanted odors and surface pathogens.  Ruggedly built with oxidation resistant materials, and heavy duty frame, the Ozonics O.N.E. gear locker is perfect for your home or hunting camp.

(Ozonics unit sold separately - Ozonics O.N.E. gear locker does not qualify for free shipping)

Ozonics Kinetic Pack

NEW and IMPROVED for 2020!

The New and Improvided Ozonics Kinetic Pack allows you to harness the power of Ozonics no matter where your hunt takes you. On your way into the stand, as you leave the stand, or while stalking your next trophy, let the Kinetic Pack and Ozonics take care of your scent zone – you take care of making the perfect shot.

Ozonics unit sold seperately.

Ozonics HR Unit Carry Bag

The padded carry bag provides superior protection for your Ozonics unit and has ample space for batteries and accessories.

Dri-Wash Descenting System

The DRiWASH bag, when used in conjunction with your HR230, HR300, or Orion, is designed to pre-treat your clothing and gear, and remove any residual odors by delivering ozone through-out the specially designed airflow system, ensuring efficient and effective odor elimination.

Ozonics Kinetic AIR

Harness the power of Ozonics while on the move with the new Kinetic AIR.  The Kinetic AIR is a bungee styled containment system that holds your HR unit in place on your favorite pack, jacket, or shirt.

Ozonics Unit Sold Separately.

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