Recertifications & Repairs

Because we are hunters just like you, we understand the need to ensure your equipment is operating at the optimal level. At Ozonics, we strive to bring you cutting-edge products that withstand the test of time and make you a more successful hunter—products that you want to take with you on each and every hunt. And with that level of use, wear and tear will eventually take its toll on any gear you own.

And that’s exactly why we created OzoniCare—a program designed to keep your HR Unit operating up to Ozonics Quality Standards (OQS) throughout the life of your HR Unit, ultimately making you more successful in the field.

The life cycle of your Ozonics HR Unit can be influenced by several variables, most notably:

  1. Your care and handling of your HR Unit
  2. How much you use your HR Unit (total runtime hours)
  3. The environmental elements your HR Unit is exposed to during those hours

As your HR Unit ages and the coil is exposed to airborne particulates, internal parts will eventually get dirty and this can cause loss of effectiveness over time. This happens more quickly in extremely dusty and high-humidity environments. You can inspect the internal coil of your HR Unit by turning on your Unit in a dark room and looking at the coil through the front grille while the HR Unit is running. The entire coil should be glowing purple. If you see dark spots on the coil, this indicates the areas of the coil that have become dirty or have degraded over time — as these dark areas increase, the amount of ozone produced decreases. (See FAQs regarding replacement of unit coils.)

To help maintain your HR Unit in the best possible condition, OzoniCare is designed to inspect, repair, recondition, test and certify your HR Unit to Ozonics Quality Standards (OQS) to give you the peace of mind that it’s performing at its best.

Although we can address almost anything that might happen to your HR Unit from normal use, there will be some extreme cases where the repair and recertification of your HR Unit is not possible, and Ozonics reserves the right to determine if your HR unit can be recertified. If, for any reason, we cannot breathe new life into your HR Unit, we will call you directly to discuss other options.

Please see the detailed policy and care recommendations below. If you have any additional questions, call our customer care department at 979.285.2401.


Ozonics recommends returning your HR200 or HR300 to Ozonics after no more than 3 full seasons of use to have the product recertified to perform at its best and meet Ozonics Quality Standards (OQS).

Recertification Warranty:

Ozonics guarantees 100% product replacement for your HR200 or HR300 on any workmanship or component defects limited 1 year from date of recertification as indicated by our records.

Recertification Costs Per Unit:

HR200 / HR230 = $99.99 plus tax

HR300 / Orion   = $119.99 plus tax

What we do when we recertify your HR unit (Ozonics Recertification Process):
  1. Inspect state of the unit when it arrives from the hunter
  2. Disassemble unit
  3. Clean and inspect all components
  4. Replace coil
  5. Replace fan
  6. Reassemble unit
  7. Retest unit to ensure functionality and performance to its original performance specification.
  8. Mark unit with OCS marking
  9. Package and return product to customer

Note: Since the OzoniCare program is intended to be a Return/Replace program, it is imperative that you send us an HR unit that is capable of being recertified. If the damage to your returned HR unit requires components in excess of the items described above, we will contact you with additional options.

Possible reasons why we would not be able to recertify your HR unit (but not limited to):
  1. Customer abuse
  2. Cracked/broken housing
  3. Excessively dirty
  4. Signs of water damage
  5. Product left in the elements for extended periods of time
  6. Opened or tampered product

Note: Because of the intricate and sensitive components of your HR Unit, if there are any signs of tampering, we reserve the right to decline recertifying or replacing your HR unit. In short, please do not attempt to repair the internals of your HR unit.

Shipping your HR unit:

When participating in the OzoniCare program, please return your HR unit only, unless otherwise advised by your Customer Success Specialist.

For hunters stateside, we require that you pay the cost of shipping your HR Unit to us, and we will pick up the shipping tab when we send your “ready for battle” HR Unit back using US Priority Mail (2-3 days).

For hunters outside of the United States, Ozonics will pay up to $15 for shipping costs—non-domestic customers are responsible for paying all additional shipping fees and duties.

Turnaround time for your HR unit:

In order to minimize turnaround time, when we receive your HR Unit for OQS recertification, we will return an equal to or newer vintage certified HR Unit to you within 10 business days from receipt of your product at the Ozonics facility. Please note: Because of the short turnaround, you may or may not get your exact HR unit returned to you. We will ensure the HR unit you receive has been certified to meet or exceed its original performance specifications. As a valued Ozonics customer, you can rest assured we will provide you with the highest quality product when replacing your original HR unit. Although there may be some signs of general wear and tear, such as scratches and dings, we promise that they will not affect the performance of your HR unit.

One final note:

Because of the stress placed on the connection points of your HR Unit in the assembly and disassembly process, your HR Unit can only be recertified one time. This ensures we maintain the quality, consistency and high performing standards of every HR Unit that we recertify, and the HR Unit will be permanently marked in a discrete way that will ensure Ozonics knows the current status of the HR Unit.