Kent Hendren | One deer, two years, 300 tree stand hours, one missed shot, two more close encounters, then finally, it all came together. When I saw the trail cam photos of this deer before the 2015 season opener I immediately made up my mind, it was this Big Boy or nothing. Throughout that 2015 season nothing seemed to work. I just couldn't get close enough to get a good shot. As the season ended I was disappointed and hoped he would still be around next year. Fast forward to 2016 and here he is again. But what am I going to do differently this time. I had an encounter with him at 28 yards early one morning as he followed several does and a nice 6 pointer as they came off the hill and passed through my shooting lane. Every other deer passed by without alarm until it came to him. He stopped, checked the wind then hopped into a thicket before I was able to get on him. His old nose caught my scent. Weeks later, another encounter at 22 yards, standing still and broadside. As I squeezed the release he whirled around and disappeared just before the arrow was loosed. He sniffed me out again. After this second close encounter I knew I had to eliminate my scent profile to get this deer so I drove more than an hour and came back with the Ozonics unit and with much higher expectations. As I continued to hunt the season I was surprised at the lack of concern of even the coyotes in the area. They would normally cross my trail, go on full alert and run off. Not with Ozonics. They would cross my path and even go downwind and never flinch. Something had changed! This brings me to a foggy Nov. 4th morning and the point of my story; a button buck just after first light. Then a mature doe. They are not aware that I am only 22 yards away and upwind. The doe looks over her shoulder so I look that direction and detect slight movement coming through undergrowth. I really didn't think it was him. Then as he stepped out from the thick timber I realized it was him. He didn't stop and followed the other two deer as they turned and walked straight away from my stand. Bad angle,I gave a grunt which resulted in a slight turn of his body and the arrow was away.