Adam LaRose | Wisconsin black bear
It was 88 degrees with a perfect south to southwest wind blowing from the bait to the stand. After 5 hours in the stand I was feeling like a rotisserie chicken, sweat pouring off my face. The Ozonics HR200 running just above my head, I was hoping for the best. While wiping my brow one more time I caught movement to my left from behind. Out stepped a bear moving on a trail at 10 yards behind me to my left that I wasn't expecting them to travel on. As this bear moved to within 5 yards of my ladder, I caught another movement RIGHT BELOW ME. A shooter bear had come directly down wind, and was standing next to my ladder. As my heart pounded both bears moved forward on the trail. The end of the story is simple, I killed this bear at 8 yards, there is no better way to say it except OZONICS WORKS....... I have no doubt that under those conditions regardless of my scent control, with out the Ozonics I wouldn't have been able to harvest this bear I waited 10 years for. Thank you to the Ozonics Team for this quality product. I look forward to my next encounter.